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Enable or Disable “Check Rear Seats For Occupants” Alert on Ford F-150

Enable or Disable “Check Rear Seats For Occupants” Alert on Ford F-150

Many people go alone during long trips, and sometimes when they travel with kids and pets, they forget they are in the rear seats of their Ford F150. I activate the rear seats for occupants alert to avoid these problems. 

How to Enable or Disable “Check Rear Seats For Occupants” Alert on Ford F-150? You can enable the “check rear seats for occupants” alert on the Ford F-150 by accessing the settings on the screen, opening the vehicle icon, and pushing the toggle of the rear occupant alert icon to the right side. You can disable it by pulling the toggle towards the left side.

I enable the feature during long-distance driving because it makes me comfortable and reduces tiredness. In such circumstances, the feature warns me about the forgotten travelers on the rear seats of my Ford F150. 

How to enable or disable check rear seats for occupants alert on Ford F-150?

Check rear seat occupants alert is a specific system that provides warnings and promotes safety. I activate this feature on my 2022 Ford F-150 during regular driving.

It is available on selective models because it is an advanced feature. However, you can find it on the 2021 to 2023 Ford F150. 

The warning system informs the driver to inspect the back seats of the pickup truck. A few people forget their children and pets on the backseats.

In such circumstances, this feature alerts the driver about checking them. So, you cannot forget the pets and children on them. 

The system warns you when you deactivate the ignition of your pickup truck. It utilizes specific sensors which have ultrasonic properties. 

In such circumstances, the enabled feature works and identifies the motion on the back side of the cabin. The sensors identify the motion and send warning signals to the driver. 

The system can activate the horns to inform the driver about the forgotten children and pets in the back seats. Also, the system activates the lights of the pickup truck. 

The lights flash and inform the driver about the passengers in the cabin. Many people use this feature for the better safety of all travelers. 

The system alerts non-attentive drivers through lights and horns. However, you can enable this beneficial feature through the truck settings. 

You can tap the screen of the pickup and turn it on. Then, you can search the icon settings and push it. 

It opens another tab that shows the vehicle option, and you can press it. Then, you can find the option rear occupant alert. You can move the toggle right and activate it. 

However, you can disable it through the same toggle. For example, you can pull the toggle towards the left side and deactivate the sensors. 

The system provides a notification to the driver after every six months to enable the deactivated warning feature. 

Why would you enable check rear seats for occupants alert on Ford F-150?

I activate the system for everyday driving because it keeps me stress-free. You can enable this feature for the following advantages. 

Safety of children and pets

Many people activate the rear seat occupant alert on their Ford F-150 for its efficient sensors. Their ultrasonic characteristics make them efficient. 

They can identify minimum motion in the truck’s back seats while you deactivate the ignition. I enable this feature because it improves the safety of pets and children in the back seats of the truck.

You cannot leave children on them because the cabin temperature increases when you turn off the ignition. In addition, deactivated ignition turns off the air conditioner and heating equipment. 

It affects the children in the back seats of the truck cabin when the external temperature changes. Moreover, it is dangerous for pets because cold and hot temperatures can affect them.

The system notifies you when you forget the children on them. You can check the back of the cabin and remove the pets and children for their optimized safety from temperature effects. 

Alerts about occupied seat

The sensors of the rear seats occupant alert identify the mobility. The children and pets make movements when you turn off the ignition and close the doors of your pickup.

In such circumstances, the sensor inspects them and activates the warning horns and lights. In addition, the system monitors the closing and opening of the back doors.

It informs the system about the presence of travelers. However, the sensors identify passengers in the seat through the door motions. 

You can get a warning on the touchscreen when the truck ignition is on. Also, the feature provides a sound that warns the driver to inspect them.

I enable it because the feature provides a sound that alerts the driver to check them.

Ignition related response

Rear occupant alert is a safety system to notify drivers about forgotten young and old travelers in the back seats. However, the feature works with the ignition system of the pickup truck. 

You can turn off the ignition before leaving the truck. The system works, and ultrasonic sensors of the truck doors check the motion of the back seats. 

Then, it activates the warning indicators, which makes the driver attentive. However, a few people do not rely on this sensor-based warning system. 

However, I enable it while traveling to other cities. It reminds me to check the back seats before leaving the truck in the parking space. 

Why would you disable check rear seats for occupants alert on Ford F-150?

Many people disable this feature because it consumes their time. However, I deactivate it for the following reasons. 

Annoying for drivers

Many individuals disable the feature because it produces alerting sounds that annoy them. Attentive drivers never forget their children on the rear seats of the Ford F150. 

They do not require this system to warn them about cabin inspection. In such circumstances, they disable it through the truck settings. 

It stops the sounds and notifications. Furthermore, the system does not show visual or sound-based notifications. 

Sometimes, people stop their trucks at different destinations during long trips. They turn off the ignition, and the system warns the driver about the seat inspection. 

I disable it because its warning sounds and notifications annoy me at various stops.

Wrong sensor detection 

The rear seat occupants’ alert feature depends on the sensors installed in its doors. They can identify the opening and closing of the doors. 

Sometimes, travelers enter from the front doors, and the back doors remain closed. In such circumstances, the sensors of this feature cannot identify the presence of children and other travelers. 

A few people open the back doors to adjust the luggage on the rear seats. It activates when you turn off the ignition and warn you about inspecting the back seats when they lack occupants. 

It happens due to wrong detection patterns of the sensors. I prefer its deactivation because it does not alert when the rear doors remain closed. 

In such circumstances, the travelers sit from the front doors. It does not provide a warning which reduces safety.

Alone traveling

Many people drive their Ford F-150 without carrying children and other family members. Instead, they prefer alone traveling to distant places with multiple stops. 

In such circumstances, you can disable the rear occupant alert while the cabin has no other travelers. You can stop the pickup truck according to your needs. 

Also, you can turn off and on the ignition multiple times when the feature is off. I disable it because single traveling is my preference. 

The deactivated sensors do not provide warnings about checking the occupants.

Moreover, it makes the parking comfortable because you have no occupants on the rear side of the truck cabin, and the warning system is off. 

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