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Does Kia Sorento Have a Spare Tire?

Does Kia Sorento Have a Spare Tire?

Spare tires are essential to replace the burst and flat tires of the SUV. However, many people prefer installing a tire mobility kit on their Kia Sorento.

Does Kia Sorento Have a Spare Tire? Kia Sorento does not have a spare tire in 2009 to 2023 models because they have a Tire Mobility kit, which is easy to use. However, you can find a spare tire mounted onto the undercarriage of its 2002 to 2008 models.

You cannot find an extra tire in the trunk or underneath their frames in the new models because of the limits of manufacturing companies.

Why Kia Sorento variants do not have a spare tire?

There is no spare tire in its models. Therefore, the manufacturers added the kit inside the trunk of these vehicles. The dealerships can charge more money to replace the wheels.

Tire mobility kit

They have a tire mobility kit because of the advancement of their layouts. These kits are an upgrade with seals, sealants, and compressors to repair flat and damaged wheels.

You can find the kit on the trunk of your Kia Sorento by opening its door. Removal of the trunk internal cover is essential, and you can find the kit with sealants and compressors.

These kits have high-quality compressors with a specific lifespan and performance. They have a sealant to repair the holes in the tire tread.

They have a gauge to check the pressure of the tires. The hoses and wires are part of this package that help repairing of its wheels on roads when they become flat or burst.

You can add a specific patch on the holes of the tire tread through the kit. It can resolve the defects of their wheels within a few minutes.

Then, you should visit the dealership after repairing the wheels and their tread.

However, repairing the wheels with them increases their stability, and you can drive these SUVs to visit the nearby dealer. The manufacturers modified the frames of these vehicles to boost fuel economy.

Advancement of the SUV frame

Extra tires add weight to the frames. As a result, the more frame weight reduces the driving control and requires more force for braking.

For example, the curb weight of the 2007 Kia Sorento is 4277 pounds. However, the curb weight of its 2022 model is 4206 pounds because of the standard weight specifications.

The manufacturers reduce the weight limits of the frames in their latest variants. The weight limits of their frames are high from 2002 to 2008 models.

However, the limitations are low in the models from 2009 to 2023 because the manufacturing companies did not add the spare wheel.

Instead, the manufacturers install the tire mobility kit underneath a cover inside the rear trunk of these SUVs.

Less challenging tire repair

Its latest variants have different upgrades and amenities because the manufacturer upgraded their layouts.

They have tire mobility kits with hoses and compressors to repair the wheels of these SUVs. Identifying the air leaks and holes on these wheels is essential.

You should remove the inflator and attach its internal hose to the wheel valve. It is a specific valve of the wheel stem and regulates the inflation of the tires.

You should use the sealant and put it on the holes and cracks of their tread. Inflating them through the compressor is easy because it is a part of the kit.

Sealants and inflators are the best components of these mobility kits for the quick and easy repair of the SUV wheels.

Manufacturers limits

The designs vary for the 2009 to 2023 Kia Sorento because the manufacturers have versatile limits for their build and manufacturing. Therefore, the early models up to 2008 have spare tires on the undercarriage of these variants.

You cannot find extra wheels on the latest upgraded models because the manufacturer adds tire mobility kits to these variants. These are manufacturers’ limits for these models according to their layouts and design versatility.

Their engines have higher performance than the models from 2002 to 2008. Their weight properties are variable, and manufacturers have stopped adding the extra tires on the latest models after 2008.

It is a standard policy of their manufacturing companies to not add a spare tire on these SUVs from 2009 to 2023.

What Kia Sorento models have a spare tire?

The spare tire had been a part of their frames till 2008. However, you can identify it on the models from 2002 to 2008 because the manufacturing companies stopped adding it in the models above 2008.

The older variants have an extra tire mounted on the lower side of the SUV. You can identify it on the undercarriage on the bottom side of the cargo of the storage unit.

It has better stability on the undercarriage of all 2002 to 2008 variants because the manufacturers mount them on the bottom side of the Kia Sorento frame.

Their mounting position is identical on all variants of these SUVs from 2002 to 2008. They have specific mount and stability on the lower side of the vehicle frame. All models from 2002 to 2008 have one spare tire mounted on their undercarriage.

When did Kia Sorento stop adding a spare tire?

Many people drive their Kia Sorento daily for the transportation of their families. In such circumstances, the tires of these vehicles burst because the road bumps, heat, and debris can damage them.

The manufacturing companies stopped adding it to these SUVs in 2008 and never continued it.

You cannot identify it in the models above 2008 because of the manufacturers’ restrictions. The designs and specifications of these vehicles have chambers and were upgraded after 2008.

This kit is inside the rear side trunk of the SUVs, and you can identify it by removing the internal trunk cover.

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