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GMC Doors Locking and Unlocking While Driving

GMC Doors Locking and Unlocking While Driving

Sometimes the door lock system of the GMC does not work correctly and opens itself when you are driving. Many people complain that it only happens when you drive the truck at a fast speed on uneven roads.

GMC Doors Locking and Unlocking While Driving is due to low battery levels, damaged ignition switch, faulty key fob, melting of wires, and issue with the door lock. You can solve this issue by replacing the key fob and actuator or taking your truck to the workshop for repair.

It is necessary to lock the door of the GMC because it provides safety and lowers the chance of accidents.

Moreover, it also reduces the chances of vehicle theft and maintains your privacy throughout your journey.

Why does GMC door locks and unlocks while driving?

Many people face the door unlocking issue of GMC when they go on a long tour with family.

Here are a few reasons for the truck’s faulty door lock system that makes you feel uncomfortable while driving.

Low battery

The manufacturer connects the GMC lock system to the battery. It supplies the power through the wires but sometimes the battery dead because of excessive use.

Sometimes you turn on the lights and forget to turn them off when you park the truck in the garage in the evening. It uses the power from the battery all night and reduces its level.

Hence the low battery does not allow the door lock to work properly. It will not get sufficient power to manage the locking and unlocking mechanism of the door on time.

The faulty connection of the wires with the battery also causes a hindrance in the flow of charges.

The leakage of the electrolytes also lowers the battery level, and the door of the truck lock and unlocks on its own.

Button stuck

There is a button on the truck door that transmits the signals when you push it.

The radio waves take the message to the receiver unit of the GMC pickup.

The button is stuck in the lock position, and the door remains close for a longer time.

Many people go on a picnic for enjoyment with their children, but they start playing with the lock button.

The children push the door lock buttons again and again for fun. The button will stick either in the locking or unlocking position, and you will face the problem.

Moreover, it breaks the signal transmission connection between the receivers on the truck’s door to the button. Hence it will open and close without pressing the button.

Problem with the ignition switch

Add key in the ignition starts the engine and ultimately alerts each vehicle system to activate by transferring the electrical system.

Sometimes it does not start when you place the key in the ignition switch. You cannot move the key in the faulty ignition switch to start your GMC truck.

The fault in the ignition switch sometimes does not accepts the same key and ultimately disturbs the lock system of the door.

In addition, the engine will stop after a while if it starts through the damaged ignition switch.

Furthermore, the battery will not get the signals to transmit the charges to the door lock. 

Melting of insulation

The manufacturer insulates each truck wire to protect it from excessive heat. There are a few thin wires present through the battery to the door.

These wires are the means of transmitting electrical charges to the door to perform its function. When there is a load on the battery, it emits heat that affects its functioning.

The wires around the battery and conduction system bear this heat. First, the insulation of the wires comes in contact with heat, and its melting starts.

The melted insulation of the wires of the lock system causes it o lock and unlock during driving because of loss of charges.

Wiring issue

The wiring issues disturb the locking and unlocking pattern of the vehicle door. In addition, when the insulation of the wires melts, the heat will soften the wires.

If the heat remains inside for a longer time, it breaks the wires. Sometimes the electric charges coming from the battery leak and spark occur.

The lock will not get the power to automatically open and close. 

In this way, it locks and unlocks without pressing any button or key. Sometimes the use of low-quality wires also causes the lock system issue.

Accumulation of moisture

People live in different areas while having the same GMC truck for traveling. In addition, the weather is also different, so they modify their truck according to the need.

There is mostly rain in some areas, which affects your vehicle performance. For example, it can damage the lock on the pickup when you drive your truck in the rain.

Many people company the faulty lock system, especially in the rain as the water comes inside through the windows. It happens when the window seal is slightly away from the door.

When the moisture remains there for a longer time, the chances of rust increase. Therefore, driving in the rainy season with a faulty or rusty lock is dangerous.

Faulty key fob

Hold the key fob in your hand or put it in your pocket. The key fob has a button, and it runs on the battery for the locking purpose of the door.

The key fob sends the low-frequency waves; the receiver receives the signals and performs its function.

Sometimes you go outside from the truck and lock the door by pressing the button on the key fob.

It locks, but it does not close properly due to the low battery of the key fob.

In this way, when you sit in the vehicle and close it using a malfunctioning key fob, it does not close properly.

Blown fuse and Faulty door sensors

The manufacturer connects the power lock system of the GMC to the electrical system to get the power for various gadgets and lights.

The electrical system has fuses to protect the vehicle from short circuits damage. When there is any problem in the flow of electrical charges, the fuse blows away.

The power lock will not get the electrical signals to lock and unlock the door. 

The sensors receive the waves from the button and key fob to lock and unlock.

Sometimes the sensor becomes weak or damaged after an accident. It will work automatically without receiving any signals.

Door lock Actuator issue

The actuator is a small device consisting of gear, an electrical motor, and wires to connect with the truck’s electrical system.

It is present inside the door and works when you press the key on the key fob.

In addition, the actuator starts working when you rotate the key in the door switch, pressing the button on the dashboard.

Many drivers use the driver-side button for locking and unlocking all the doors.

You can also lock it by pulling a knob inside the door. The gears of the actuator provide a firm grip and it remains close.

When the actuator’s motor burns, is damaged, and jams, it does not provide a grip. It will open automatically after locking due to the faulty actuator.

Dust and dryness

The dust gathers in the door switch where you insert the key and rotate it to open or close the door. If you do not clean it on time, there will be a thick layer of dust.

The dust will not allow the key to go inside the switch and lock the door. Furthermore, many people close it by applying pressure, but it will open during driving.

In addition, a small motor of the actuator will jam when there is a deficiency of lubricants which ultimately causes an issue.

How to fix GMC door locking and unlocking the door when driving?

You can fix the faulty door lock issue in your GMC truck by checking the battery connections and levels of electrolytes.

Moreover, you can call a mechanic to fix the stuck button so that the door will open and close easily.

It is better to charge the key fob battery or replace it with the new one. 

You can rotate the key slightly and repeat this 2 to 3 times. Then, apply the lubricants to the dry parts and switch on the door for proper functioning.

After the possible solutions, it is better to take your vehicle to the workshop for repair.

You can also replace the malfunctioning lock with an efficient door lock.

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