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Does AutoZone Charge To Check Engine Light?

Does AutoZone Charge To Check Engine Light?

AutoZone can check the car engine light because they have specific equipment for this procedure.

Does AutoZone Charge To Check Engine Light? AutoZone does not charge to check engine lights because it is a scheme to sell things, mechanics do not perform a thorough diagnosis, and mechanics use a Fix Finder (OBD-II scanner).

Their staff is friendly and cooperative because of their expertise, and I like this automotive USA retailer for its free services.

Why does AutoZone not charge to check the engine light?

Broken catalytic converters, battery damages, and malfunctioning engine sensors can cause the car engine warning light on the dashboard. You can visit AutoZone and get your car accessed by their expert mechanics.

Scheme to sell things

Many car owners visit AutoZone and its various branches because it sells automobile spare parts. It is a large and famous retailer and offers several free services. The engine light flashes on the car dashboard because of the engine failures and internal faults.

Furthermore, it appears when the oxygen sensors malfunction and the gas filling cap becomes loose. In such circumstances, it requires troubleshooting to identify internal defects.

Also, the mechanics and technical staff of the retailer inspect it while the cabin has passengers.

It is a specific scheme for increasing the sales of the retailer. In such circumstances, car owners visit this place and select different aftermarket things for their vehicles.

The retailer has large-sized branches with several items available on the shelves. As a result, checking it remains free, but you can select the spark plugs, catalytic converters, and other sensors.

The mechanics tell you the reasons for this warning light on your car dashboard and guide you for repair and replacement.

In such circumstances, you can select the replacement parts from the retailer, and it is a specific scheme to sell the things to vehicle owners.

No thorough diagnosis

The checking of the car engine light is free at AutoZone because the mechanics do not inspect the engine thoroughly. The troubleshooting procedure includes the superficial checking of the reasons behind this warning light on the vehicle dashboard. 

However, an experienced mechanic checks the computer system and scans it for identifying defects.

The skilled mechanics guide you about the replacement and repair cost of different malfunctioning components of the car engine, which trigger the warning light.

However, the mechanics explain the problems and engine defects with a quick inspection.

The professional individuals of this retailer guide you about the assumed reasons for the engine light because the troubleshooting is not thorough.

Mechanics use Fix Finder

Their mechanics use the Fix Finder to access the check engine light. The retailer does not charge to inspect this warning light because the Fix Finder is an Onboard diagnostic scanner that works on battery.

It does not consume electric power, and the retailer does not charge for the scanning and checking of automobile engine lights.

The mechanics and experts plug the Fix Finder into the automobile computer, and scanning completes within 60 seconds.

The expert technicians plug it in a connector with about 16 pins. Also, this connector with 16 pins has a mounting position under the vehicle dashboard.

Its mounting position changes according to the model and design of your car. The OBD-II scanner or Fix Finder reads the defects and codes by scanning the vehicle computer or powertrain control module.

The mechanics can see the codes on the display screen of the fix finder and assume the reasons for defects and warning lights. 

Then, the experts tell you the reasons for this warning light and guide you about repair costs. Their experienced technicians plug the fix finder directly into the vehicle powertrain control module.

Also, the scanning completes in one minute, and the mechanics remove the OBD-II scanner. The procedure is less complicated and does not take more than 60 seconds.

Why does AutoZone provide a review report after checking the engine light?

AutoZone provides a specific review report after checking the car engine light and does not charge for this inspection. Moreover, the review report is free, and the retailer provides it to the customers who bring their vehicles to check the engine light.

The report has results and instructions from experts and certified mechanics. You can use this report as a reference at the retailer for your next visit.

In such circumstances, mechanics consider the old review report and check the engine light. The repeated causes of this warning light lead to detailed inspection and repair.

As a result, it costs a few dollars to repair and replace the broken motor components, which triggers the warning.

How does AutoZone check the engine light?

They use an Onboard diagnostic scanner to check the car engine light. It can read the codes and find the problems and defects of the vehicle motor.

The Find Fixer is an Onboard (OBD) diagnostic scanner, and all branches of AutoZone use it for its high performance and reliability. It can scan several cars daily because of the built-in battery and specific layouts.

The mechanics of the retailer directly connect the scanner with the vehicle computer system, which works on the sensors. As a result, the scanning tool reads the motor’s internal information, defects, and codes.

Therefore, the scanner checks and shows the codes on its LCD. The mechanics can push the ok button on the onboard diagnostic scanner when the option read appears on its LCD.

Furthermore, you can press the button again when the LCD shows done, and the mechanics collect the codes to determine the engine problems that cause the check light.

The onboard scanner works on the scanning, reading, and identification principles because of its layout. However, the AutoZone mechanics connect them with the vehicle computer because of the scanner compatibility.

It can read the information and engine defects while you connect it to the powertrain control module. The connection point is underneath the car instrument cluster on the driver’s side of the cabin.

Furthermore, the mechanics can identify the connector through its sixteen pins because it directly attaches to the vehicle powertrain control module, which has different sensors that regulate the engine performance.

How long does AutoZone take to check the engine light?

AutoZone uses the specific Fix Finder and connects it to the car powertrain control module for checking the engine light. However, the plugging of this OBD-II scanner takes around 30 to 40 seconds.

The unplugging is less complicated and consumes almost 10 to 15 seconds. In such circumstances, the average to diagnose the check engine light through the onboard diagnostic scanner is nearly 1 to 3 minutes.

It depends on the efficiency and performance of the OBD-II scanner because its reading properties are high. Therefore, this inspection procedure is free because it does not consume more than 3 minutes.

A few new mechanics do not know more about the onboard diagnostic scanner. Also, the mounting position of the vehicle connecting point varies according to the variable models.

In such circumstances, the OBD-II scanner connection and checking takes nearly 2 to 4 minutes. Also, the procedure is free, and it does not take more than 4 minutes because it is the maximum time for such inspections.

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