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Ford F150 Power Mirrors Not Working

Ford F150 Power Mirrors Not Working

Power mirrors are an essential feature in Ford F150 for looking outside without the need to turn your head. This feature gives you the benefit of safe driving and avoiding any mishaps.

Ford F150 power mirrors do not work due to a defective switch, blown fuse, fault in its motor, splitting in gear, cold weather, and loose mirror.

Almost every Ford owner faces these common issues, which are not difficult to fix. Try to avoid the practice of changing or adding new things to the vehicle yourself and consult the expert.

Blown fuse

A fuse is a small piece consisting of a wire which is placed in a box called a fuse box. It controls the functioning of the power side view mirrors. The wire inside the fuse can be broken, and you can detect the issue by looking at it. 

There are many reasons behind the blown fuses, such as placing the wrong fuse and the addition of new electronics.

Using the incorrect amperage for the fuse can make it blow or, if not blown, it can cause the failure of the functions controlled by it. 

The addition of the new electronics can draw too much power from the circuit of the fuse, and those can put too much load on it. It causes the flow of electricity to stray from the path dedicated to it.

Your Ford F150 has a manual with a diagram of the fuse panel to guide you about amperage and the location of the fuse boxes.

The manual is a map-like flow chart which makes it easier for the owner to read and understand the function of the fuses. 

Find the fuse for power mirrors and look if they are in their right compartment with the help of a manual.

Put them in their place if they are in a different box. It will fix the issue; otherwise, change it if the fuse is blown.

Defective power mirror switch 

The mirror switch is located on the driver’s side door or left side of the dashboard, which controls both power mirrors. Sometimes both or one side can stop working due to a defect in its switch. 

It can cause a lack in the movement of the mirrors when they move up or down but not left or right.

It can happen because of an electrical problem in the switch or the relay that gives the signal to the motor.

Corrosion can build up inside the electrical sites of the switch, and it can create an issue in the performance of the circuit. This happens when the mirror moves side to side but not up and down. 

You need to remove the door panel of your Ford F150 and look for the connector. The plugin can be loose, so you have to wiggle it a bit and plug it back in to test the movement of the mirror.

Visit your Ford mechanic for a detailed checkup of your vehicle if you see these symptoms in your Ford because he can replace it as switches are not repairable.

Faulty motor

The fault in the motor can be detected if you hear the unusual sound of it running and your mirror is stuck in one position. This noise is your sign to know that the motor needs to get checked.

You need to check the motor circuit’s wires located in the connector. It operates with the help of ground (negative) and power (positive) wires. You can easily check the issue with the help of a test light.

Take the test light, place a paper clip into the blue and green wire, and turn on the switch to see if the light is on.

Now check if the Ford F150 power mirror moves or not upon turning on the light, but if it does not, the motor is faulty and needs to get replaced.

Cold climate 

The performance of the power mirrors can be affected because of the extreme cold and snowy weather. Rainy winters can cause the water to get in the mechanism and freeze it, which causes it to move slower. 

Moreover, you can hear the sound of ice cracking when you try folding the mirror manually, which can cause an issue in the warning system of blind spots.

Avoid parking your Ford under the open sky because direct exposure to rain and snow can cause malfunctioning in the power mirrors system. Park in the garages or under a roof to avoid this issue.

You can fully cover them up to the neck with a plastic bag because it will provide heat and protect the mirrors of your Ford F150 from freezing.

Gear split 

The motor consists of four types of gears which can get cracked and cause the non-functioning of the power mirrors. You need to open the mirror’s body and look for tiny wheel-like gears. 

There are two plastic and two metal gears, which move with the help of each other, so if one gear wheel is cracked, it causes the others to stop. Usually, the plastic gears split because one of them is directly attached to the motor. 

The second plastic gear can be fixed with the help of epoxy resin if it is cracked. You better separate it from the metal spindle joined to it. 

Wash it and use super glue with epoxy resin to fix the crack to secure the spindle back. Dry it and remove the excess glue because it can cause trouble in the movement of the gear.

Loose mirror

You can face the loosening of the mirrors if you try folding them manually because they can stop working when you try to bring them back to their position. 

They can get loose if you accidentally hit them with any object while driving. For example, you hear a vibrating sound and notice that the mirror is not in its correct position.

You need to open and close the mirrors of your Ford F150 with the help of a switch and keep repeating this. It contains a clutching system that protects the motor from damage by locking itself.

You can hear a snapping sound which indicates that the clutch is locked and the loose mirror is fixed.

You need replacement if the issue still exists after that. The cost of their replacement is approximately between $155 to $320. 

You need to regularly clean the screws of the mirrors because dust can accumulate and cause them to get loose. You can tighten them with the help of a screwdriver if they are loose.

You can change the side mirror by removing the trim panel and four fasteners with the help of a rachet and a 10-millimeter socket. Then, pull it out from the outside with a thump of the hand and replace it with the new one.

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