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How Much Does a Mack Truck Weigh?

How Much Does a Mack Truck Weigh?

Mack brothers launched their company in 1900 and introduced semi-haulers that can transport heavy loads with smooth steering. They are load carriers with appealing designs, multiple variants, and non-identical weight limits.

How Much Does a Mack Truck Weigh? A Mack truck weighs 33000 to 34500 pounds with a trailer and is 11000 to 24500 pounds without a trailer. Pinnacle weighs 34800 to 61900 pounds, Granite has GVWR of 79000 to 79900 pounds, Anthem weighs 36000 to 61800 pounds, LR is 44000 to 71900 pounds, LR electric weighs 65800 to 65900 pounds, TerraPro is 36000 to 79900 pounds, and MD weighs 30000 to 32900 pounds. 

Heavy duty class 8 Mack trucks are suitable for long-distance transportation of heavy loads. Class 6 and 7 medium-duty variants can work inside the city due to the compact chassis. 

What is the average weight of a Mack truck?

The average weight of a Mack truck is about 33000 to 34500 pounds with an attached trailer. Without a trailer, it weighs around 11000 to 24500 pounds. Moreover, the GVWR of these trucks varies from 26000 to 32900 pounds. 

You can calculate its curb weight when the cargo is empty, and the cabin does not comprise the driver and passenger. 


Pinnacle is a fast Mack truck with a low center of gravity, high stability, and an appealing rugged frame.

However, it is a semi-hauler with defined rails that can withstand heavy weight. In loaded conditions, it weighs around 34800 to 61900 pounds. 


It has a lighter frame, can haul loads with stabilized chassis, and have less challenging maneuverability with smooth steering properties.

Mack granite is a dump truck with an average weight of about 34000 to 34500 pounds.

In fully loaded conditions, it can weigh around 79000 to 79900 pounds. Moreover, it provides improved visibility with better ground clearance. 


They are easy-to-drive Mack trucks with smooth steering control. Moreover, they are appealing haulers with a specific color scheme. 

They belong to class eight of hauling vehicles. They have low hoods with minimum drag. Also, they have high-quality fenders that make the layout appealing. The gross vehicle weight of the anthem is nearly 36000 to 61800 pounds.

LR and LR electric

The LR stands for low-ride semi-haulers that can transfer heavy loads from one location to another. These are heavy-duty trucks with a series of variants. 

They have a forward control property, which means the driver has more control over the rear side of the chassis and comprises more engine length. 

In these configurations, the drivers sit on the front axle of LR Mack trucks. The GVWR of a low-ride Mack truck is around 44000 to 71900 pounds.

It is the loaded range of these haulers when the cargo has storage material. Also, the front cabin has passengers and a driver.

However, LR Electric is a fully electric hauler with improved drivability, better road visibility, and diesel-empowered engines. Moreover, it has around 41% more power due to its high-quality battery. 

They have improved demand due to operations. Furthermore, these variants have a GVWR of about 65800 to 65900 pounds. 

With dual power motors, they provide high current flow in various components. In addition, they have smooth-driving properties due to electrically empowered controls.

Their built-in batteries have defined cells. They are rechargeable batteries with a longer life expectancy. 


It is a series of high-performance service trucks that belongs to Class 8 and can haul loads with defined chassis. They are heavy-duty semi-haulers with high-performance engines.

With dual windshields, it provides more visibility and promotes safe transportation. According to our research, it weighs around 36000 to 79900 pounds when the cargo is fully loaded. 

MD Mack truck

MD stands for medium-duty trucks, which belong to classes 6 and 7 of the Mack variants. However, they have a low center of gravity. 

With a short profile, they are beneficial for hauling loads that have moderate weights. However, they have a low ability to transport material across the states. 

In these conditions, they can perform transportation inside the city. The gross vehicle weight rating of the medium-duty Mack variant is around 30000 to 32900 pounds. 

Mack truck models with their weight in pounds, kg, and US tons

Names of Mack truck models Weight (In pounds) Weight (In Kg) Weight (In US tons)
Pinnacle 34800 to 61900 15785 to 28077 17.4 to 30.95
Granite 79000 to 79900 35833 to 36242 39.5 to 39.95
Anthem 36000 to 61800 16329 to 28032 18 to 30.9
LR 44000 to 71900 19958 to 32613 22 to 35.95
LR electric 65800 to 65900 29846 to 29891 32.9 to 32.95
TerraPro 36000 to 79900 16329 to 36242 18 to 39.95
MD 30000 to 32900 13607 to 14923 15 to 16.45

What are the things that affect the weight of a Mack truck?

Several things affect the curb and GVWR of Mack trucks. Here are the factors that can modify the standard ranges.

Size of the truck

The larger trucks have elaborated frames and massive cargo. As a result, they weigh more than the smaller carriers. 

Mack Granite is a high-performance semi-hauler with an average length of around 9.9 feet. 

It has a spacious storage unit on the rear end, can withstand high payload, and remains stable on bumpy surfaces.

In such circumstances, Granite weighs more than the smaller carriers and transports heavy loads in less time than the less-spacious variants. 

It has multiple variants with appealing layouts and spacious cabins. Moreover, the cabin comprises several amenities, which increase the curb of the variant. 

Dimensions and power of the engine

The engine dimensions and horsepower affect the total curb and GVWR of carriers.

According to their designs, they have different engines, which are specific for Mack configuration and provide variable performance according to built-in characteristics.

Pinnacle has an MP8 engine with a configuration of thirteen internal cylinders. It produces a horsepower of around 414 to 504 hp.

It is one of the heaviest engines with an elaborated size and increases the curb range of the Pinnacle than counter carriers. In the Granite variants, a slightly smaller MP7 engine works with a 10.8-liter capacity. 

With such configuration, it is a turbocharged engine with 6-cylinder and produces a horsepower of 326 to 424 hp. 

It is slightly less heavy than Pinnacle due to dimensional differences. Similarly, the anthem has an MP7 with better fuel efficiency and a lighter structure. Low-duty carriers comprise MP7 with diesel characteristics and turbocharged features. 

Attached trailer

Mack trucks are semi-haulers and can attach and detach a trailer from the rear end. The loaded and heavier trailers increase the curb and GVWR of these variants.

However, the lighter trailers stabilize the weight limits. They have slightly less curb range when the trailer does not hook with them.

With a hooked trailer, these variants are heavy and require expert driving skills to handle these massive frames. However, trained drivers can drive them and keep the material safe. 

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