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Do Cars Come With Dash Cam?

Do Cars Come With Dash Cam?

Dash Cam is a part of all the latest cars to enhance driver’s security and repel insurance claims. It is a built-in camera with a screen and records traveling information. 

Do Cars Come With Dash Cam? All cars do not come with Dash Cam due to complex technology, privacy, state prohibition, and installation cost. However, the latest cars come with it to keep accident records and provide protection and insurance compensation. 

Dash Cam provides the first and precise evidence about a crash to ensure the insurance company about the loss. In addition, you can use videos to remove the claims of your fault in an accident. 

Why do all cars not come with a Dash Cam?

The old cars have less advanced cabins due to their standard layout and reduced facilities. Due to the following reasons, these vehicles do not come with this camera. 

Complex technology

All cars do not comprise technologically advanced passenger cabins. You cannot assess the high-quality features inside the old vehicles because they have a standard design. 

Their manufacturers do not install stock dash cams in their cabins. However, you can use rearview mirrors and other safety features during driving. 

The old and less advanced cabins cannot compete with the new technologies. The electronic control unit and wiring passage of the standard cars is incompatible with its advanced features.

To avoid incompatibilities, the automobile makers do not install them in these vehicles and their cabins. 

Improved privacy 

It can record the cabins and external views due to its properties. Due to these features, they store information about all the passenger activities. 

As a result, they can reduce the privacy of passengers and drivers. A few options can store the information of the cabin to increase safety.

But, it is a drawback for the driver and other travelers. It can make the passengers uncomfortable throughout the journey.

Due to these privacy concerns, the standard vehicle manufacturers do not add them inside passenger cabins. 

Prohibited in Few States

Different states have variable policies about the Dash Cam recordings. A few state regulations are against these cameras because they can distract drivers. 

The standard rules prohibit manufacturers from installing these cameras in vehicles. Due to this reason, manufacturing companies cannot make these cars with these cameras. 

Automobile sellers cannot sell their vehicles in States which have laws against these recording procedures. The policies vary according to the type of information. 

A few car manufacturers require state permission to collect voice signals. 

Installation cost

It is an expensive camera due to its high-quality features and exceptional performance. These are advanced cameras with video recording technologies and wireless connection features.

It has variable resolution options for videos, comprises a display screen to show the visuals, and uses the automobile’s electric power. However, few options comprise the parking assistance features.

Due to these qualities, their installation cost increases the total cost of vehicles. In addition, their per-unit adjustment cost affects the expense of the overall manufacturing procedure. 

Which cars come with a Built-in Dash Cam?

Modern vehicles have advanced cabins with different technologies and appealing features. However, the following cars come with it due to their compatible cabins. 


Audi cars come with factory-installed dash cams due to their advanced passenger compartment and several amenities. These are luxurious vehicles with the latest designs.

Their cabin comprises a high-tech camera that can record all the information about an accident. In addition, it can detect the significant reason behind the accident due to its monitoring feature.

Due to these qualities, the camera can reduce the insurance policy premium and facilitate the car owner with the minimum repair cost. Furthermore, due to its technological diversity, it can collect the visuals of incidents on the front and back sides of the automobile.

It can collect informative signals about parking and driving conditions. It is a universal recorder that has dual channels that provide surveillance and monitoring of the rear and front sides.

Moreover, you can connect it wirelessly to your smartphones. You can manage and adjust its setting and remove old information to improve storage space.

Mercedes Benz

Various Mercedes Benz variants comprise the high-tech Dash Cam with an appealing infotainment system. However, Mercedes Benz has a variable system for these cameras. 

The camera cannot collect the information directly in the vehicle’s onboard system. Instead, you can connect the USB to the relevant port and manage the records. 

These automobiles comprise built-in cameras to record the visuals of the front side. In addition, it has an internal monitoring unit that can assess the remaining storage space of the camera. 

It can collect the videos to a specific extent and secure the storage with the loop feature. Finally, it indicates the remaining storage and shows the symbol of filled storage. 

Before the indication, it can save the videos on a small field of 1 to 3 minutes. 

BMW Cars

BMW is an appealing luxury car with a built-in Dash Cam. It is a drive recorder that collects information about accidents and collisions.

It has different features than a standard camera due to its design. However, you can see its footage after a crash. 

It can detect and assess a collision and store all information about it. However, it can record the video from 10 to 30 seconds before the crash. 

Also, it can provide a video of 30 seconds after the collision. It has manual control, provide limited options, and you can approach it in the iDrive application.

You can assess this feature in the BMW 7, 8, and X7 Series. 

Cadillac CT6

The Cadillac CT6 models of 2017 to 2019 comprise the Dash Cam due to their luxurious interior and appliances. However, the new models lack this feature due to design modifications. 

With four cameras on the exterior, the vehicle keeps a record of front and backside view. In addition, it has a specific system with a separate storage section. 

An SD card can keep the visuals and audio in the best quality. It can collect one side view at once due to minimum diversity. 

It can store the information of thieves and triggers an alarm. In addition, it can record videos of 3 to 7 minutes with a loop feature. 

Why do latest cars come with Dash Cam?

It is an essential feature of all high-tech automobiles due to its luxurious exterior and interior. Due to the following reasons, modern vehicles comprise it. 

Precise information about accidents

The latest vehicles come with the Dash Cam because it can store the records of accidents. Due to its precision, it can provide evidence about crashes. 

With this information, the police and insurance company assess the guilty person. With parking videos, the insurance company can establish a conclusion.

Its information is correct due to the precision of internal software. In addition, it records videos of different lengths, which become evidence to resolve the refund issues.

With these videos, you can protect yourself from false accusations. 

Traveling record

This device can record videos and audio when the automobile engine is running.

With correct electric wiring, they can collect all the signals. Due to the connection with the circuit, their sensor can detect crashes.

They keep the traveling video when the power flows continuously. You can manually regulate their power buttons.

But, they can get the electric current from a 12V power source and connect it to the fuse box with the electric wires. Then, they can maintain the traveling record on a storage card. 

Also, they can store videos of about three minutes and require a specific space in the card. Finally, you can use cards with more storage space, which record a video for about one hour. 

More protection

The Dash Cams in the latest automobiles provide more protection because they record road information. They can store the visuals of rear and front side traffic. 

They maintain the videos of the cabin to resist the entrance of external individuals. They can increase the overall security of the vehicle owner. 

They maintain the proof to prove you innocent after an accident. It protects you from punishments and legal procedures. 

The cameras protect the driver from thieves through warning alerts.

Compensation from the insurance company

The luxurious and latest vehicles have expensive amenities installed in their passenger compartments. A built-in Dash Cam can record the information after a crash and provide clear visuals.

It can clean the claims of an insurance company by representing videos. The insurance representatives can inspect the videos and analyze them to find the culprits.

With a clear judgment, you can avoid the false claims of the insurance portal. The company provides compensation for the loss and damages. 

You can challenge the claims of the insurance company with video proofs. The company cannot neglect your claims and compensates for your loss.

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