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Ford F150 Automatic Running Boards Not Working

Ford F150 Automatic Running Boards Not Working

Ford F150 comes with an automatic running board feature which is convenient for getting in and out of the truck. 

Ford F150 automatic running boards do not work due to a dead battery, rusting, disabled setting issues, accumulation of debris, poor maintenance, and cold weather. In addition, it also happens due to its damaged motor and when the motor is blocking the running board hinges.

It is better to clean them regularly and make a routine to check your Ford’s running boards weekly.

Rusting of automatic running boards

Rainy season and wet roads are not suitable for nuts and bolts because moisture can cause rusting, which causes the immobility of the automatic running boards. It is a clear sign that your Ford F150 needs regular maintenance to avoid such unfavorable conditions.

You can clean the rust off the bolts with the help of cleaning sprays like white lithium, freeze-off spray, PB nut blaster, and shop air.

You should spray PB nut blaster on all its pivot points and joints. Let it stay there for some time, and blow shop air onto pre-sprayed pivot joints and nuts after short intervals. It weakens the rust off the surface and makes it easy to remove.

Apply a coat of freeze-off spray 2 to 3 times after intervals of 5 to 10 minutes to wash off the rust on the nuts and bolts.

You can keep blowing pressurized air if there is still some rust left to clean. Then, use a microfiber brush to clean off the remaining rust from its surface. 

After that use white lithium grease on the joints and check if the problem is solved by opening and closing the door of your pickup. 

Disabled setting issues 

Sometimes Ford F150 owners mishandle the jack stand which can affect the efficiency of the running boards. 

You need to switch it off from the settings before placing the jack so that it cannot put pressure on them from beneath.

The excessive pressure can also damage the motor and cause a change in settings which causes some movement issues. Switch them off from the settings before placing the jack.

Moreover, Off, Out, and Auto are three options from which you can choose your suitable options suitable for you. 

Auto means the running boards will automatically deploy and retract on opening and closing the doors.

An ‘Off’ mode causes them to keep retracted all the time, and ‘Out’ means permanent deployment. 

Start your vehicle by inserting the keys in the ignition and turning on the Ford screen.

Click on the setting bar and choose advanced settings. Next, search for the vehicle bar to find the option for a power running board and click on Auto. 

Accumulation of dirt on running boards

Exposure of running boards to dust and dirt can cause the build-up of debris, making them stuck and sticky.  

My friend, who has a Ford F150 and lives on the salt belt, faces this problem frequently. Salt and snow trapped in the internal parts can cause unwanted noises.

Manually deploy the automatic running board using a hand and use a high-pressure water gun to wash off the soil and dirt from the surface of the board and scrub using a towel.

Use the silicone-based spray on the boards to lubricate the surface after washing them with water.

Apply this spray every few months to avoid the accumulation of debris. You need to regularly maintain your truck though it’s designed to move in road areas.

Low battery

Sometimes you experience a lack of movement in the automatic running boards when your Ford’s battery is running low or dead. You have to charge the battery to avoid the malfunctioning.  

You have to keep good quality jumper cables in your Ford F150 truck because jump starting provides a quick boost of power to the battery.

Attach one end of the cable to the positive terminal of the dead battery vehicle and the other to the negative terminal of the good battery vehicle. Attach the third cord to the metal that is nowhere near the dead battery

Now turn on the good battery vehicle and wait for 5 minutes, then try starting your truck. If your automobile is not turning on, give another 5 to 10 minutes to the charging. 

Damaged running board motor  

Worn-out motors can slow down the functioning of the running boards in the Ford F150. It can be damaged due to physical damage, corrosion, and overheating.

You have to make sure that its motor is working fine; otherwise, replace it with the functional one. 

The motor is the electrical component that is susceptible to mechanical damage. Make sure the hinges of your Ford are clean before you go for the replacement.

You can detect if the motor is damaged when you hear an unusual sound coming from it while opening and closing the doors. It is a clear sign that it is out of function, and you need a replacement.

Motor blocking the running board hinges

Sometimes the motor blocks the hinges of the Ford F150 running boards and causes a slower response to the opening and closing of the door. 

Cold temperature is not suitable for their movement as it makes them move slowly. They get stuck and stubborn in winter, and you have to push them back with your hand.

You need to remove the motor and move it away from the hinges, so that these can move faster without any hindrance.

A faulty module can also be one of the reasons for slowing down the automatic response of the board. It can be problematic if you leave the car doors open during the replacement of the battery. 

Repair or replace the module if you see the need because the module is the source of power for controlling them.

Poor maintenance of Ford F150

Although a vehicle like Ford F150 is manufactured for rough terrain, it needs regular care and maintenance.

You can face issues in the working of the vehicle due to irregularity in the weekly or monthly checking. 

It is essential to maintain the cleanliness of your Ford F150 truck if you want to add value to your Ford.

The cost of repairing or replacing parts related to the functioning of the boards can be very costly if not checked on time.

You have to look out for any dust or dirt stuck in the running board’s system after coming back from a long trip or driving through terrains.

Salt and cold winters are not a friendly environment for the boards, so try to keep them in a warm place in winter.

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