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Ford F150 Cooled Seats Not Working

Ford F150 Cooled Seats Not Working

The cooled seats in the Fords F150 are introduced because, unlike air conditioners, these seats require less fuel. In addition, it makes it easier for you to go on road trips without losing much fuel with the help of perforated seats with upholstery.

Ford F150 cooled seats do not work due to a faulty Peltier unit, defective fuse, burned connector, bad motor, and dirty fan filters. These issues can give you a hard time in the summer if they are not fixed timely.

The cooled seats work with the help of multiple fans blowing and circulating cool air. It prevents you from the stains of sweat you can get on the back of your shirt. 

Faulty Peltier unit

The Peltier unit, also called the thermal control module, is the main component that works behind the cooling and heating of seats. Peltier units are in the front seats of the Ford F150, through which current passes to create the cooling effect.

You can face the non-working of this effect when the Peltier unit is not providing cooling. It’s a small square piece with two wires at its corners through which it gives voltage with the help of current.

When you experience that cooled seats are not working, check for this unit first with the help of a multimeter.

Connect the two pins of the multimeter’s wires to Peltier’s wires, and if it is showing higher resistance, then there is a possibility that it is failed.

You can also check the resistance of the new and the old unit to compare them because the difference can help you sort it out. You can replace it with the new one with the help of tools such as a T20 Torx driver and a flathead screwdriver.

Move the seat forward and open its back to get better access to the inside of it. You can see the Peltier in the middle right of the back of the seat. Pick the T20 driver and unscrew the unit secured by 3 Torx screws.

Now replace it with the other seat’s unit to confirm that the one you are checking for failure is faulty, and you need to replace it with the new unit, and the cooled seat of your Ford F150 is fixed.

Dirty fan filter

The fan which blows the air in the cooled seats is covered with a filter net. It needs care and cleaning like other components of your Ford F150. 

The dirt trapped in this filter hinders the blowing of the fan, which is circulating air into the seats. This can make the situation even worse because the system can be affected by overwork.

You better check the filter in the back of the seat of the 

Ford to see if the dirt is causing the issue. Clean the filter when you spot the dirty filter and attach it back to the fan.

Burned Connector

The connector is a device used to connect all the electrical wires of a system which helps to close and open a circuit. Its function is to reliably supply power from the battery to its specific system to maintain it.

It needs to be of good quality for the vehicles like Ford F150 because this automobile is designed to ride on rough roads.

The quality of connectors ensures the safety of electrical features, wirings, and protection from high temperatures, moisture, and dirt.

You can experience low speed in the functioning of cooled seats because of the damaged connector.

Check it as soon as possible because if it is damaged and it keeps working, then the wires through which the current passes can accelerate more heat to it, and as a result, it burns.

Replace the connector with the new one and make sure it is of good quality made of thermoplastics and lightweight metals. You can replace it with the help of a wire stripper and crimper.

You need to remove the burned connector from the harness and attach the new one in its place.

Cut the wires of the new connector according to the length of the wiring harness and strip the outer covering of the wires.

Attach the two sets of wires by twisting them and covering them with the weatherproof insulated wire connector.

Crimp the insulated wire connector and heat it with the help of the lighter to attach it to the wires. Let it cool, and join the wiring harness with the help of electrical tape.

Defective Fuse

Fuse plays an essential role in the operation of the electrical features of the vehicle. It is specific for every component installed in the Ford. Overheating and heavy load can cause it to be defective, which stops the working of some gadgets.

You better check the fuse when you experience trouble in working of cooled seats of your Ford F150. Open the fuse box located under the dashboard or inside the bumper attached to the battery.

Check by inspecting the fuses with your eyes and see the signs of broken filament wrapped in plastic. 

The broken filament is the obvious sign of a defective fuse, and you need to replace it. The other way of checking the fuse is with the help of a test light which is a tool to detect electrical problems in the vehicle.

Join one of the clips to the negative and the other to the positive terminals of the battery. Put the pointy tip of the tool on the fuse and see if the light turns on. Replace the fuse when you fail to see any signs of light.

Bad Motor

Ford F150 cooled seats consist of a motor that helps in the functioning of the fan. It is located inside the seat and on the backrest.

It starts to malfunction when you put stuff under the seats, which blocks the air, and the space is occupied.

In this case, you hear the motor making some loud vibrating sound. It can take too much amperage and create other issues.

This noise is your sign to know that the motor has gone bad and your Ford F150 needs a visit to your vehicle mechanic. He will replace it for you because the process of changing a motor is difficult to do yourself.

The process needs to remove the whole seat from the vehicle and put it upside down.

The back of the seat needs to be removed for a better view of the machinery inside. It is better to be replaced by an expert technician to avoid problems in the future.

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