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Ford F-150 Rain Sensing Wipers Not Working

Ford F-150 Rain Sensing Wipers Not Working

Ford F-150 windshields contain sensors near the rear-view side mirror to detect the presence of raindrops and snow on the glass material and activate the wipers. It sends infrared radiations that detect the presence of water and deflect back to activate the system.

Ford F-150 rain sensing wipers do not work because of tinted windshields, windshield replacement, damaged motors, use of rain-repellent liquids, chipping or cracking, and faulty wirings. Moreover, the issue comes from the corroded switch, dirty glass, and poor sensor attachment.

It is a safety feature and decreases distractions during driving because drivers do not have to activate the wipers repeatedly. In addition, it also adjusts the speed and frequency of the wipers according to the rain conditions.

Ford F150 rain sensing wipers problems Solutions
Tinted windshields Use sun visor instead of tints
Windshield replacement Calibration or use a windshield spacer
The damaged motor of the wipers Replace windshield wiper electric motor
Use of rain-repellent liquids Avoid these liquids or apply a thin layer
Presence of cracks Use a magnifying glass to check cracks
Faulty wirings of the sensor to module Replace broken wires
Corroded wiper control switch Use an electric cleaner to remove rust from the switch
Stained and dirty glass material Clean with glass cleaners and alcohol swabs
Poor attachment of the sensor Fasten the sensor at their place

Tinted windshields

Many people complain that windshield wipers in their trucks stopped functioning during the rainy season, and water droplets on the mirror decrease the visibility on the road.

Moreover, these also start activating unevenly after detecting objects other than water and snow. People add tints on the front windscreen to decrease direct exposure to UV radiation and sun heat during summers.

The light tints cannot obstruct these sensors, and they work fine. The issue comes when you use darker black tints on glass material.

These do not recognize the water droplets and cannot emit infrared radiation. You can decrease sunlight exposure by using a vehicle’s sun visor during driving. Use lighter tints instead of darker ones on your windows and windscreens. Then try to enable these, and they will work.

Windshield replacement 

I replaced the windshield in my Ford F-150, but suddenly, the wipers stopped functioning. The issue comes because I forgot to calibrate the sensors.

Many people complain that they face problems after calibrating the sensors. The issue comes from the crack in the new windscreen due to poor manufacturing.

In addition, you can also face problems after replacement if the new windscreens are not of the same size and dimensions as the older ones.

Calibrate the sensors after replacing the screens and ensure no cracks in the glass material. Install the windshield spacer if these are not the correct size to fill the gap between the sensor and allow their proper functioning.

The damaged motor of the wipers

Automatic windshield wiper contains the motor for their regular movement. The damaged or dead motor restricts their movement, and you cannot clear the screen during rainy weather.

Motors can wear out because of their excessive use and frequent trips in hilly areas. In addition, it is necessary to clear the front mirror more frequently in these areas because of the weather conditions.

Constant use increases the risk of their components wearing out early. These contain two metal brushes that move in the opposite direction.

Frequent riding in the rainy and snowy season puts extra load on these metal brushes, which are more at risk of failure. Replace the windshield wiper motors for their correct functioning and water removal from the glass material.

Use of rain-repellent liquids

Many people use rain-repellent liquid on windscreens to disperse the water droplets naturally from the glass material. These contain the ingredients which make them hydrophobic to repel water.

In addition, it also seals the light pores in the glass material and prevents water droplets accumulation. Sometimes the wiper sensors stop functioning or activate the blades unevenly because of the application of the repellent liquid.

A thin coating of these liquids does not allow the infrared rays to reflect and send signals. I did not ever coat my truck windscreen with these repellent sprays ever because these leave the foggy coat when applying the thick layer.

Avoid their application on the front glass screen because it interrupts the functioning of rain-sensing sensors.

Presence of cracks

Cracks and chipping of the windshield are common because of their exposed surface. In addition, hard stones from the road during off-roading can hit the glass material and produce non-visible cracks.

The issue also comes when the front side of your truck collides with other vehicles on the road. Moreover, you can also face this after hitting potholes, curb surfaces, and road hurdles.

Glass material directly absorbs the impact during front-side collisions. Therefore, the infrared radiation cannot deflect back and activate the wipers if there is any crack in the windscreens.

Use the magnifying glass to examine the chipping and cracking of glass material. You can fix the cracks if these are smaller and replace the complete glass mirror for larger cracks.

Faulty wirings of the sensor to module

The wires are connected from the sensor to the module to send signals for the activation of windshield wipers through electric motors.

Sometimes these wires become faulty and cannot send signals to the control module for their functioning. The issue comes from the broken wires connecting the sensors and control module.

You can use the tester device to check the voltage in these wires. Replace the wires if the lights on the tester devices do not illuminate. Check the ground wires of the Ford F-150 and ensure that they are not corroded and broken.

Corroded wiper control switch

The wiper control switch is near the steering wheel to activate the automatic function. Rain-sensing wipers stop functioning when you forget to activate the system.

The blades do not function in the rainy season when the control switch is off. Moreover, the issue also occurs because of a corroded control switch.

These switches’ fault comes from their frequent use according to outside weather. Ensure that the control switch on the steering side is turned on before driving.

Turn off the ignition, disconnect the battery terminal, and use an electric cleaner to remove switch corrosion.

Dirty glass material

The stains and dirt on glass materials lead to uneven and restricted functioning of windshield wipers. In addition, infrared radiation cannot deflect back because of the obstructive material.

Stains of different liquid and solid materials come on them accidentally or while eating food. For example, you can see tea, coffee, liquid drinks, and tobacco stains on them.

Moreover, the staining issue also comes from insect residences and bird droppings. Dust, mud drops, and oil film also accumulate on the glass material when you do not clean them regularly.

Use a soft cloth and glass cleaners to make them clean and remove stains. I also use the alcohol swab to clean my windscreen and remove fingerprints from its surface.

Poor attachment of the sensor

Many people face the issue with rain sensing wipers on their Ford F-150 trucks because of poor attachments of the sensors. In addition, the connections of these devices become loose with their age, and these do not work well.

The loosely connected sensors cannot transmit the infrared radiation in the correct directions, and these do not deflect back because of the incorrect location.

It is necessary to locate them and check their attachment. You can find them near the rear-side mirror of your trucks and identify their functioning.

You can also face a problem when there is a crack in the glass material near the installation point. You can call the expert mechanic for their correct fixing.

Disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, fasten them at their proper position, and then reconnect the battery terminals to ensure their functioning.

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