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Do New Cars Need Block Heaters?

Do New Cars Need Block Heaters?

The cold weather is not suitable for cars and its engine. The block heaters reduce the engine’s stress by keeping its parts and all the fluids warm before moving.

Do New Cars Need Block Heaters? Most new cars do not need block heaters because these use synthetic oil for the lubrication of engine parts. Synthetic oil does not contain wax and is the best option for winter. In addition, these accessories also increase the weight and manufacturing cost. However, you can install them if you live in cold regions without covered parking areas.

The cold starts during wintery mornings and decreases the life of the engine and the battery. You can install this device for preheating purposes and reduce the risk of problems when you jump start.

Why do new cars not have block heaters?

The new cars need this device to lubricate the parts with engine oil to reduce friction. These are not present in all of the latest and new vehicles because these are equipped with the features that make the best for all weathers.

Use synthetic oil 

Most modern cars nowadays use synthetic oil rather than conventional oils. The oils are necessary to keep the part of the engine working.

The engine oil freezes in extreme winter conditions and cannot travel to other parts. Therefore, using synthetic oil is best to cope with this situation.

You do not need block heaters to warm up the engine oils, fuel, and anti-freeze. The raw material for preparing synthetic oil is different, making them best for cold weather.

These do not contain wax in their mixture, which protects them from freezing. The conventional oil contains the wax for a greasy texture which becomes hard and denser due to temperature changes.

Decrease manufacturing cost

The newer cars are not equipped with block heaters because the company mainly focuses on decreasing the total manufacturing cost.

The manufacturers are constantly removing the extra parts that are not frequently used to cut down manufacturing costs.

The reduction in manufacturing costs also reduces the overall prices of automobiles, making them cheaper and more affordable for people.

When you add this device to the new cars, you need more installation costs.

Reduce weight 

The modern automobiles that come on the market are of lighter weight. The benefit of lighter weight material is using fewer parts and less complex systems.

The block heater’s addition slightly increases the overall weight. However, the increase in weight also improves fuel efficiency.

The company wants to reduce overall weight by keeping all these points in mind and improving fuel efficiency.

When to use block heater in new cars?

Some modern cars need block heaters to warm up the engine and other components. It depends on their model and other different driving conditions.

Winter season

Most people live in an environment where the temperature decreases drastically during winter. Therefore, it becomes challenging for you to move your automobile on this cold morning.

The poor idling and stalling issue comes because the engine is not warm. The temperature of some areas becomes less than 20°C, and you need to turn on the heaters for continuous fuel movement.

You should install them if you live in areas where the weather is cool. It is also essential for people who frequently move on snowy roads.

Uncovered parking lots

The uncovered garages in homes have become the fashion, and it only gives a luxurious appearance but does not provide a good parking space during the winter season.

You should not park your cars on uncovered parking lots on cold days.

Moreover, you can also find a sheltered area for parking purposes. People who live in warm climate areas do not need them.

It is better to install the heating element to reduce the thickening and viscosity of the oil to fix the problem.

Less use

The parts freeze when they are not used for a longer time. As a result, the oil becomes thick, and its viscosity increases when you do not start the cars during winter.

The issue of less frequent usage comes because many people want to travel from the local buses to save fuel.

In addition, most people have more than one vehicle for their usage, and one of them remains less in use.

The jump-starting during this situation is harmful to the engine components. Instead, you can turn on the block heaters for 2 to 3 hours to warm up the coolants, oils, and fuel for their smooth movement in different parts.

Can you add the block heater in new cars as an aftermarket addition?

It is a safe and suitable option to add block heaters in new cars because they have slots for installation.

The installation method is safe and cannot damage their parts. You can hire an expert for their adjustment and can do the procedure at home. However, electric cars do not have this option.

Remove the coolant from the system before installation of these heaters. Take a clean pan and drain the coolant so you can use it later.

It contains two parts the heating element and the power cord. Adjust the heating element on the driver’s side in the engine block.

Remove the freeze plug cord, clean the openings, and fasten the cord of the block heaters there. Add the coolant to the system again after securing the power cord.

What are the benefits of using block heaters in cars?

These are helpful features in the winter season for safe fuel delivery in the system and to increase the efficiency of engine parts.

Decrease engine wear and tear

The oil is moving between the engine parts for their smooth movement. However, the oil becomes less viscous during cold weather and cannot move efficiently in all parts.

The decreased lubrication increases the friction between the metal parts. The increase in friction also makes the parts more susceptible to damage.

Moreover, you can hear the grinding and clunking noise from the engine compartments because of poor lubrication.

Improve fuel economy and emissions

The fuel lines and fuel also get thick during cold weather. This is because the fuel cannot travel through the lines because of the ice accumulation.

It can increase the temperature and help melt the fuel lines’ ice residues.

In addition, it can also adjust the viscosity of the oil for its continuous movement. It helps to improve the fuel economy and reduces the emission of harmful gases from the fuel systems.

Easy start

The vehicles equipped with block heaters are easy to start in the winter season because of the pre-warming of the engines.

It becomes annoying when they cannot ignite their cars in the morning and get late from their jobs.

The oil becomes thick and cannot reach quickly and adequately to the combustion chamber. The poor mixing of air and fuel in the combustion chamber cause idling issues.

What type of block heaters are good for new cars?

There are certain types of block heaters that you can install in your car. However, the oil pan heaters are the best because they reduce stalling issues, and you can attach them to the oil pan.

You can secure them with magnets or screws to warm up the oil for their smooth movement between different parts.

The most commonly used heaters are frost plugs because these are easy to install. In this, you can replace the freeze plug wire and attach the power cord of heaters to directly warm the engine.

Most people use the engine warming blankets during winters, and you can attach them inside the hood for their efficient functioning.

Moreover, you can also use the inline, dipstick, and bolt-on heaters to fix the problems in the cold season.

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