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8 Common Problems With Winnebago Vita (Solutions Added)

8 Common Problems With Winnebago Vita (Solutions Added)

Winnebago Vita is the large and spacious motorcoach that is best for camping. It is suitable for larger families because of its wide interior and more accommodation.

Common problems with Winnebago Vita include a faulty level indicator of the black tank, failure of the awning motor, immovable passenger seats, faulty dash AC, and poor placement of generators. Moreover, solar panels start overheating, fire extinguisher clogs, and fuel lines become leaky.

Some people are reluctant to select them for tours because of their minor issues that can cause problems in your journey.

Winnebago Vita Problems Solutions
Incorrect reading of black tank Clean the sensor
Failure of the awning motor Check broken wires
Immovable passenger seats Install movable seats
Dash ac not working Check the fuse and AC button
Poor placement of the generator Add generator on the interior side
Issues with solar panels Leave space between panels and roof for air crossing
Fire extinguisher clogging Clean the hose
Leaking in fuel lines Apply a thin epoxy rubber layer on the leaked area

Incorrect reading of black tank 

The level indicator is present on the black tank to make people aware of the dumping time.

These level indicators become faulty and give a false reading. For example, it shows there is water in the tank when these are empty because of faulty sensors.

These sensors give a false reading when your motorhome is not parked at the leveled ground surface. There is some water in the lower layer, and it comes on one side due to poor leveling.

The indicator gives a reading of the water accumulated on the side. The issue also occurs due to contaminated water that can make them back.

The black tank contains the drained water from the toilets, which is contaminated. Sometimes tissue gets stuck in the tank and inhibits the working of these sensors.

You can inspect the malfunctioning in these sensors by dumping them. Clean the sensors by flushing the dishwashing detergent in these sensors.

Failure of the awning motor

These Winnebago Vita motorhomes contain an awning driven by a power supply from the motors. Sometimes these structures do not come outside due to the failure of the motor.

The failure of the motor occurs due to overheating and mechanical damage to their parts. The motors are connected with an awning through wires.

The broken and damaged wires do not supply power to the motors, and you cannot operate them using the switch buttons.

In addition, motor issues also occur due to a lack of power supply from the power sources. The low voltage supply cannot operate the motors.

Motors do not work due to their blown-out fuses and tripped circuit breakers. However, you can fix the issue by inspecting the parts of the awning motor.

You have to replace them if they are overheated and completely damaged. However, you do not have to change the motors completely if their wires or one part is faulty.

Immovable passenger seats

The passenger seat in this motorhome is less comfortable and is not power-adjustable. However, it can make you tired while sitting at the same position and at the same angle for a longer time.

These do not allow the up and down movement for height adjustment. Companies do not add these seats for passengers because they do not have to adjust them for better driving and vision.

These seats run on electric motors, which need power from the electric source and make the batteries die early.

In addition, the passenger with tall height feels highly uncomfortable situation while sitting in these RVs because of their immovable feature.

These are closer to the ground, and you cannot raise them, which is tiring for tall people because they have to bend their legs for a longer time.

You can fix the issue by adding cushions to make them comfortable and increasing the height according to tall people.

In addition, you can remove these seats and install movable seats for relaxed trips.

Dash AC not working

Ac vents are present on the dashboard to supply the cold air in the interior cabin. Sometimes air is not blowing through these vents because of clogging and blockage due to dust accumulation.

In addition, the dash AC stops functioning because of the faulty control module. The malfunctioning of switch buttons makes them faulty, and you cannot turn on AC.

Moreover, the blown-out fuse and faulty electric connections of the wires in the circuits cause this problem.

You can fix it in the Winnebago Vita by checking the buttons used to turn them on and off. Then, replace the broken and faulty buttons with new ones for better control.

Check the AC fuse and replace it with the same ampere, so it does not blow out again.

Poor placement of the generator 

The generators are not placed at a suitable location which can produce malfunction in these structures.

These are located on the lower side of the motorhomes and in the centers. The heat from these generators affects the flooring and produces creaks in them.

In addition, heat also damages the furniture present in these RVs. The placement on the lower side also makes the maintenance of generators challenging.

You have to lay on the floors and under the chassis to inspect and maintain them. You can fix the issue by removing them from the lower side and making a place in the interior cabin.

Use a wooden box to place them on the inner side to reduce noise.

Issues with solar panels

Solar panels are present on the roofs of motorhomes to provide power for running electric appliances.

These are present directly on the roof, and there is no protective layer or gap between them. The absence of a gap produces overheating in these plates, which suddenly shuts down the electric equipment.

In addition, overheating also transfers to the roof and damages them. These are not screwed properly on the roof and produce noise during driving.

You can fix the issue by adding thick objects between them to raise them from the roof. The proper air crossing between them reduces overheating issues and protects the roof from damage.

Fire extinguisher clogging

The hose that transfers the extinguishing ingredients became clogged and failed to work. The blockage of these hoses occurs when you use them rarely.

In addition, improper handling and servicing make these hoses bad. Accumulation of dust and dirt clogs the hoses, and they cannot transfer the chemicals.

Sometimes poor handling and partial use cause the extinguishing agent to come on the side of the hose and cause clogging.

Moreover, rust can accumulate on their opening and cause constriction of the holes. You can fix the issue by removing the rust from their opening side for proper flow of chemicals.

Moreover, clean the dust and dirt and use them frequently to avoid blockage.

Leaking in fuel lines

The fuel that moves from tanks to engines passes through these lines. The leakage occurs in these lines when they are made of low-quality material.

The cracks and holes produce in fuel lines when metal parts come in contact with them and produce friction.

In addition, leakage occurs when low-quality and contaminated fuel passes through them. You can see fuel drops under the chassis of the motorhomes when you park them.

Moreover, fuel consumption also increases due to this issue. You can fix the issue by inspecting the leakage site in the lines and securing them.

Use the epoxy rubber and apply a thin layer of rubber on the affected area to seal the whole or crack.

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