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Ford F150 Halogen to LED Conversion

Ford F150 Halogen to LED Conversion

Here are easy steps to replace the Ford F150 halogen lights with LED lights for better visibility. On average, this transformation in your Ford truck costs you around $40 to $100.

You can convert Ford F150 halogen lights to LED  to avoid flickering and driver and adapter problems. You can install it by removing the bolts and get access to the halogen bulb. Remove these and connect the headlight balance where the bulb installs and attach the LED light. Place the wiring harness on its side and connect the power cables. The process is the same for both the top low beam and the bottom high beam. 

Halogen lights are usually yellowish in their light. When compared to daylight color, the visibility of yellowish color in darkness is less effective.

Most people prefer LEDs, which cost around $40 to $50. Furthermore, their most preferred medium for purchase is modern days online platforms.

In addition to the above details, LEDs consume less battery power of your Ford F150 than halogen lights.

Comparative evaluation of power consumption suggests that Halogen lights consume on average 75 to 100 lm/W while LEDs consume just 15 to 25 lm/W power supply. 

As per one estimate, halogen lights turn almost 80% of the energy supplied to heat and utilize only 20% for conversion into light. It wastes about 10% of the power it consumes while efficiently utilizing more than 90%.

Easy Steps for Ford F150 halogen to LED conversion

There are many choices of LED light for the Ford F150. Headlamps-quad Beam LEDs are used in the front of the truck that gives a good brightness level. These are more durable, so functional for a long time. 

Side-mirror LED spotlight provides clear visibility at night. In this way, Box-lighting LED is also the best option for the Ford truck.

Get access to the halogen lights assembly

For the LED installation in the halogen position, you have to get access to its assembly. You can easily pop this out from its housing and its connectors. 

You can get this information by seeing this from the manual or auto parts owner who knows this location. 

Choose the area which is clean and has good light for a better workspace. You can make a space for its easy installation in two ways. First, turn on the engine and move the vehicle wheel to create more space between the tires and the headlights.

Another method you can do this is by removing the wheels of the front side. First, you have to remove the lug nuts with the specified tool. Then, you can take out the wheel and secure it in a suitable place. 

Remove the bolts

The Ford F150 lights are secure with four bolts. Two bolts are present along with the fender wells and another on the outside.

Use 5mm and 730 seconds socket to remove these. So, unscrew these bolts and remove them. Then, peel the liner back to get access to the bulb of halogen.

Fold the liner up over the tire and hold the cover to get access to its bulb. Remove and pull with caution so as not to damage the assembly or other parts.

Remove the dust cover and remove the halogen bulb

A high beam bulb is present at the bottom, while a low beam bulb is at the top.

So, first, you have to pull the rubber plastic dust cover in which the high beam bulb is present. 

Remove it by the clockwise turn by hand and disconnect or remove directly pull the bulb. If the retainer is present, then take out it first and then remove the bulb.

The back of the bulb connects with the harness and has a tab on the top. So, pres it and remove the bulb.

Install the LED headlights to F150

Next, take the custom-tuned headlight balance and connect it right back to the place where the bulb was present was in the F150.

Connect it in its place by pushing it with the tab help. Put the wiring into the headlight casing on the right side. Set the tabs on the high beam to turn clockwise and locked in its place. Cover the high beam LED housing.

Now remove the low beam halogen bulb that presents on the top, uncover the rubber and remove the bulb by the clockwise turn. 

Attach the headlight balance, put wiring to the casing, and attach the low-beam LED bulb to the housing. 

Reassemble the disconnected part

Finally, secure the disconnected parts in place by inserting the four bolts and tightening them.

If you remove the wheel, connect it to its place by tightening the lug nuts. Check its performance so that if any problem appears, resolve this.

Things to consider when installing LED lights in place of halogen lights in the Ford F150

Firstly, you must be aware of the correct slot size to select LED of the proper size. If you do this proactively, then you do not need to modify the slot. 

Secondly, you must make sure that there is no explosive or rubber part close to LED installed. However, they do not produce heat as halogen lights, but they release some heat that requires a suitable vent to dissipate into the surrounding environment.

You must check the legal status of LED installation into your F150. If it is legally allowed in your state, then surely go for this option; otherwise, wait for the required legislation in your state. 

Why LED lights are preferable for F150?

LED lights are preferable due to various specifications that make them significant. For example, durability, brightness level, compact size, and various other factors are all considered.


These have a long lifespan that lasts from 25,000 operating hours to 45,000 operating hours can use for a long time, around 25 years.

It also needs less replacement due to proper maintenance. Therefore, your money can save due to low maintenance cost and replacement parts cost.

It has been available in the automotive aftermarket for decades. The main advantage that makes it more durable is the no-breakable moving parts.

The durability is due to its use of advanced technology that makes LEDs give out white light. Thus, it ensures that the bulbs stay bright and last longer.

Compact size

These are compact but fit into the existing socket of the Ford F150 as turn signal and brake light filament bulb.  

It is a popular light source because it consumes less power, produces less heat, and lasts for a long time.

This compact size allows for more modification from a technical perspective. For example, automakers can design various assemblies and shapes to complement the vehicles they manufacture. 

When you convert halogen lights into LED light conversion, you have to buy a conversion kit. These are versatile so adjust easily in various application due to its small size.

Brightness level

As LED light is a new technology, its potential is very high. Due to high brightness, LEDs cover a large area and are more energy-efficient, saving up to 45% and reducing consumption by up to 70%.

It produces around 7000 lumens of light with a cool 6000K color temperature and these LED light bars are perfect for trucks.

At 6500K cool color temperature, it produces 8500 lumens. For the manufacturer, designing and manufacturing it with the best-sorted specifications such as lenses and reflectors for improved efficiency over a long distance is a difficult task.

Common Problems associated with the F150 LED light conversion

You may encounter several issues as a result of the LED light conversion. The one leading factor that can cause incorrect brightness, connection problems, and others related to it.

Improper LED installation

When properly positioned, it can convert less input power to provide adequate brightness.

Its installment is the best investment in your Ford F150, but you can face some problems during this activity. A faulty lightning system connection can cause various issues. 

Loose connections or damaged wires due to inconsistent products quality can be a source of short circuits. Sometimes it can happen due to overloading or insufficient power distribution. 

This problem can solve by examining the light locations, types, and function of each fixture. All these factors also help determine the cost of it. 

Check faulty drivers and adapters

Drivers and adapters help in the LED power conversion performance because these regulate it and enhance the fixture durability. You can overcome this problem by using the anti-flickering device. 

If your truck does not have drive and adapters, then install it with its power supply. Find the best quality having various specifications like the reliable low-voltage direct current driver.

For the continuous streaming of the power supply, convert AC into DC efficiently. For its better protection and avoid damages, handle power fluctuation and failure. 

Flickering of LED light

 Incorrect alignment or the absence of LED chips in the housing can affect the high beam, improper light distribution, and blind traffic.

It can also happen due to the communication failure between the LED electrical system and your Ford F150 computer system. 

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