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What Does “Service Due Now” on a Nissan Rogue Mean?

What Does “Service Due Now” on a Nissan Rogue Mean?

Nissan Rogue is a midsize 5-passenger crossover SUV equipped with luxurious safety features for the ease and comfort of drivers and passengers. It also shows the warning message of service due now on the instrumental panel to make you aware of the maintenance schedules of the different parts.

What Does Service Due Now on a Nissan Rogue Mean? “Service Due Now” warning light on a Nissan Rogue means your SUV needs scheduled service. It shows that you have to change the engine oil, oil filters, software glitches, air filters, coolant levels, and rotate tires. You can reset the warning message by pressing the right stem button on the instrumental panel and opening the settings menu.

The warning message does not reflect any faults in your SUV, but it makes you alert before the malfunctioning of engine components. Many people get confused by this warning message and mix it with the check engine light, but both are different.

What is service due now on the Nissan Rogue?

Service due now is the warning message that usually appears on your Nissan Rogue when it needs maintenance of its several components. It is the safety feature that is present in your vehicle, and it decreases the chances of malfunctioning of various components.

It shows you can maintain the components before they become faulty and increase your repair costs.

It is mainly the computerized system connected to the engine to track the mileage. A warning message with a light comes on your screen after a specific mileage.

The mileage is adjusted according to the specific components. When you see that warning message on the screen, you must check the engine oil, filters, coolant, and tire rotation.

You have to maintain these components of your SUV after a specific mileage, and many people forget to do this until severe signs and symptoms appear.

What does service due now represent on Nissan Rogue?

Service due now light reminds the maintenance of several components according to the predefined service intervals. You can see different messages when you go to the maintenance menu. These include oil changes, tire rotation, and others. You can select these options to get enough information about the scheduled maintenance.

Change engine oil

This warning light indicates that you have to refill the oil so engine parts work efficiently. Moreover, it also represents the contaminated engine oil.

Dirty engine parts contaminate the oil when it rotates between them, and it is necessary to replace them after 5000 miles or 6 months.

The warning light illuminates your screen after this mileage to remind you that you should change the oil filters before completely malfunctioning your engine parts.

It also represents the low coolant level, which can lead to overheating. You should check the coolant level and refill the fluid if it is low.

Replace filters

The engine compartment also contains oil filters to remove dust particles and other impurities from them. Sometimes, these particles cause clogging of the filters, and they do not allow sufficient oil to pass through them and reach the engine.

It is necessary to replace the filters after every 6 months, depending on the driving conditions. You can replace the oil filters at home because it is easy.

Replace the oil filters to avoid uneven noises from the engine parts that usually come because of the increased friction between them.

It is also necessary to check and replace the air filters when you see the illuminated light with a wrench warning sign on your dashboard screen.

Software glitches

Sometimes, service due light comes on your screen because of software glitches. It is the electrical system that is connected to the engine.

It is connected to internal software that takes the information from the engine. It measures the mileage and then shows the collected information about changing oil and filters on your screen.

Many people complain that the warning light illuminates after scheduled maintenance of their Nissan Rogue.

It usually comes because of software glitches that are not collecting reliable information from the engine. You can turn it off by resetting the system instead of planning the maintenance program of your SUV.

Rotate tires

It also shows that your SUV tire needs alignment and proper rotation. You should contact expert mechanisms for their correct alignment.

It is highly unsafe to drive with misaligned tires because it causes the leaning of the vehicle towards one side and disturbs the stability of the steering wheel.

The alignment of tires becomes bad when you drive on uneven terrain for a longer time.

Where is the service due now warning light located on a Nissan Rogue?

Service Due Now message appears on your vehicle’s instrumental or cluster screen. The warning message appears on the dashboard with a wrench signal.

You can see this message in dark red color in some models of Nissan Rogue. The location and appearance of the warning message also depend on the different trims of this SUV.

The warning light illuminates the cluster screen when the internal system detects that your vehicle is scheduled for maintenance.

You can also see the owner’s manual if you are confused about the exact location of this warning light. It is necessary to take the information from the owner’s manual because many people get confused between them and checking the engine light.

What to do when the vehicle says service due now?

You should avoid driving your SUV for a long distance when you see that message on the screen. It is necessary to move towards the service centers depending on your ease and convenience for their scheduled maintenance.

I recommend you read the owner’s manual to get enough information about the parts that need service and their mileage. You can contact the Nissan dealership to schedule an appointment for service.

Expert mechanics at the service centers inspect your vehicle’s several parts. You can also change the oil filters and oil at home to turn off the message from your screen.

Many people do not make appointments from the service centers until a significant issue appears in their Nissan.

How do you reset the service due now on a Nissan Rogue?

It is necessary to reset the “service due now” to a message on your SUV because sometimes it appears on the screen due to software glitches.

In addition, it also flashes on your instrumental screen after the completion of scheduled maintenance of various components. One of my friends also told me he saw a similar message in his SUV after replacing the oil filters.

Press the start button or use a keyless entry system. You do not need to turn on the engine for the resetting procedure.

You can see two buttons on the left and right sides of the instrumental panel. Repeatedly press the right-side button until it toggles to the settings menu.

Push and hold the button to see the different options. Highlight the maintenance option and push the right stem button to select it.

Twist the button to the service menu and push it to see the other options on the service menu. You can see the reset option and push the button to select it.

You can see that the warning message from the screen immediately disappears after pressing the reset button.

Is it safe to drive a Nissan Rogue with a service due now warning sign?

The warning message on the instrumental panel represents that according to the internal computerized system, your Nissan Rogue is due for maintenance. It is safe to drive your SUV for a short distance with this illuminated light.

However, it is necessary to program the scheduled maintenance as soon as possible before going on long trips. You should not ignore the warning sign because it can lead to malfunctioning engine components that require costly repair.

Moreover, you can also hear uneven noises from the engine compartment because of clogged air and fuel filters. The driving performance also decreases because of the poor working efficiency of the engine.

It can also affect your SUV’s safety, reliability, and overall performance.

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