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Do RV Cell Phone Boosters Work? Facts You Should Know

Do RV Cell Phone Boosters Work? Facts You Should Know

Here are easy methods to install cell phone boosters on an RV. We have added the 5 best phone boosters in the market along with this detailed guide.

Do RV Cell Phone Boosters Work? Yes, RV cell phone booster works, these amplify signals, and you can enjoy better calls with the best audio quality. There are different types of cell phone boosters available, with the best categories having excellent features. These are cost-effective, affordable, and best for remote and rural areas. 

Do RV Cell Phone Boosters Work?

RV is the best source for your adventurous life. Suppose you want to plan on traveling for a prolonged time and remain full-time in this type of motor home.

You have to access the internet for your better enjoyment and communication. It is enough for you to get the wifi access if you are in resting mode.

These are essential when you work during traveling where cell connections are required.

In some rural areas where coverage becomes low and difficult to find internet access, and these products can help you.

Cell phone boosters also considered repeater or amplifier. This device consists of 2 antennae and one amplifier, which amplify the phone signal in that area. It modifies signal broadcast again, which enables you to give a strong call. 

Types of RV cell phone boosters

There are two different types of motorhome cell phone booster. It includes broadband signal booster and provider-specific booster.

Broadband signal booster

Analog signal repeaters or amplifiers make up the majority of today’s advance and modern cell boosters.

They sell in a complete package, including the kit and its antennae, which modify multiple provide over simultaneously. It is more affordable and cost-effective as a choice.

Provider-specific booster

The provider-specific booster is more advance and a bit new for you. It can increase or modify the single-carrier signal, which allows amplifying from 65-100 decibel.

These are expensive but advantageous for you and the best investment.

How do RV cell phone boosters work?

An RV signal booster is known as a cell phone repeater, amplifier, signal extender. The functioning of the phone booster operates by capturing an outsider weak signal.

It reconverts the amplified signal into the needs location or desire area. They also move backward working conditions like a gain signal from your phone and return to the tower. 

There are various varieties of signal boosters available which target several requirements. It includes vehicle signal boosters and in-building. 

Vehicle signal booster

Vehicle signal booster has been designed for various campers RV, trucks, motorhomes, and several others. 

In-building signal booster

These are available for homes, commercial and office buildings, and others requiring a signal for better working conditions. 

It is essential may have an existing signal outside of your location for the booster to work. It has the purpose of amplification, not signal generation. 

Booster components

RV cell booster kit has essentially three components with specific functioning. It contains external, indoor antennae and an amplifier with functions to capture, boost and rebroadcast the signal.

Coax cables are the leading item that connects these three elements. It uses to send high-frequency electrical signals to large distances and decrease their loss. 

External antennae

The other name is the donor antenna, which is the phone booster’s main component. It can catch the 3,4G LTE weak signals. It also contains two types, includes Omni and Uni-directional antennae. 

Omni-directional antenna

The Omni-directional antenna receives signals from all directions or 360-degree angles. These are best for those who use the medium to powerful outside signal.

It is also excellent for the people who live close to the multiple cell towers, which can boost or amplify various carriers. 

Uni-directional antennae

It is also called a yagi, which can receive the signal from a 45-degree angle and contain a triangular shape.

They design to point in the proper vicinity of the nearest tower. The property is the focused signal, which permits it to reach farther than the Omni type.

Vehicle external antenna

These are Omnidirectional and best for moving vehicles. Most of them contain the magnet, which sticks on your auto top to catch the weak signal. These are moveable to enhance performance. 

Another is permanent and design or make up for large vehicle, which contains RV, delivery trucks, and many others. These also include springs that permit them to endure impacts. 


It is also the main component of your motorhome cell phone booster. When the external antenna catches a poor signal, it moves toward the amplifier, boosting it. 

You have to understand different terms before doing anything like coverage area and strength gain. The booster coverage around 4000-7500. Decibel is the unit, which measures the signal.  

5 Best RV Cell Phone Boosters Reviews

There are five different categories of your vehicle phone booster. It includes WeBoost Drive, best compact design, affordable, King Extend LTE booster, and routine.


Weboost drives phone booster designs as a wireless solution that amplifies the different device signals for multiple users.

It contains a reliable service that boosts 5G cell phone signals. This model is work in all of your RV condition like option or parking. The Drive X is better than the sleek booster coverage, around 30%-33%. 

It has several essential characteristics: the antenna with spring-loaded to bear weather impacts like wind or air and extends to 22-23 inches.

The cable length, which makes the connection around 25 feet, is around a 12-volt DC connection. It is light in weight, and the signal gain is around 50decibel.

Sure Call Fusion

It is also highly advanced technology with compact size and supports several users at a time. It has no long pole, which becomes protect from any obstacle.

The main advantage of that is to perform better in remote areas and rural regions. The cable length is short, almost 9-10feet, and expensive.

Phonetone Cell Phone Signal Booster

These are a cost-effective and affordable booster for RV users, and it is compatible with Verizon’s Band 13.

The significant importance of this booster is the inactivity mode when you are not active on a call.

If you stream your date or make the call, this booster can turn into sleep mode, which minimizes the static power amount it requires about 30%.

It is essential during off-grid RV living where power saving requires.

King KX cell phone booster

It supports the LTE 3, 4, 5G signals for US carriers. It provides excessive flexibility, you can mount the antenna and boosters on its top.

It can fix to an RV roof, ladder, or external pole. 

Proutone 700MHZ

These are high in quality with the best characteristics like fast streaming, boost data speed, and 4G HD audio.

It has a high coverage area of around 400-4500 square feet and boasts 4G 12 and 17 bands.

It also has a significant feature automatic gain control feature which minimizes gain and interference during high input and output. 

How to install a Cell Phone Booster on your RV?

There are three steps involved: 

Install the outdoor antenna

You have to mount your outdoor antenna outside of your vehicle. You can try to install it on the rear roof. 

Install your interior antenna

You have to install the interior antenna in a position where signals become weak. 

Fix signal booster

You can install it close to the power supply and attach the outdoor/indoor antenna cable to the outdoor/indoor booster socket through a wrench or hand-tight. 

Do they really work?

RV cell phone booster amplifies signals, and you can enjoy better calls with the best audio quality.

It is innovative in size and easy to handle, and best for remote locations. It can make fast internet and stable connectivity.

These boosters are cost-effective, reliable, affordable, easy to install and maintain. 

Use approved booster

These approve by the FCC and do not need any other registration for using it. For its legal use, you have to register the device along with your cell carrier.

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