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Ford Escape Won’t Start After Getting Gas

Ford Escape Won’t Start After Getting Gas

Ford Escape is a famous SUV in America due to the presence of its luxury features. However, many people complain that sometimes they have full gas in their vehicle’s tanks, but they cannot start its engine.

Ford Escape won’t start after getting gas because of the low compression in the engine cylinders, opened purge valve, and inappropriate working of the key fob. The issue of poor acceleration will also occur due to dirty fuel filters and the problem with the spark plug. The faulty fuel pump and corroded terminals of the battery or dead battery will also cause a problem. The defective starter motor, damaged timing belts, and bad alternators will also cause an issue in starting the SUV.

It is necessary to check all of these problems when facing poor acceleration and loss of power while the tank is full of gas.

Why won’t Ford Escape start after getting gas?

It is challenging if your Ford Escape is not starting after adding gas. It is a problematic situation because people try repeatedly and put more effort into starting them.

Low compression

The compression ratio is necessary for the engine to produce energy from the given air-fuel mixture.

The high compression ratio is helpful for the movement of the crankshaft and camshaft for the production of energy.

When there is low compression in the engine’s cylinders, the crankshaft will not move properly and cannot produce energy.

Due to this issue, when you refill your SUV, it cannot start and cause rough idling. In addition, the low compression in cylinders can also increase the risk of misfiring and leads to poor acceleration.

The main reason for less compression in cylinders is the holes in the piston due to the excessive amount of heat in this compartment that can produce as a result of combustion.

The damaged valve springs and blown head gaskets will also cause a decrease in compression. The intake and exhaust valves are also more vulnerable to damage due to extreme heat.

Check the compression in the engine’s cylinders using a compression gauge. Before measuring this, you have to remove the ignition system and spark plug for your safety.

Dirty fuel filters

The fuel filters are an essential part of the fuel line for the safety of sensitive parts of the engines. In addition, these are helpful to remove the contaminants from the fuel.

They can filter the rust, dust, debris, and iron particles from the gas so they cannot cause any damage to the parts of the engines.

The fuel filters have a specific lifetime, after which you have to clean them and replace them with a new one for better working of the vehicle’s components.

Due to dirty fuel filters, you can face issues while starting the SUV, and it can also decrease the gas mileage.

In addition, you can also hear a loud noise coming from the fuel line, and fumes will also have a strong smell, which can irritate the drivers and passengers.

The dirty filters block the entry of gas towards the fuel injector so it can start the Ford Escape accurately without causing any issue.

When you are starting them repeatedly, it will cause ignition issues and poor acceleration. In addition, you cannot drive with bad or dirty fuel filters because it can cause stalling and wholly damage the other components.

It is better to clean or replace these filters every 100,000 miles to keep your vehicle in good condition.

Spark plug issues

A spark plug is also essential to provide the spark for ignition of the air-fuel mixture for the power supply. After getting gas, you cannot start your SUV with a damaged or faulty spark plug.

When the spark plugs cannot ignite the gas, the engine will not produce power, and you cannot drive your vehicle.

Most commonly, the spark plug is vulnerable to wear and tear; mainly, it’s a ceramic part, which can cause an issue in the ignition of the air-fuel mixture.

In addition, the fault in this part will also occur due to the accumulation of fuel and carbon residues on their surface, which can hinder their functioning.

Moreover, the problem will also come from dirty fuel injectors and driving at low speed for a longer time. The faulty spark plugs cause issues while starting the vehicle and affect the fuel economy and gas mileage.

Change the damaged spark plugs with the new ones for better acceleration.

Bad fuel pump

The fuel pump is helpful to transfer the gas from the tank to the carburetor or the fuel injector for its internal combustion.

The fuel pumps will become faulty due to dust, debris, and other impurities in the fuel, blocking this system.

In this situation, you have gas in the tank, but it cannot move towards the injectors for their proper combustion so it can produce energy.

The contamination in gasses mainly occurs when you refill your SUVs from the local service stations that have low-quality fuels.

When the gasses contain more water, the rate of contamination in the tanks will also increase.

The fuel pump also goes bad when you drive the Ford Escape with a low fuel level for a longer time.

