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How to enable or disable easy entry and exit on Ford F-150?

How to enable or disable easy entry and exit on Ford F-150?

Many people enable the easy entry and exit feature of their Ford F150 for maximum comfort. However, I disable it when electrical faults interrupt its performance.

How to enable or disable easy entry and exit on Ford F-150? You can enable easy entry and exit by accessing settings on SYNC 4 infotainment, pushing the vehicle option, selecting easy entry and exit, and pushing the option ON for activation. Disable it by pressing the option Off on the screen.

You can disable or enable this automatic and advanced feature without assistance on your Ford F-150. I perform its activation and deactivation according to my driving distance.

How do you enable or disable easy entry and exit on Ford F-150?

The Ford trucks comprise easy entry and exit due to layout advancement. It is a technologically versatile feature that can move the driving seat backward. 

These models have enough space in the back row. However, it utilizes the truck module settings. As a result, its system has versatile functionality. 

It delivers different information to the communication module. For example, the module responds to the commands while you turn off the ignition system. 

I remove the key from the ignition for its fast response. It can move the driving seat up to 2 inches in the rear direction when you turn off the ignition and open the driver-side door.

The steering wheel moves in an upward position. You can leave the pickup truck and enter it through easy movements. 

You cannot manually increase the distance of the seat from the steering column because it disrupts the module and commands. 

It moves the seat automatically and alters its position to the previous setting when you turn on the ignition. I close the door of my Ford F-150 and activate the ignition to stabilize its position. 

However, you can enable or disable it through the infotainment system of the pickup truck. You can enable it on SYNC 4 by accessing the settings. Then, you can push an option vehicle.

Now, you can access the option of easy entry and push it to adjust the seat memory of your pickup truck. It moves rearwards when you turn off the ignition. 

It is an automatic function that regulates the positioning of the steering column. You can disable it by accessing the settings and vehicle options. 

Then, you can select the off option and deactivate it on SYNC 4. However, it does not function automatically. 

It remains in the specific position while you turn off the truck. The steering column does not move from the adjusted position. 

Why would you enable easy entry and exit on Ford F-150?

I enable this feature for quick exit and entry in my 2022 Ford F150. In addition, you can activate it for the following benefits. 

More space for exit

Many people activate this feature for fun. However, I enable this mode to get more room for leaving and entering the truck.

You can leave the truck while sitting on the seat.

You can move out and enter the truck quickly. In such circumstances, your head does not strike the truck roof.

You can move out and in because it goes backward, and the steering moves upward, and the space becomes enough. Therefore, it can protect from sudden injuries and wounds during exit and entry.

Comfortable posture

A few people stop their tuck at different destinations. They leave the vehicle and enter it repeatedly. They bend their backs when the truck does not comprise the automatic seat movement. 

The easy entry and exit feature prevents body fatigue and muscle pain. In addition, it can automatically push it backward with 2 inches inside the truck interior. 

The driver’s distance increases from the steering wheel. As a result, you can leave and enter the truck without bending your back. 

It is a comfortable posture for multiple intervals. It is an advanced mode with automatic performance. 

I activate it during regular driving conditions.

Activation of seat memory

It works through the truck module, and the seat memorizes its position according to the standard adjustment. 

It is one of the most versatile features available in the lightning variant of the 2022 Ford F150. Furthermore, you can find it in the 2023 Ford F150. 

This mode works with the seat memory feature. It memorizes the position and moves 5 centimeters rearward when you turn off the ignition on your pickup truck. 

I enable this feature to move it forward and backward without interruption. The steering wheel moves upward and downward when you close the door and switch on the ignition on the truck. 

Automatic seat adjustment

The adjustment of the driving seat is automatic when you activate this option on the truck. Therefore, it does not need manual movement. 

You can sit inside the truck and insert the ignition key in the control switch. Then, you can turn on the ignition to adjust it 2 inches forward. 

The steering wheel moves down. It becomes approachable, and you can handle and rotate it according to driving requirements. 

The steering column adjusts to its proper angle. It is an effortless and automatic procedure that takes a few seconds. 

Why would you disable easy entry and exit on Ford F-150?

Many individuals disable this feature on their Ford F-150 to stabilize the seat and steering wheel position. I deactivate it when the automatic system undergoes the following problems.

Wrong signal detection

A few people open the door of the driving side to put something when the ignition is off. The easy entry and exit feature automatically identifies the commands. 

It instantly pushes the seat in the rear direction. The steering wheel moves upward without delay. 

However, it is a false signal detection that frustrates the truck owner. You cannot push the seat back until you leave the truck and re-enter the interior. 

You can close the door again and turn on the built-in ignition. However, it is a time-consuming procedure and annoys the drivers. 

I deactivate it to avoid these wrong signal detections. 

 Broken fuses

This system malfunctions when the fuses fail. The system stops, and the seat memory feature malfunctions. 

It happens when the fuses lose their standard current delivering abilities. They do not stabilize and alter current break them. 

The fuse does not function when the motor fails. It can malfunction due to internal electrical problems. 

The feature loses performance when the fuses break. Therefore, I deactivate it to avoid fuse-related system failure. 

Requirement for reset

This feature relies on electrically circulating signals. The Ford F-150 module regulates its proper performance.

Sometimes, the feature activates and moves the seat to the rear position. However, it does not move the seat forward when you turn on the truck ignition. 

The faulty electric connection and low power supply cause this problem. The seat can move and stop in the middle. 

As a result, you cannot approach the steering wheel, which reduces driving comfort and efficiency. In such circumstances, I prefer its deactivation to take control. 

You can adjust the seat manually in a specific spot for better driving posture. However, you can change the seat position by reducing the pressure from the brake and clutch. 

You can activate the accessory current flow by pushing the button. Then, the seat moves forward, and you can start the pickup truck. 

Variable settings

The driving seat of the Ford F150 has a memory feature that works on electrically adjusted information. The seat loses the feature when the easy entry and exit settings return to default. 

It cannot recall the adjusted position and movement. However, you can deactivate the feature for its manual placement near the steering wheel. 

Also, you can reset it by sliding it in the rear position. You can push the rear button, and it can move forward with a bump. 

You can perform this procedure when the truck engine is off. However, you cannot utilize the feature when the seat module needs a proper reset.

I disable the feature to stop its automatic rear and forward movements. 

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