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Common Problems with Wolf Pup 16BHS

Common Problems with Wolf Pup 16BHS

Wolf Pup 16BHS is a large travel trailer with a lot of interior space and large water tanks necessary for long tours. These RVs have manufacturing and design faults that can decrease their reputation in the RV industry.

Common problems with Wolf Pup 16BHS include failure of brakes, poor bedroom setting, glass near the stove, plastic kitchen sink covers, and less sleeping area. Moreover, the showers in the bathroom have broken heads, and the black tank sensor is not placed correctly.

People love these trailers because of their affordable price and high-quality interior and accessories. Furthermore, you can easily manage and maintain them during trips because of their lighter weight.

Wolf Pup 16BHS Problems Solutions
Failure of trailer brake Check broken wire
Restroom close to the kitchen Separate them with plywood wall
Noisy AC unit Check broken and missing parts of ac unit
Poor bedroom setting Add curtain to separate bedroom from the living area
Glass area near the stove Use tiles instead of glass
Plastic kitchen sink covers Avoid preparing and cooking food simultaneously
Insufficient sleeping space Add bunk or folding beds
Broken shower head Send an email to the company with attached pictures or replace the shower head
Improper black tank sensor placement Add the sensor again by parking at leveled area

Failure of trailer brake

The braking system is also present in the trailers to stop them quickly whenever you need it. The electric wires through the passenger side transfer the power for the application of brakes.

The braking system is connected to towing vehicle that transfers power through this wire.

Sometimes the wires get damaged, and your trailer cannot receive power from towing vehicle.

The brake failure occurs due to improper functioning of the resisters. Moreover, broken and small-sized wires cause this problem and increase the risk of accidents.

The trailer brakes fail to perform their action due to poor electric connections. Check the electric circuits and blown-out fuse and replace the damaged parts.

Restroom close to the kitchen

Design flaws are common in these small and lighter-weight trailers. For example, the kitchen is installed close to the restroom, which is a challenging situation in the summer.

The primary purpose of their close installation is to serve hot meals directly from the kitchen. Everyone at the table wants fresh and hot food with a tempting smell.

The heat from the kitchen area enters the restroom and decreases the efficiency of ac unit. In addition, you can also feel the burning odor from the restrooms due to the cooking smell from the kitchen.

The noise comes into the interior due to cooking and washing of utensils. You can fix the issue in the Wolf Pup 16BHS by using heavy drapes between these areas to separate them.

Moreover, you can also install a plywood board to separate these areas and reduce distracting noises from the kitchens.

Noisy AC unit

The AC unit makes noise while making the interior so cool and working perfectly. The noise can cause a distraction for people who are watching TV, reading books, or sleeping.

Moreover, it also makes people annoyed because of its buzzing noise. The noise from ac unit comes due to their improper and poor installation.

Broken internal parts and malfunctioning in these parts cause the production of noise. Leakage of refrigerant from ac units also leads to buzzing noise.

You can hear the uneven sounds from ac units due to the malfunctioning of the compressor. The missing and broken parts of the air conditioners cause this issue.

You can resolve the problem by checking the internal parts of the ac and their proper installation. Also, inspect the ac mounted screws because these can cause noise.

Replace the broken parts and add the missing parts to reduce noise.

Poor bedroom setting 

The bedroom does not have enough space and is present in the open area. In addition, there is no wall to separate the bedrooms from the living area.

The absence of walls and joined bedrooms and living areas decreases people’s privacy. Moreover, the mattresses are not placed correctly.

These are more in thickness and cause issues with the use of other fixtures. In addition, the height of the mattress covers the side doors, and you cannot open them.

You can separate the living room from the bedroom by adding curtains between them. Construct the wooden walls to increase the privacy of the bedroom.

Glass area near the stove

Glass is present near the stove area to prepare and cut food material. However, you cannot cook the food because glass can crack due to heat and cause injury to people.

It increases the cooking time and makes it hectic for people because you can only do one thing at a time. For example, you cannot turn on the stove when someone from your family is preparing food in the glass cabinets.

The glass breaks due to the stove’s heat when you cook and prepare food simultaneously.

Preparing the food at night or some hours before cooking is better. Moreover, you can also use tile material near stoves instead of glass.

Plastic kitchen sink covers

Kitchen sink covers are present on the sinks to increase the shelving area. These covers are made of plastic and start to deteriorate with age.

In addition, these can also break due to their weak and less strengthening material. Furthermore, the issue comes when you use the area for food preparation and cutting.

The scratches of a knife during food cutting and preparation increase the chance of their breaking. These can also deteriorate when you put heavy and hot utensils on them.

Avoid putting hot utensils directly from the stove on them to resolve the problem. Prevent the sink covers from water and moisture during the washing procedure.

Insufficient sleeping space

The sleeping area in these RVs is insufficient and cannot accommodate 4 to 5 people. However, the company claimed that it provides accommodation and sleeping areas for 4 to 5 adults.

It is not best for large families with four adults because of less sleeping area. The sleeping space is only enough for two adults and 1 or 2 children.

It is uncomfortable and irritating for more people to sleep in bed. You can fix the issue by adding small bunk beds for children.

Select the metal-type bunk beds for RVs because these are less weight and easy to maintain.

Broken shower head

The showers that are present in the bathroom have broken heads. The issue came when people purchased new trailers from the market.

It occurs due to negligence and poor maintenance of the RV manufacturing company before transporting them into the market.

It occurs during their transportation into the market or during manufacturing. The company did not check and examine their different parts to launch them.

The use of low-quality materials and poor manufacturing practices cause this issue. You can only resolve the problem by emailing customer care centers with attached pictures.

The company will recall your complaint and fix the issue without charging their customers.

Improper black tank sensor placement

Sensors are present on black tanks to make people aware when these become full of toilet drainage.

These sensors are not installed at the perfect location and make people worry due to the incorrect reading on the scale.

The incorrect installation issue comes due to inexperienced manufacturing industry staff who do not have enough knowledge of different parts of RVs.

Moreover, the sensor shows that tanks are full all the time, and in reality, they are not. Therefore, you can fix the issue by removing and installing the sensors again.

Park the Wolf Pup 16BHS on the ground surface leveled for their correct installation.

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