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Does Ford F-150 Have Massaging Seats?

Does Ford F-150 Have Massaging Seats?

Massaging seats are the one feature that is usually associated with luxury vehicles instead of pickup trucks.

In this regard, Ford has introduced multi-contour seats with active motion in its F-150 pickup truck, commonly known as massaging seats.

Does Ford F-150 Have Massaging Seats? From 2015 and onwards, high-end trim levels of Ford F-150, including Limited, Platinum, and King Ranch, have massaging seats available. You can activate them by using buttons on their sides or the SYNC 4 infotainment system touch screen in front.

These seats provide a comfortable ride with massage for 20 minutes and prevent truck drivers’ backache and fatigue problems.

Does Ford F-150 Have Massaging Seats?

I have explained the purpose of massaging seats in Ford F-150, their working principle, and activating them and their benefits.

Which model of Ford F-150 has massaging seats?

Ford introduced massaging seats in the 2015 model of F-150 to attract workers or people using their trucks for long drives.

Since then, it comes standard as a part of its high-end trim levels. I like them, and a few minutes of massage after a day-long hectic routine relaxes me and minimizes the back pain and fatigue problem. 

Packages/trim levels of F-150 with massaging seat option

It is a luxury feature that is not part of the basic version of the Ford F-150.

However, it comes standard with expensive trim levels, including Platinum and Limited. It is also part of King Ranch trim through an additional package.

Ford has introduced them with the name “MulticontourSeats with Active Motion” and filed a patent with the same name.

Moreover, it is a part of the 601A equipment group package having Multicontour seats with the active motion for driver and front passenger seats.

It aims to improve the look and comfort level of the driver’s cabin of the truck. Moreover, it also gives it the look of a luxury vehicle besides being the workhorse of the USA.  

How does Ford F-150 massaging seat works?

Massaging seats have complex designs and require power to activate them. Multicontour seats with active motion work only when the engine is ON or in accessory mode.

They contain 3 air pockets or zones for lumbar support and 4 of them for the seat bottom. Position and firmness for all of the options are adjustable according to the desired level.

If you dissect or open the seat from the backside, you will find an air pump or compressor with multiple air pipes entering the seats.

While on the front side, there are air pouches with circular patterns hidden under the layers of upholstery and seat foam.

According to the setting or mode selected, the air pump inflates and deflates the respective air pouches to give you the massage.

It gives your back in a circular pattern and remains ON for 20 minutes once you activate it. However, you can turn it OFF any time you want to do so.

The bottom of the seats have a similar arrangement, and it helps give you general motion to reduce fatigue.

You can also set them using the touchscreen or side buttons on the seat. Air pouches automatically deflate after the massager stops.

In case of any malfunctioning, contact the Ford service support to provide the solution due to a bad air pump or settings malfunctioning.

How to turn ON the massaging seats in Ford F-150?

It is easy to turn ON the massage option of Multicontour seats with an active motion by pressing the 5-way multifunction button on their sides.

You can also turn it ON from the touch screen in front of the driver. 

Massage seats control buttons and their functions

You will find multiple buttons on the side of the driver and front passenger seat to adjust their position and activate the massaging option.

Their shape and placement can vary according to the F-150 truck model.

However, usually, you will find them on the door side of the seats in the form of a round button with 4 arrow keys and a middle button to control different settings.

By pressing this button, you will get its settings on the display screen. Moreover, it also acts as a select button to save the seats’ air packets position settings.

The up arrow key has a function to turn ON/OFF the lumbar support massage. 

The bottom button press acts as a switch to turn ON/OFF the bottom/seat air pockets for leg massage.

The back button reduces the intensity of the massage for either the lumbar or bottom area depending upon which is active. This makes truck seats more comfortable.

In some models, there are 2 separate buttons to activate this option for the bottom of seats and lumbar support.

Moreover, you cannot turn ON both of the settings simultaneously. However, in the latest models, both can be simultaneously activated.

You can also change the settings and position of seat cushions and lumbar support using the same 5-way select button.  

How to control seats using the SYNC 4 infotainment system?

SYNC 4 infotainment system touch screen serves the purpose of changing settings for various systems of Ford F-150.

For example, you can access the seat settings by hitting the setting button on display. Then, select the 

It shows 3 options on the screen like Driver, Massage, and Passenger.

By pressing the driver, you can change the position of 3 lumbar support air cushions by pressing the ‘+’ or ‘-‘ sign against each option. Similarly, by pressing the passenger option, you can change the settings for passenger seats.

To change its settings, press the “Massage” option in the middle. You will get 3 options for both lumbar and seat cushion massage that is OFF, Lo, and Hi in earlier models of trucks.

There are 5 different mode options in the latest models, and each mode has 3 intensity levels like Low, Medium, and High. 

Lower Rolling: It provides the motion of lower air pouches of lumbar support.  

Upper Rolling: In this mode, the upper zone of lumbar support activates to provide the spine massage. 

Full Recovery: This mode enables the motion of both lumbar and seat cushions to provide massage to both bottoms of legs and back of driver and passenger.

Circular Cushion: It enables the bottom of seat zones, and their inflation and deflations give a circular massaging pattern to stimulate blood circulation in your thighs and legs.

Relax Recovery: It activates all zones in slow motion and low intensity to give a soothing and relaxing psychological effect.  

Can we retrofit the massaging seats in Ford F150?

You can install these seats from higher trim levels like Platinum in the lower trims like XLT or Lariat, if these are available.

First, you need to install the seats and check the wiring harness for the wires not available but required for these functions to operate.

Then, you will need to tap some connectors to connect the missing wiring options to ensure the working of all the seat functions.

However, it is a tricky job requiring expert-level technical skills, wiring diagrams of Ford F-150, and spare connectors and wires. 

I have successfully installed the massaging seats from the 2018 Ford F-150 Platinum into my 2019 F-150 XLT trim.

They are doing fine with massaging, heat, and cool features using a 5-way button on the side.

However, it took about 3 days to do research, redraw the wiring schematics and modify the existing wiring for the seats.

As a result, I have to spend about $800-$1000 to purchase seats, wiring connectors, and other arrangements. 

Are Ford F150 massaging seats worth it?

Back pain and fatigue are the most common complaints by pickup drivers in the USA as they have to travel long distances daily for their work.

Keeping still in the same posture for 3-4 hours reduces blood flow in the area, causing several health problems.

It also mentally relaxes the truck drivers returning from their workplace after a hectic daily routine. 

According to a survey conducted on our website, about 80% of the truck drivers found massaging seats in Ford F-150 more comfortable than conventional seats.

Moreover, 50-60% have observed reduced back pains or other fatigue disorders.

By providing multiple adjustment positions, improved seat cushions, and active motion features, Ford has successfully fulfilled the requirements of its customers.

In addition, female truck owners have specifically liked this concept and 90% would like to have them in their vehicles.

Moreover, according to reports from doctors and orthopedics, they have analyzed the performance of Multicontour active motion seats on Ford F-150.

As a result, they have endorsed the design and expected about 50-60% reduction in back pains and fatigue problems with these seats during long drives. 

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