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How to Reset Jeep Cherokee Computer?

How to Reset Jeep Cherokee Computer?

The power train control module is the computer of the Jeep Cherokee, which can regulate the performance of different parts. It digitally monitors the emission of toxic gases and identifies codes due to transmission problems.

How to Reset Jeep Cherokee Computer? You can reset the Jeep Cherokee computer by unplugging the negative terminal of the battery and turning On and Off its headlights 2 to 3 times. For the 2014 to 2016 models, ground the negative terminal with a positive cord, unplug the negative terminal, push the brakes and reset the ECU.

With the reset procedures, you can stabilize the ECU at the factory settings of the SUV. In addition, reprogramming can remove the long-term stored information from the ECU.

What is the method to reset the Jeep Cherokee computer?

The computer of the Jeep Cherokee is the power train control module that monitors the standard efficiency of the engine, emission unit, and fuel system. Due to malfunctioning signals, it triggers a warning indication on the display screen.

On the instrument panel, you can assess a check light that indicates instant reset and repair. It is a controlled fuel injection system, and you can access it on the passenger side of the firewall. 

You can reset the control module of your Jeep Cherokee by the following methods. Sit inside the passenger cabin of your SUV and turn off the electronic amenities.

Cut off the power supply of the air conditioning, infotainment gadgets, and headlights. Open the hood compartment and approach the battery of your Jeep Cherokee.

Hold the negative terminals and pull them outward to remove them from the connector. A few connectors have layers of corrosion, and you cannot disconnect the terminals with manual force.

Adjust a correctly sized socket or wrench on the fitting points. Rotate them, loosen the fittings and detach the terminal. Leave the terminal unplugged for around 6 to 9 minutes.

Turn on the current supply of headlights. Keep them on for around 2 to 5 seconds, and turn them off. 

Repeat the activity 2 to 3 times and drain the stored codes and errors. Drain the stored power and stabilize its performance.

Reconnect the negative terminal in the selective connector and reset the information. For the models of 2014 to 2016, you can disconnect the battery by removing the positive terminal.

Establish a ground connection between the positive and negative cords. Maintain the connection between the terminals for around 25 to 29 seconds. 

The connection can remove the electric charge from the capacitors. You can reassemble the positive terminal with the battery of the Jeep Cherokee.

Turn on the ignition with a key and supply the power to the headlights. You can utilize another technique to reset the power train control module.

Unplug the negative cord of the battery. Push down the brakes for 4 to 5 seconds.

With these activities, you can reprogram the ECU of your SUV within 10 seconds. For the next 48 to 49 warm-ups, the system can read new codes and information.

Why would you reset the Jeep Cherokee computer?

You cannot drive a Jeep Cherokee with a malfunctioning computer system. Due to the following reasons, reprogram the PCM of your SUV. 

Optimize the performance of the computer

The optimal performance of the PCM is essential to regulate the standard efficiency of the engine, transmission, and suspension of the Jeep Cherokee. Excessive internal corrosion and loose cords lead to a malfunctioning power train control module.

The problem originates due to electrical surges and worst circuit performance. However, you can repair broken parts through soldering techniques.

For high voltage problems, reset the information of the ECU and stabilize the empowered equipment. 

Removal of stored errors

The errors and check engine lights indicate the problems with the power system. In addition, you can use onboard scanners to diagnose and remove errors.

The multiple and random codes on the OBD II scanner indicate the problems of the PCM. To remove the faults, check the module and reset the stored data.

The procedure is less time-consuming due to its moderate complexity. It takes 10 to 15 minutes, and you can take professional help for the reprogramming. 

Presence of a check engine light

PCM monitors the combustion activities of the engine and can identify the incorrect mixing of fuel with air. Due to incorrect combustions, the fuel efficiency decreases.

It happens due to a faulty PCM or malfunctioning electric control unit. As a result, the SUV sags and becomes sluggish at different accelerations.

It reduces the efficiency of the Jeep Cherokee and requires a reset. Additionally, a check engine light appears due to a malfunctioning module, indicating false information.

Check the O2 sensors and their stable performance. Reset the computer and remove the warning light.

Inadequate Voltage

The over or underflow of the electric current affects the computer’s efficiency and its electric circuit. As a result, it causes PCM failure, which requires an immediate reset to monitor different components.

A broken solenoid and faulty actuator reduce the performance of the ECU. However, you can replace the faulty solenoids.

But, reset the module before replacements and check the performance of fuel injectors, electrical cords, and conductivity of engine components. 

Visually inspect the wiring harness and ensure its performance with a multimeter. Use compatible starters for PCM and remove the incorrect codes from the system. 

Malfunctioning transmission system

The computer of the SUV control and regulate the automatic transmissions. With a malfunctioning ECU, the SUV cannot work smoothly. 

The steering wheel becomes uncontrollable, and the wheels move in one corner. You cannot resolve this problem by changing the transmission fluid of your SUV. 

Readjust the settings of your built-in module to the level of factory settings. 

Moisture problems

Moisture penetration inside the digital system is dangerous because it causes corrosion of cords. In addition, it leads to short circuits and voltage surges.

It causes permanent damage to electronic amenities. In addition, moisture accumulation on the magnetic parts can cause failure.

The internal vibrations and malfunctioning sensors affect the PCM efficiency. It happens when you drive the SUV on uneven terrains and off-road. 

Due to a sudden failure, you cannot repair the broken parts. Use the quickest resetting technique and protect the SUV from permanent system failure. 

How often should you reset the Jeep Cherokee computer?

It depends on the performance of the power train module and the ECU stability. The duration varies according to the internal fault of the computer system. 

It depends on the type of roads and driving skills of a person. For example, the Jeep Cherokee and its digital equipment require a reset after around 19000 to 19800 miles. 

But, you can readjust the settings due to the presence of false codes, check engine lights, and internal faults of transmission. You can perform it when the engine stalls and a warning appears on the display screen. 

How much does it cost to reset a Jeep Cherokee computer?

A professional mechanic can charge you around $156 to $299 to reset the computer of your Jeep Cherokee. It is only the reprogramming charges of your electric control unit.

The charges vary according to the type of dealership and policies of a workshop. Moreover, it changes according to the state policies of the workshops. 

The procedure cost is negligible with DIY methods because it does not involve tools. During the reprogramming procedures, a few people repair and replace their malfunctioning components.

The procedure cost depends on the prices of replacement gadgets and the complexity of their installation methods.

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