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Do Electric Cars Need Block Heaters?

Do Electric Cars Need Block Heaters?

Block heaters are helpful to keep the engine and all of the fluids warm during the winter seasons. However, electric cars are not equipped with block heaters, and you cannot install these as an aftermarket addition.

Do Electric Cars Need Block Heaters? Electric cars do not need electric heaters, but you have to use other systems to maintain temperature and increase the working of batteries. These vehicles use the thermal management system, grid electricity, preheating process, and heat pumps to warm up the batteries.

People who live in cold places use these cars because of their built-in heat management system that monitors the battery and adjusts the temperature. Moreover, the idling and stalling issues are also less in them.

Is there any block heater in electric cars?

The temperature fluctuation affects electric cars as well as gas-powered engines. This is because these vehicles are not equipped with gasoline engines but need a heating system for efficiently working batteries.

The cold temperature disturbs the efficiency and cannot provide a better range. The fluctuation in temperature also disturbs the mobility of electrons, decreasing the power supply.

The electron’s movement becomes less in cold weather and cannot generate enough electric current. Therefore, power loss is also an issue in cold climate regions.

Modern automobiles also contain powered electric heaters to keep the cabin warm during snowy days, and they do not have block heaters.

What do electric cars use instead of block heaters?

These provide the other heating element to improve the battery’s working and decrease the power loss.

Electricity from battery

Most people love these cars because they can perform best in cold weather. In addition, you do not face any idling or stalling issues during driving.

These are equipped with batteries that supply power to the drivetrain for the movement of wheels. In addition, the electricity generated from these batteries helps warm up the system.

Therefore, the mobility of ions also become proper due to this heating system, and you cannot face any issue.

Thermal management system

Most electric cars also contain a thermal management system to adjust the temperature of the batteries according to the outside climate.

It contains a system that monitors the batteries and keeps them warm in the cold season.

It is also helpful to adjust the temperature during summer when batteries generate too much heat.

The thermal management system contains the liquid coolant that indirectly comes in contact with the batteries and dissipates the heat from them.

It is also helpful to maintain the temperature of the other electronic system. The coolant that is present in them is ethylene glycol, which is used for the absorption of heat.

It keeps the components warm during the cold weather by thermal conduction procedure.


Preheating is another option to warm up the batteries before going outside. The preheating means you do not turn on the ignition.

You should use the electric components in your cars for working its motors. These motors supply enough power for work when you turn it on.

The preheating means you can plug in your smartphones for charging purposes in the charging ports. It can take power from the batteries and keep them warm.

It is also best to turn it on for 5 minutes when you want to move outside. Moreover, you can also use the control screen for 3 to 4 minutes before driving.

The driving range also increases because of pre-warming. Preheating is a safe option for electric vehicles because of no chances of emissions.

Grid electricity

Grid electricity replaces the need for block heaters in electric cars. The grids are present at the spot of superchargers to make them warm.

These grids provide power to increase their temperature. In addition, the grid electricity is used for heating and smooth movement during winters.

You can make the interior environment by turning off the heated seats and steering wheel feature. It also protects the ice from building on the sides of the doors and windshields.

Heat pumps

Heat pumps are essential to maintain internal conditions. In addition, it is helpful to keep the cabin warm and cozy during winter.

The primary function of heat pumps is to redirect the heat and control the temperature of the interior environment.

Heat pumps are also used in homes to make them cozy, which work like air conditioners. The heat pumps conserve the excessive heat that is lost during regenerative heating.

It is helpful to absorb the excessive heat that comes from the drivetrain and improve the battery’s efficiency.

It is a better option than block heaters but it drains excessive power from the battery for heat absorption and transfer.

How to make electric cars work better in winter?

You can increase the efficiency of these vehicles and make them the best in the winter season. The power loss and range decrease in cold weather, and it is essential to conserve it.

You can conserve power by removing all plug-in accessories from them. Do not use the chargers, and avoid connecting your smartphones with the ports.

The excessive use of these accessories drains the electricity. It is also necessary to maintain speed during driving.

The power is lost in regenerative braking when you apply frequent brakes. The issue mostly comes in city areas because of the frequent application of brakes.

The loss of power in regenerative braking also decreases the range, and you cannot move the maximum miles with fully charged batteries.

The maintenance of tire pressure and the proper inflation are the key components to increasing the mileage and efficiency of car batteries.

The less air pressure or underinflated tires require more power for their movement to maintain contact on the road.

The tire pressure decreases in the winter seasons because of the compression of gas. Check the warning sign from the tire pressure monitoring sensor.

In addition, it is also better to inflate the tires before moving your electric car.

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