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Do Ford F150 Have LED Headlights?

Do Ford F150 Have LED Headlights?

Ford F150 has three headlights types: halogen, LED, and Xenon HID. These are present on the front side of the pickup to provide illumination while driving.

Do Ford F150 Have LED Headlights? Ford F150 has LED headlights for better vision at nighttime during foggy season. They also consume less power from the engine and produce less heat, increasing their durability and making them long-lasting. The company started to add LED lights in Ford trucks in 2015 in its higher trim levels, including Lariat and Raptor. The new models of these pickups also come with LED headlights because of their extra safety features, luxurious look, and fewer chances of damage.

When you have this up-gradation in your vehicle, it becomes easier and more comfortable for drivers to drive at night, especially on bumpy roads.

It can also make the large trucks easy to park because of providing the tremendous aluminous.

Why does the Ford F150 have LED Headlights?

The Ford F150 has LED lights because of its different benefits. People add them to add value to their money and decrease the risk of collision with other vehicles at nighttime.

Better vision during nighttime

The Ford F150 has LED headlights on the front bumper to make a better vision at nighttime. In addition, the high beam of light makes the picture clear on the road.

It will also make your trip enjoyable because you can see everything on the road and it looks more attractive.

Most truckers drive during nighttime because of limited time restrictions, so adding these parts in pickup is beneficial.

You can see the front side clearly on the road and have fewer chances of hitting with hurdles.

Moreover, some people cannot see the objects clearly at night; these are also helpful because of their high brightness.

Consume less power

These headlights are beneficial in F150 because they consume less power from the battery or other electrical sources.

The ones that consume more power from the battery can also decrease their life and make them less durable.

They are also beneficial because less power consumption will make them cost-effective for people.

Moreover, the drainage of less power from the battery also reduces the fuel cost, and you can cover more mileage in a limited amount of fuel.

Due to less power supply usage, you can also turn them on during nighttime for camping purposes.

Produce less heat

The LED headlights are a better addition to Ford F150 because they produce less heat. The production of less heat is helpful during the summer season.

There is also too much heat on the roads because of traffic and burning fuel.

When you add halogen ones, they will increase heat production and make the environment difficult to survive.

Less heat production will also increase their life and make their wires more durable and long-lasting.

In addition, less heat will also increase the working of air conditioners during the summer season.


These types will last for a longer time than halogen and incandescent bulbs. In addition, they are durable because of generating less heat from their parts.

Long-lasting nature will also decrease the repurchasing and repairing cost of LED bulbs in the Ford F150.

Most of my friends also want to purchase the models with this up-gradation because of their longevity and reliability.

Fewer chances of a blowout

There are fewer chances of a blowout of LED bulbs than halogen bulbs.

However, many people complain that the halogens bulb will blow out earlier due to faulty wiring and overheating of their filament. I have seen people who convert halogen lights to LED in their trucks.

These types are also less susceptible to overheating and last for a longer time.

When they do not produce more heat, the wirings also last longer without causing any damage.

The only reason for burnout or blowout of these types is a poor assembly of bulbs, or you are touching them during their installation.

In addition, the wrong and faulty connection of wiring during installation will also become the reason for their burnout.

Modern look

The modern look of pickup trucks is also vital, especially when you move towards off-roading. The addition of white lights in vehicles makes them look stylish.

The beam of white lights always remains in fashion, and it gives a fantastic appearance to your whole vehicle.

Moreover, you can also feel luxurious while driving, and your truck looks superior and high quality to other ones on the roads.

In addition, the bright beam of white light will also give a sporty touch to your vehicle while driving at high speed on highways.

Extra safety

These types are also famous because they are a good addition of extra safety features in the Ford F150.

You can adequately drive at nighttime on bumpy roads because of seeing a clear picture of the road.

Moreover, it will also reduce the risk of accidents occurring at night due to hitting road hurdles.

Sometimes people cannot see the potholes and other objects clearly and collides with them, which can cause accidents.

You can see appropriately with them, and there is less chance of hitting other objects on the road.

Why do some people avoid using LED Headlights in Ford F150?

Many people do not like to have LED headlights on their Ford F150 trucks. Here are the details:

Produce blur effect

Some people avoid using LED headlights in their pickup trucks because of their high light beam.

Many of my friends who used them also complain that it can cause a blur effect when you see in your surroundings because of too much light.

Moreover, it can also harm your eyesight and cause blur vision in drivers who primarily drive during night hours.

The blur effect will also occur due to continuous driving and seeing the high beam and brighter light for conductive 5 to 6 hours.

Less reliable during the snowy season

These headlights are less reliable and efficient during the winter season because of less heat production.

The slight heat of headlights is crucial during low-temperature and snowy days. The fog and snow come on them during winter seasons, and they cannot melt because of no heat in these parts.

Most people avoid their use during the winter season because they can also become out of function and cannot provide enough light for safe driving during night hours.

Less efficient in high temperature

They are also less efficient during hot summer days when the temperature is at a peak level. This is because they cannot bear the too much high temperature of the environment.

The excessive heat from the environment also decreases their efficiency to work, and they become out of function.

Furthermore, the heat from the surroundings cause overheating of the bulb, and it can blow out suddenly.

In addition, they also become out of operation on summer days when you park them outside without any shade.

It is necessary to park the Ford F150 in the cool and shady areas to increase the longevity of its different parts.

Which models of Ford F150 have LED Headlights?

There are different models of Ford F150 according to their up-gradation and accessories. These models also vary in their price range because of their recent advancement.

Every year the new models of pickup trucks come with new features and specifications according to the market and customer demands.

According to people’s demands, the company upgraded the trim with LED headlights in the new model of Ford F150 named Ford Lariat 502a.

The other features included in this trim are heated front and rear seats, rain-sensing wipers, and adaptive cruise control.

 Moreover, the higher trim level of this pickup truck also comes in the market with these upgraded features to attract customers.

They also added value to their product, and customers like this up-gradation because of these extra safety features.

Ford F150 raptor is the highest trim level with fog LED lights, front bumper LED lights, and LED light bars for the safety of people on the roadside while driving at nighttime.

In what year did Ford start adding LED Headlights in F150 Trucks?

Ford started adding these kinds of headlights in its F150 models in 2015.

The vehicles that come before 2015 have halogen-type lights to see a clear picture of the objects on the roads.

These have tungsten filament to enlighten the bulb and provide light.

In addition, the company stops adding the halogen ones in upcoming models because they produce more heat.

More heat production will cause the sudden blow out of their fuse, and you feel difficulty on the road while driving.

Moreover, these types also have the chances of becoming bad, and their tungsten filament also becomes out of function after some time.

The company also upgraded towards LED type because halogen ones are less bright and are less good while driving during foggy season.

When the fog comes on their surface, they cannot provide enough illumination for safe driving.

Due to these reasons, the company announces the addition of more efficient and reliable headlights in their pickup truck.

This up-gradation also makes their vehicles best for off-roading because of the brighter beam of light.

So the new models of these trucks come with both types, including halogen or LED.

You can select these according to your choice and requirement for your easiness.

However, it is better to choose trucks with LED headlights because they are more reliable, efficient, and long-lasting.

Do I need anti-flicker for LED headlights in Ford F150? 

Sometimes these LED headlights start to flicker due to low power from the battery, and it can cause difficulty while driving at night.

 Moreover, the issue can occur due to bad alternators, blown-out bulbs, and faulty wiring of the headlights. The anti-flickers are an essential component to resolve all these problems.

Anti-flickers are also commonly known as warning cancellers, and they will fix the flickering and faults in the electrical system.

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