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Do All New Cars Have GPS Trackers?

Do All New Cars Have GPS Trackers?

New cars come with the latest and advanced features. The presence of GPS tracking in the car is an example of such an invention that benefits us in many ways. These devices are present in vehicles and other automobiles.

Do All New Cars Have GPS Trackers? According to our research, all new cars do not have GPS trackers, but fleet, leased, and company cars have them for security purposes. These devices are essential to recover a stolen vehicle and supervise your kids anywhere. They are also beneficial for companies in reducing fuel consumption, improving customer service, and ensuring their safety. They are usually present in the bumper, undercarriage, and inside the dashboard.

It is a device to find the location of a vehicle or person at any time. The tracker is a small device connecting satellites in space to determine your location.

What is a GPS tracker, and how does it work in cars?

GPS technology uses satellites to determine the current location of any vehicle or other object. For example, this system uses a device installed in the car to locate its current location and routes.

It uses process trilateration that uses the position of the satellite in the global navigation satellite system to find any object on the earth. They can also trace a human or a pet other than the vehicles.

Why do new cars not have a GPS tracker?

Not all cars have a GPS tracking system installed in them. A manufacturer can not install any tracking system without the owner’s consent.

There are many reasons not all vehicles have GPS in them. First, it is against the rules and regulations of the government and concerned authority.

Other than violating laws, you are invading your customer’s privacy without permission. You cannot trace someone’s location and spy on his activities.

Only certain companies can install a tracker in their cars to monitor the activities of the employees. However, certain companies are totally against tracking their employees.

What types of new cars have a GPS tracker?

You can put a tracking device on any vehicle in certain situations. Here is a brief description of types that can have GPS trackers.

Leased cars

They can have trackers to protect the vehicle from getting lost or stolen. Leasing companies rent out the car to others for limited miles and time.

They also want to make sure of the safety of their assets. Drivers taking cars on leasing do not return them on time or return them at the wrong location.

 To prevent these troubles, companies put a tracker. In this way, they are always aware of the location of their asset. But the owners have to take your permission before tracing your location.

Fleet cars

It is a part of a group of vehicles that together forms a transportation business. Online taxi services or courier services are examples of such groups.

These cars can also have a tracker but with some restrictions. The company has to make sure that the privacy of the customer or passenger is safe.

You can not get any personal information about the passengers.

However, many fleet companies have customized tracking systems to ensure the well-being of vehicles, customers, and drivers. Such devices have special features to protect the customer from any trouble.

Company cars

Various company employees can get a car to drive during their employment. But companies have the authority to track their location. It enables the owners to make sure their asset is in their safe hand.

It also informs them the vehicle is being used for office purposes only.

Therefore, the employees can not get any personal benefit from the company’s assets. Such cars can have GPS inside them with the permission of the concerned authority.

What are the benefits of adding GPS trackers in cars?

This tiny device can serve many purposes. It has many advantages other than tracing an object. Here is a brief description of all of them.

Locate the stolen car

Tracking your valuable vehicles can protect them from thieves. The thieves are always in search of expensive automobiles.

The leased or fleet vehicles are easy to steal, and the company can suffer significant losses. If any thief stole it, you can immediately trace the current location.

The tracking devices are equipped with various alert systems. The alert system warns whenever your vehicle is out of the marked location.

It can also lock and prevent the thief from escaping the location. Therefore, police can recover a stolen car by tracing the route and location of the vehicle.

Supervise your kids

It is difficult for a working person to look after his kids in a busy schedule. The GPS helps them to supervise their young kids where they are going.

You do not have to always be with them for their safety. The tracker enables you to keep an eye on your kids’ activities.

Improved customer service

GPS trackers are beneficial tools for companies to satisfy their customers. The customers waiting for food delivery or courier can track their order.

They can predict the arrival time of their order. In this way, it helps to achieve the confidence of the customers. It also prevents the shipment of the courier to the wrong addresses.

Ensure safety

The passengers in taxis or buses are at higher risk for any troublesome situation. The fleet companies can ensure their customer’s well-being by tracing the vehicle all the time.

The GPS protects the women from harassment or any other problematic situation. 

In addition, your family member can keep an eye on you during your travel.

The companies also keep an eye on the behavior of the driver. Then, the company owners can take immediate action In case of poor driving or misbehavior with the passenger.

Monitor the car performance

The fleet companies can keep an eye on the performance of the vehicle.

The tracking software can alert them every time the vehicle requires fuel change, tire change, or any other service; In this way, it helps minimize the wastage of fuel or gas.

Minimizing fuel wastage can reduce fuel costs and optimize the productivity of vehicles.

You do not have to spend more money on unnecessary repairs. In addition, the company employees cannot use the vehicle for unauthorized use due to the tracker.

You should know the hidden location of the tracker to search for the device inside the car.

It is essential because someone can spy on you without your permission. In case, you are suspicious that someone has put a GPS device, observe these parts.

A person can place the device inside the front and rear bumper of the vehicle.

Take the flashlight and check the underside of the bumpers to check the presence of the tracker. The device can also be present under the wheel wells or in the undercarriage of the automobile.

The GPS can also be hidden inside the roof and hoods of the vehicle. You should also check the interior of the vehicle. Check the dashboard because many trackers are attached to the OBD port.

Check the front seat cushions and crevices of the seats. The device is also placed beneath the carpet of the vehicle. The headlights and brakes light has a lot of space behind them to hide any device.

Is GPS tracker and GPS navigation system the same?

Many people confuse both these terms and think they are the same. In reality, both of them are different. GPS navigation is used to locate addresses and routes to a destination.

This system receives data from a satellite and displays it on a screen in front of a driver. Only the driver and the person sitting on the other seat can see this information.

This system is present in almost all new cars. Various manufacturers use their software for the navigation system.

They locate addresses or objects and display information or data to other persons hundreds of kilometers away.

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