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Do USPS Trucks Have License Plates?

Do USPS Trucks Have License Plates?

United States Postal Service trucks are delivery vehicles that ship packages to residential spots and offices. They can easily be identified due to their unique design.

Do USPS Trucks Have License Plates? USPS trucks do not have license plates due to their specific layout, markings, embossed serial numbers, exemption from the federal government, and no registration under DOT.

In Arizona, around 3550 USPS trucks deliver packages. Furthermore, the State registration laws do not apply to these shipment trucks. 

Why do USPS trucks not have license plates?

Across the USA, they do not have license plates on their front and back sides. Due to the following reasons, they lack them on the frame. 

Embossed serial numbers

They do not require specific steel or metallic license plates because the manufacturing companies paint their serial numbers. However, you can find a long serial number embossed on the front and rear sides of the trucks. 

Moreover, the codes are large and contain around seven digits and postal numbers. For example, the painted digits start with 331, 021, 921, or 220.

With these serials, the police and citizens can identify them without license plates.

These painted digits are their identification numbers. They are suitable for their regulation and tracking on long shipment routes. 

Exempted by the federal government

USPS is a private agency that works under the federal government. They do not need specific license plates on them because of variable rules. 

Furthermore, the federal government has exempted them from the restrictions. In 1973, the Federal government passed a specific rule. 

It promotes the absence of license plates on the carriers. Also, the law spared them from a few regulations and particular state laws. 

The constitutional regulations monitor and protect these delivery vehicles. Moreover, the police officers cannot stop them due to the absence of these license plates because the cop is aware of the exemption. 

No particular registration

The United States postal service utilizes different variants for fast shipment. However, its regulation authorities do not register them in the department of motor vehicles. 

Furthermore, they do not enroll them in the legal departments of transportation. As a result, they remain free from the laws and restricted policies of organizations. 

DOT cannot charge a specific registration fee for these delivery vehicles. The USPS owners do not pay any charges to DMV. 

They have less complicated registrations through their markings. The USPS authorities enter them in their internal records and provide data to the police for interstate transportation.

However, they work under governmental regulations and cannot exceed the standard traffic laws. 

Regulation of transportation activities

The company regulates transportation activities and shipment procedures in different locations, with multiple headquarters in every region. Moreover, the relevant officers maintain a record of all the packages for their safe and fast shipment.

For regulating transportation procedures, USPS vehicles do not require license plates. However, they monitor the packages with vehicle identification codes and painted serial numbers. 

Moreover, they have records of serial numbers that are on the packages. The service authorities enter the serial number in their computers and track them through machines, city, and zip codes. 

With these techniques, they can approach the current location of the carrier at a particular spot. With the regulation methods, they can monitor the mail and packages. 

In addition, the service utilizes informed delivery accounts that can regulate and control the shipment of parcels inside the city and in long-distance locations.

Tracking with VIN

Authorities of the United States postal service track their delivery vehicles in different areas. Therefore, only they can approach them with the vehicle identification numbers. 

However, you can assess their identification numbers on their frames in black color. Furthermore, they are a combination of serial and identification numbers.

With digital control units, the local operating officers enter the VIN in their selected software. Then, they track the passage of their shipment carriers.

In such circumstances, the vehicle identification number becomes the license and tracking code of shipment carriers. With the VIN, the police can evaluate the information about the delivery vehicle. 

They use vehicle identification numbers to assess the name of the relevant company in the particular state. Also, they find the manufacturing date of the United States postal service truck. 

With the VIN, police can find the driver of a USPS carrier in a particular state. 

Identifiable due to specific design

For more than 30 years, the USPS trucks have had a particular retro design with off-white body frames, a front driver’s cabin, and an enclosed container on the rear side.

Moreover, they have specific themes of colors and versatile patterns that make them different from other shipment services. Also, they do not require license plates for their identification. 

In these conditions, the state police and natives can identify them due to their particular shapes and themes.

They are mail trucks, work under official regulatory organizations, and lack tags over the front and back sides of the frame. 

They do not need particular stickers and bolted metallic plates for their identification. 

Are traffic laws not applicable to USPS trucks?

All the laws of traffic lights and pedestrian walkways apply to the drivers of the United States Postal Service. Like other drivers, they obey the federal traffic rules on busy roads.

Overspeeding is a violation of standard regulations. In these circumstances, the drivers face massive penalties. 

Moreover, law enforcement officers can pull over these trucks when the drivers cross the red signal. In these conditions, the driver pays the fines without assistance from the service. 

Traffic regulations, speed control, and the protection of pedestrians are essential for these trucks and their drivers. However, they have immunity from different state laws.

Is it dangerous that USPS trucks do not have license plates?

It is dangerous for the citizens because they are unaccountable delivery trucks due to the absence of license plates. Unlike other vehicles, they have similar designs and shapes.

In these conditions, road cameras can capture them but cannot differentiate one delivery truck from the other. As a result, a few USPS truck drivers cross their standard speed limits.

As a result, massive shipment vehicles become uncontrollable and undergo severe accidents. Moreover, they can injure the surrounding drivers and walkers.

The traditional tracking techniques do not apply to these vehicles. Due to federal laws, drivers do not pay the fines, and tickets are invaluable for them.

Moreover, they do not attend summons, and USPS authorities protect their drivers. These trucks are dangerous for two-wheel drivers in high-speed conditions.

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