This causes the contaminants and impurities to get stuck in this component and block their passage.

You can resolve this issue by refilling your vehicles from the recognized fuel stations that can use high-quality gas.

Moreover, you can also fill the gas timely by recognizing its level from the check engine light to reduce the contamination from the tanks.

Issue with battery

The batteries are an essential component in the vehicles to supply power to the different systems. Sometimes the batteries of the SUVs become faulty, and they cannot provide enough power to run the various components.

Many people complain that they have enough gas in the tanks, but they face the issue of rough idling and poor acceleration.

Most commonly, the loss of power supply will occur due to faulty dead batteries. The batteries become dead when you purchase the used vehicles, which have less longevity.

In addition, they also become out of function when you start your vehicle for a longer time, and the system can drain more power from the battery source.

The issues with wires and the presence of corrosion on its terminals will also cause the failure of the battery. You can resolve this issue by preventing the presence of rust on their terminals.

It is also better to purchase new batteries when they become faulty to reduce the risk of damage.

Faulty alternator

Alternators are the part of the electrical system that helps charge the battery and supply energy for the appropriate working of engines.

They are helpful to charge the battery, and when they become faulty, they cannot charge the battery while the engine is running.

The less charging to the battery will interrupt the starting of the vehicles after refilling gas. Also, the alternators become faulty as they become old.

Moreover, premature damage will also occur due to fluid leakage on this part. The leakage of the power steering fluid can also disturb its function, and it cannot work accurately.

You can increase their life by properly lubricating them, and it will also decrease the risk of wear and tear.

Failure of the starter motor

The starter motor is a small electrical device that works with a pinion, and it is helpful to rotate the engine’s internal combustion for the production of energy.

When you ignite your SUVs, this energy will help to start your vehicle by providing good acceleration.

When the starter motors become faulty, you cannot start your Ford Escape despite the presence of gas in the tank.

The issue in these motors can occur due to damaged pinion gear and freewheel.

In addition, they also stop performing their function due to problems with the switch and other electrical components of the motor.

Check the switches and electrical connections of the starter motor that they are working adequately.

Damaged timing belts

The timing belts are the essential components of the engine compartment, and they connect the crankshaft with the camshaft.

The main function of these belts is to ensure that the camshaft and crankshaft are moving simultaneously.

The damage to the belts can occur due to overheating in the engine compartment. These belts are made up of plastic material; they have less strength against heat.

When the problem occurs in this belt, the crankshaft will spin at more speed, and the camshaft is not running, which can cause an issue.

In this situation, you cannot start the SUV regardless of the gas present in the tank.

The average life of these timing belts is abo 8 to 10 years, and you have to replace them after this time, irrespective of the mileage.

Wheel locks issue

The anti-theft security feature in which the steering wheel becomes locked, and Ford escape cannot move adequately.

Furthermore, the wheels cannot move forward when your steering wheel is locked. You can resolve this issue by getting out of the vehicle from this anti-theft mode before driving.

Inappropriate filling of the tank

The inappropriate filling of the tank will also cause an issue in starting after refilling of gas. Many people complain that when they fill their gas tank, it can cause a problem.

Suppose if the tank has a capacity of 45 liters and you are filling 45-liter gas in them, it will cause ignition issues.

Sometimes the low level of gas will also cause a problem in acceleration. You can resolve this issue by filling the gas of 38-40 liters in the tank with a capacity of 45 liters.

Faulty purge valve

The purge valve is the main component of the vehicle’s evaporation system that helps to control the emissions coming from the SUVs.

This valve ensures that the engine vacuum takes gas through this evaporating system.

The problem will occur when this purge valve remains open and supplies the gas continuously. The continuous supply will flood the engine, and it cannot work adequately.

In this situation, the Ford Escape has enough gas, but it cannot start due to a fault in the purge valve. The only solution to resolve this problem is to exchange the purge valve and replace it with a new one.

Key fob not working

Key fobs are the modern system that is beneficial for starting the vehicles. The key fobs contain a battery for their proper functioning.

When the battery present in this key fob becomes dead, they cannot help start the SUVs. Therefore, it is a modern addition to start the vehicles.

You can only fix this problem by changing the key fob’s battery so it can help open and close the Ford Escape.

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