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How Do Police Track Stolen Cars?

How Do Police Track Stolen Cars?

Cars are valuable things and a one-time investment for many people. It is the worst feeling for drivers if their cars are stolen.

How Do Police Track Stolen Cars? Police can track your stolen cars using GPS trackers, tracking devices, VIN numbers, pictures of the vehicle, and their complete information. In addition, the officers also check security cameras and take help from witnesses. It is also good to use toll detectors, short wave radios, and Bluetooth devices. You can also take help from cab companies by offering a reward for finding your car.

You have to immediately report to the police when your vehicle is stolen for further and timely investigation. 

How do Police Find Stolen Cars?

Police have many advanced methods to track your stolen cars. You must also provide your car’s documents to the police station for better tracking.

GPS trackers

These tiny devices are present in every vehicle to find their exact location. It is installed by the transportation company to monitor your automobile in case of any emergency.

You have to pay the fee for this tracking device which can vary from company to company. In addition, the transportation company uses satellites to access your location.

When you report to the police about your stolen automobiles, the police take help from these companies to track your car using GPS.

These tracker devices receive signals from specific satellites and allow the computerized onboard system to show the latitude and longitude of your automobile.

The police can also slow or turn them off after using the carjacking system and determining its specific location so it cannot move forward.

The officers quickly reach the location and suspect your vehicle of thieves.

VIN number

(VIN) Vehicle identification number is a helpful tool for locating your automobiles. It is the perfect and most reliable method because you know the identification number.

It is a unique code for every vehicle in the automobile industry. Therefore, it is specific for every vehicle, and you cannot use it for other automobiles.

You must purchase the vehicle history report by going to auto-check if you want to track using the vehicle identification number.

The history report will cost about $35 to $45. You have to enter the VIN and credit card details in the search bar of report history.

You have to enter the button after adding these details to see more options. For example, you can see the details of places where your car is registered, services, and titles last time.

You can track its location by using this last serviced and registered location. Your automobile is present in the nearby area where it was last services.

You can also narrow the search bar by providing information. Then, provide the date with time to quickly get it back with the help of police officers.

These persons surely to help search them and to get it back to you.

Pictures of car

Police officers can also track stolen cars from the pictures provided by their holders. You have to give the different photos of your vehicle, so it becomes easy to find.

You must take photos at different times, which becomes beneficial in challenging situations.

These pictures must be clear so everyone can identify them while moving randomly on the road.

In addition, it is also essential that the number plate in photos is also clear for easy and quick identification of your automobile.

Vehicle information

You should submit a report to your nearby police station in any problematic situation.

For example, if it gets stolen, you have to move towards the station to submit a report as soon as possible.

You have to give their representatives the complete, right, and adequate information for better tracking.

In addition, you should also tell them the color code, model, and specification of your cars. You also have to give the information about your complete identification.

Tell them about any noticeable mark or sticker on the front or rear bumper or at any site. It is also better to provide information about the license plate and VIN number for quick tracing.

You also have to tell them about the last location of your automobile.

Check security cameras

The security cameras are present in different parking locations, streets, and roads to provide clear footage of the road.

You can reverse these cameras to find out the thefts when your cars get stolen. You have to contact the owner or any representative to check the footage.

Moreover, if your automobile is stolen from your house, you should also check the camera of your garage and another side.

The footage of cameras gives you some information about the theft, and you can recognize them with their get-up.

Interview the witnesses

Sometimes the witnesses are also present at this site but cannot able to speak a single word due to fear of theft.

You can call the people at this location to gather the required information. 

You can collect the information about the thieves and ask them how they take your car.

You can also ask whether the thieves use any towing vehicle for dragging purposes or another method.

These findings will make it easy for police to find your automobiles.

Tracking devices

Several tracking devices are also available in the market, and you have to purchase them from the automobile industry.

These devices are not free of cost, and you have to pay the registration fee to a specific company. However, these are smaller in size, and you can easily adjust them in your cars.

Several brands in America provide this service to their customers for the safety and security of their valuables.

Using toll detector

The toll detector is the type of tracking device that most people install in their vehicles to tackle emergencies.

The police can find your stolen cars through these tool detectors. The different tools are present in various states, with cameras to capture the photos.

The toll cameras at the interchanges will detect vehicles and match them according to their information.

When thieves dive it through any toll, the representative can capture them and suspect the person is driving them.

The toll owners call the nearby police stations so they can send police officers to the location. In this way, the officers help get your vehicle back to you.

Short wave radios

Radio devices or short-wave radios are also a better solution for tracking your car. It is not the typical method and looks silly, but it works in some situations.

You can install radio devices or short-wave radios in your cars. The police can trace the stolen automobiles through these short-wave radios.

These types of radios transmit a signal that is helpful in tracking procedures. However, it is not a reliable method because signals are only transmitted in a specific range.

You cannot find the location and receive any type of signal when your cars are out of range.

Use Bluetooth

Bluetooth with connected phones is also an excellent method to access the nearby location of your automobiles.

Many people use this technique to find out their lost vehicles. The drawback is that it only works in a specific range.

You cannot receive information when the thieves take the vehicle away or away from your nearby locations.

The latest methods, including trackers and Global positioning systems, replaced this method because these are more reliable.

Contact cab companies

Several cab companies in America have many vehicles for pick and drop services for people.

Police officers take help from these companies and offer rewards to their drivers so they can help devotedly find your lost car.

These cab companies have several taxis and drivers working in the whole country from one place to another.

You can give complete information about your belongings, including license plate number, model, and color.

These taxi drivers will inform you after seeing your vehicle at a specific point and immediately call the police to arrest them.

What do police do when they find a stolen car?

When police find a stolen car, the representative first removes that automobile from the stolen list. After this, it is necessary to find the right person or owner of the vehicle.

It is also necessary that you should safely give the cars in the custody of their owner. This is because the police also charge some fines to their owners.

You do not have to pay the heavy amount, and its primary purpose is to charge you for not securing your vehicle appropriately.

You can receive your valuables after paying the fine to the respective department.

How do you prevent your car from being stolen?

You can prevent your cars by completely locking the doors and windows while coming out from them. It is also essential to check the power lock after parking it.

You can add an anti-theft system to them for their safety. It is better to park them in safe parking areas with proper CCTV cameras and security systems.

You can place a small phone in the invisible place of your vehicle to trace the location of stolen cars through this mobile phone.

Do not leave your automobile on the road when the ignition switch is ON, and the keys are inside. Also, avoid placing your valuables on the seats because passersby can see them.

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