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How to Remove Ford F150 Back Seat?

How to Remove Ford F150 Back Seat?

The Ford F150 has back seats for a comfortable journey. They have all the facilities that a standard back seat comprises. In addition, they have headrests and cushions to resist body pain during long-distance traveling.

How to Remove Ford F150 Back Seat? In general, you can remove the Ford F150 back seat by detaching its supporting tools. Next, lose the back seat and discard the belt and cushions. Next, remove the hooks and pull the back seat outwards. Finally, detach it from the attachment point and leave the metal supports behind. 

The back seats are challenging to remove from a truck. It happens due to the placement and organization of such structures. 

How to Remove Ford F150 Back Seat?

Here are 7 easy steps to quickly remove the back seat of a Ford F150. 

Turn off the Ford F150

Turn off the Ford F150 by removing the ignition key. Allow the batteries and engine to cool down. It also reduces heat from the truck, and you can perform the process conveniently. 

Stabilize the ford on a smooth surface and then get inside the structure. The stability of the vehicle in a parking station or garage is suitable for such activities.

Remove accessories

The removal of the seat cover is necessary during such procedures. It provides visibility of the lower structure of the system. You can remove the leather cover by removing the supporting tools. 

Access the seat belt at the top side and slide it in one corner. You can find multiple bolts that have stability for the seat belt.

Discard seat belt

Take a precise size screwdriver in such methods, use a prying tool to remove the seat belt.

Adjust the bolt puller on the bolts and then detach them from their adjustment points. Remove these bolts and then remove the seat belt cover from the seat.

In this way, you can separate the tool from the sitting area. Then, keep it aside for future use or make a decision depending on its condition.

There is another specific bolt that holds the seat belt on the top side. 

Remove it with a bolt puller and detach the seat belt completely. 

The seat comprises multiple hooks that keep it stable in one position. Access them one by one and detach them. 

Remove hooks and supporting tools

Squeeze your body and adjust it on the backside of the Ford F150. Keep your direction towards the passenger seat. Remove the seat cushion by accessing the attachment point.

Use hands during such activities because the tools can damage the seat.

Push the arm between the area back seat and the side of the truck. There is a plastic tool that holds the hook for the seat cushion.

The removal of this hook is through pulling and grabbing. Detach it from the initial point and lose the seat cushion. You can also remove it from the seat and keep it in one corner.

Push its top side downwards towards the truck. Again, you have to apply a specific amount of strength to the plastic tab and keep the movements gentle.

Pull the plastic tab for its removal from the whole setup. Next, pull the plastic tab from the other side of the backside.

Keep pulling until you lose the plastic material from both sides of the seat.

Move the headrest of the seat and detach it manually.

Lose the plastic holders, and then pull the headrest upwards. Lift it until it loses complexly, and then remove it from the seat.

It makes the removal process convenient and smoother for the user. You can also remove the headrest after removing the seat.

The technique depends on the expertise and professional knowledge about the process.

Pull and change its direction

Multiple hooks stabilize the back seat; therefore, the only suitable direction for such a system is backward pushing. 

Removal of plastic tabs makes the process smoother, and you can access all the hooks. 

Detach them from the linking points manually. 

Pull the seat upwards, and you can also take the help of a friend during such procedures. Keep pulling it until you get an even application of force and results.

Push the seat backward with the backside of the truck. It keeps the seat in one position, and it never loses control. 

You can also open the backside door during such conditions. It also depends on the activity area of such removals.

The excessive pulling can lead to breakage of the central section from the bottom part.

It is not a beneficial thing and can lead to time-consuming problems. You have to detach the top and bottom sections separately after such situations. 

Remove the back seat

Detach the seat from all the hooks and then pull it upwards. For example, take the support of a friend and then bring it out from the backdoor. You can remove the sitting cushion during such a procedure.

In few models, its cushions are fixing with the bottom section. The separation becomes difficult in these circumstances.

Its weight increases due to the presence of all the heavy masses. You cannot pull it outside without any help. 

Keep the direction of the seat in a way that the removal from the door is convenient. It can be stuck inappropriately and can lead to various issues.

Take professional guidelines from an expert person. He can guide in the right direction while removing the seats. It also keeps the seat safe from removal damages. 

Why would you remove Ford F150 back seat?

The removal of a back seat in a Ford truck due to various reasons. First, people like to make accommodation space in the backside in case of fewer passengers. 

They remove these seats and make space for adjusting mattresses and other such stuff. So the journey becomes comfortable for the passengers in this way. 

They can rest and sleep in these comfortable materials during traveling. Unfortunately, the damaged covers and cushions of the seats are also a leading cause of such removals. 

The craving to install new design back seats also lead to such removal procedures. 

People remove them because they decrease the appeal of a Ford F150. The broken seats are not beneficial because they can lead to various accidental conditions. 

The broken headrest also leads to the removal of back seats. These changes are temporary in most cases.

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