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Why Do RV Owners Cover Their Tires? Facts You Should Know

Why Do RV Owners Cover Their Tires? Facts You Should Know

Here are 9 facts that explain why RV owners cover their tires. It also protects the tires from various damages and your RV can drive smoothly.

Why Do RV Owners Cover Their Tires? RV owners cover their tires to prevent them from environmental hazards. RV owners hide the tires to protect them from hazardous rays, cracks, water penetration, and sun exposure. 

Why Do RV Owners Cover Their Tires?

The RV owners cover the tires for various reasons. All of them are effective, and they require immediate solutions.

Worst weather condition 

The weather conditions affect the rubber of tires in an RV. It includes the continuous striking of sunlight in a particular area. The rubber was not only damaged, but it burst due to constant pressure. 

The owners prefer to cover these areas to protect them from these changes. The hotness and low-temperature condition lead to molding and deformation of metal pieces.

These conditions are not suitable for the functions of a tire. 

It consists of multiple tires, and if a single wheel is not working well, the RV stops working correctly. 

When the RV keepers hide the wheels, and they do it for all tires. There is no space for any tint negligence in these situations, and snowfall is another condition that leads to tire damages.

The coverings are the only option to protect such a massive vehicle. The repairing costs are expensive on the budget. Hiding them is one of the best protective measures. 

Water penetration

Water has the penetration owner through any line or a tiny hole. When the owners bring their RVs to the maintenance workshop for washing, there are chances of this penetration.

The washing water has a specific pressure, and it can move inside the wheel. Wrap the equipment before keeping it in front of water exposure. 

The rainwater is also a source of damage in these situations. The constant striking of raindrops makes holes and cracks in the external tire walls.

The water enters through these holes and makes the whole machinery vulnerable. The system loses its efficiency to work precisely. 

The wet wheels can burst anywhere without any notification. It is not a suitable condition because it causes accidents.

It goes through irreversible damages, and repair is costly. The covering of the devices is one of the best options to protect the lifespan of the wheels. 

To protect tires from sun rays

The sunrays are ultraviolet rays, and they have a specific impact on the external body of wheels. They can burst and tear the sidewall linings with continuous striking. 

The system gets worst, and the lining begins to damage. It is an uninviting situation and happens most of the time the vehicles that travel during the daytime in constant sunlight.

The ultraviolet rays reduce the rubber and metal body. It reaches its minimal level, and damages are severe.

In these circumstances, the owners take bold steps to hide their vehicles. The preferable parts are wheels, and they cover them from the front sides.

The front areas are more in exposure to the hazardous rays than the backside ones. It is essential to wrap them all no matter is the exact amount of intensity on every part. 

Conceal them with various things according to your choice and budget. There are few covering materials like sheets and wrapping papers. They offer maximum security in these situations. 

To prevent cracks

The crack of the RV tires is a deadly condition. It leads to bursting and irreversible hazards.

One of the most toxic accidents occurs due to these cracks of tires. You cannot leave them without any attention because it is life-threatening. 

The cracks make the driving unstable and worst. The jumps of roads and concrete of the ground make the situation vulnerable.

The lines are not like holes, and these are thin linings in the rubber area the upper lining breaks and destroys most of the time. Wrapping them with protective material is necessary for their casual functions all the time. 

Wheel covers

The wheels covers are of vinyl material, and they are best for safety purposes. The system requires sheets and wrapping to keep itself safe.

It is not essential to wait for the damages; you can protect the vehicle before any worst condition. 

Wrap the front and back tires equally, and do not neglect a single portion. The covers are a routine of any RV owner. It is a reason that sometimes you find the wheels covered with semi-white sheets and other fabricated materials.


It is a process of removing all the toxic material from the RV. The keepers take their RVs to the winterization stations for maintenance and drainage.

It is essential to cover the tires before going through such processes. The winterization can harm the external and even internal lining of the equipment.

The damages are so worst and irreversible, and replacement is the only option. 

Suddenly, the method turns into an expensive thing, and it is not favorable for the user. The matter of the process has penetration power inside the rubber and even metal.

The wax in this process is deadly for the wheels because it does not remove without effort. It damages the surface of the wheels with intensity, and cracks occur. Hiding the wheels before such proceedings is an essential requirement. 

Coolness effect

The tires of an RV take more effect of cold temperature than the hot weather conditions. The dew drops, fog, and even low-temperature ranges make them worst.

The vinyl covers protect the outer and inner surfaces of the wheels. You should wrap them before the winter season if you are not going to use them. 

Always keep them under a shelter so that the external cold cannot affect them directly. The dew drops accumulate on the rigid rubber and settle there.

The constant penetrations of dewdrops keep the outer structure wet. The wetting effect prevails in the internal body of the equipment.

The wheels get wet and worst in those conditions. The owners prefer to conceal them with different hiding materials. The sheets and fabric materials are some of the most beneficial concealers. 

Preserve wheel aging

The continuity if unfavorable conditions damage the wheels in the worst ways. They lose their lifespan and accurate functionalities.

The setup becomes vulnerable than ever, and drivers lack their capacity to keep it stable. The wheels lose their moving capabilities with every passing day.

They cover and hide the wheels with proper materials so that the external conditions cannot harm them. It preserves the lifespan of the devices and reduces their instant aging. 

Protection from parking hazards

The parking hazards comprise concrete and unstable ground. It also includes the lack of shelter and external issues like rain, snow, and dewdrops.

The worst ground conditions with wet soil and uneven surface decay the rubber areas of the RV tires. These conditions impact all the wheels simultaneously because they are natural conditions.

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