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Ford F150 Intelligent Access Not Working

Ford F150 Intelligent Access Not Working

Ford F150 uses an intelligent access key system to lock your doors and trunk without using the key. The advanced feature communicates with your truck via low-frequency radio signals. You can lock and unlock the doors when your key is in your pocket or wallet.

Ford F150 intelligent access does not work because of moisture on doors, changed key fob battery, incorrect use, and faulty tailgate switch button. In addition, it is due to dirty door sensors, metal and electric interference, dead key fob batteries, and climate change.

intelligent access is a convenient feature in Ford F150 trucks, and you can also turn the ignition and engine on and off without touching the key fob.

Problems Solutions
Moisture on door sensors Wipe off the water with a clean and dry cloth
Changed key fob battery Reprogram key fob after battery replacement
Incorrect use Maintain a distance of 3 feet and press the sensor for about 30 seconds
Faulty tailgate switch Avoid operating them frequently
Dirty door sensors Remove the dust from sensors with soft tissue paper
Metal and electrical interference Take out the keys and mobile phones from your pocket
Dead batteries of the key fob Replace key fob batteries
Climate changes Intelligent access key works when the weather becomes fine

Moisture on door sensors

Intelligent access key sensors are located outside the Ford F150 doors, and you can touch them for locking purposes. Press them for at least 25 to 30 seconds, and you can hear the clicking sound, representing the door locking.

You can identify the outside sensors from their appearance and location. You can see them on the door handle in the form of and ridge and square-shaped box.

You need to press them for a few seconds for locking purposes. Many people complain that they cannot lock the driver or passenger side doors after pressing these sensors.

The issue comes when you park your truck outside in rainy weather. The rainwater comes on these small devices, which cannot recognize correctly.

Moisture presence interrupts their functioning and creates the layer between these sensors and your fingers. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them moisture-free for their correct functioning and use.

Park your vehicles inside during rainy and snowy weather so moisture does not come on them.

After washing my Ford F150 truck, I faced the same issue: I forgot to clean the door handles with a dry cloth to remove moisture from the sensors.

Changed key fob battery

Ford F150 model equipped with this advanced feature contains the intelligent access key instead of simple key fobs. It functions similarly to the conventional key fob but has some advanced features.

These also contain small coins like batteries that power the keys, and they emit radio waves to communicate with a computerized system of your vehicle.

Sometimes the keys are in your pocket, and you stand nearby your vehicle but cannot lock the doors. As a result, you cannot hear the clicking sound after pressing the ridges and square sensors on the door handle.

The issue comes because of the key fob battery replacement. The new key is not programmed into the system, and it causes poor detection.

You need to reprogram your key in the setting menu after replacing their batteries.

Incorrect use

The sensors are sensitive devices instead of button switches that are mounted inside. For example, lock and unlock buttons are located inside the door panel of your Ford F150 truck, and you can press them while coming out for latching and unlatching purpose.

You need special care while using these sensors because you cannot lock the doors when you do not use them correctly. Many people are in a hurry and cannot press them for their recommended time and complain about faulty devices.

The issue comes when you quickly move your fingers back, and these do not correctly recognize the presence of objects.

In addition, the issue also comes when you do not know about their correct location and touch the door handles from different sides.

These do not function when the intelligent key is 3 feet from your Ford truck. Keep your hands on sensors for at least 30 seconds for proper recognition and door locking. Touch the ridges and black square-shaped box instead of moving your hands on different sides.

Faulty tailgate switch

The intelligent access feature allows you to unlock your truck’s tailgate without using key fob buttons. These are equipped with small switch buttons that communicate the system for unlocking.

The small button is located below the license plate of your Ford F150. Press the button to open the trunk and place your luggage and grocery bags in them.

The convenient feature does not work when these buttons become faulty. For example, the buttons become faulty when you press them frequently to place your luggage.

The rear side accidental collision with other vehicles also affects the functioning of the button. You can protect these buttons by operating them carefully and avoiding opening them frequently.

Dirty door sensors

The sensors cannot recognize the touch system when dust and dirt are present on them. Moreover, these do not respond and produce click sound when you touch them with dirty and

I pressed the sensor after coming from the restaurant but could not lock my Ford F150 driver-side door. The issue is that I forgot to wash my hands and touched them with greasy fingers after eating.

These do not show any response when you have greasy and dirty hands. However, the issue also comes when dirt comes on their surface because of poor cleaning.

Many people do not add cover on their trucks while storing them for weeks which causes dust to come on every part. You can clean them with tissue paper and remove dust from the surface of the sensors.

Metal and electrical interference

The key fob cannot transmit the radio waves correctly because of mechanical and electric interferences near these devices.

Metal and electronic equipment also emit low-frequency waves which cause an interruption in the transmission of radio waves to the receiver of the Ford F150.

Metal interference occurs when your home and room keys are in your pocket. In addition, the issue also comes because of your air pods and mobile phones. Remove the keys and mobile phones from your pockets to reduce the interference near the key fobs.

Dead batteries of the key fob 

The key fob transmits the signals to the vehicle’s receiver, allowing you to open the doors and turn on the ignition by pressing the brake pedal and engine start and stop buttons.

You cannot use any feature of intelligent access when key fob batteries are dead. The dead and weak key fob batteries cause an interruption in signal transmission because of a loss of power.

The key fob batteries do not last forever, and you have to replace them when these cause interruptions during locking and locking.

The key fob batteries become dead because of their frequent use and age. You can use the key blade mounted inside the intelligent access key to unlock the doors when the batteries die completely.

Climate changes

Ford F150 intelligent access system uses radio frequency signals to communicate with a computerized system of your trucks. These cannot transmit the signals because of rainy and stormy weather.

You cannot lock and unlock the doors and trunks with their respective buttons and sensors because of the rainy climate of your region.

I faced this issue at home when it was rainy early morning. The receiver did not receive the signals from the key fob and did not open my truck door.

You cannot fix this issue because of changes in natural weather conditions. However, these work correctly when the weather becomes fine after some time.

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