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How to Detect a Bad MSD Ignition Box?

How to Detect a Bad MSD Ignition Box?

MSD (multiple spark discharge) has many spark plugs which receive various sparks for better throttle response and stabilized ignition. Multiple spark system increases the fuel burning during combustions.

How to Detect a Bad MSD Ignition Box? You can detect a bad MSD ignition box by engine failures, power loss of ignition, defects of electric components, more fuel loss and battery drainage, engine stalling and check light, loss of spark, and malfunctioning key.

Variable voltage flow and electrical surges can damage the MSD ignition box. In addition, the continuous power flow and excessive usage can cause its failure. 

What are the symptoms of a bad MSD ignition box?

It can damage and loses the internal power flow. I have explained the following symptoms of its failure.

Engine failures

The multiple spark discharge ignition box fails and affects the engine performance. The motor does not rotate at the standard rotations per minute. 

It does not supply power to different components of the truck. For example, the motor loses its power to start when the MSD ignition box malfunctions. 

Sometimes, it starts with low power and reduced performance. This is because the system undergoes cranking, and the engine does not start. 

You can inspect the battery of your automobile. You can connect a multimeter with its terminals and identify the voltage flow. 

It malfunctions and can increase the motor’s internal temperature. In such circumstances, the burning odor indicates engine failures. 

No power for ignition

The primary indication of a bad MSD ignition box is that it has no power for ignition. As a result, you cannot start the pickup truck because the engine cannot supply power to the start system.

The internal connectivity decreases between the automobile parts and this ignition box. As a result, starting the car becomes challenging. Also, the motor stops the vehicle many times. 

It does not connect with the intake valve due to internal faults. The valve timing varies, which reduces the power flow for the ignition box, and the valve disconnects, and you cannot start the automobile. 

The broken internal cords and connectors cannot maintain the power flow for starting the truck. Spark does not reach it, and ignition becomes difficult. 

Defects of electric components

The loose engine connections and malfunctioning cords indicate a defective or failed MSD ignition box. The motor fails and cannot provide the horsepower for electrical components. 

Moreover, the ground connections become loose. In such circumstances, the battery malfunctions and cannot supply power to different vehicle parts. 

All of these defects indicate a faulty MSD ignition box. Electrical failures reduce the overall performance and efficiency of an automobile. 

In such circumstances, you cannot drive the truck on smooth or uneven roads.

More fuel loss and battery drainage

The broken and failed MSD ignition box increases fuel consumption. The excessive consumption of fuel decreases the fuel economy of the truck.

You can identify a significant reduction in the fuel economy after its failure. This is because the engine does not rotate at the standard efficiency. 

Moreover, it drains the battery of the truck. The battery terminals and cells malfunction. It does not supply power to all the connected components.

Engine stalls and checks light

The pickup engine undergoes stalling when the MSD ignition box malfunctions. In such circumstances, you can start the truck, but the motor fails and stops after a few minutes. 

The motor continues stalling while you drive the truck. The motor sputters after its failure. 

The warning light illuminates and indicates its defects. 

The warning light appears when the vehicle stalls. 

Loss of spark

The loose engine connections and malfunctioning electric circuits are signs of a multiple-spark discharge box. A few people connect the electrical cords in the modified alignment. 

In such circumstances, short circuits increase, which reduces the spark. The spark loses, and fuel and air do not burn at the standard level during the combustion. 

It affects acceleration and motor performance. The backfire of the engine cylinder is a significant sign of its defects. 

The spark disappears, and the ignition system cannot regulate the intake valve and its movement. Also, it cannot control the exhaust system and variable valve timing changes. 

The engine undergoes various failures. Sometimes, sparking happens before the pre-adjusted time. It becomes short in other conditions.

Reduced key performance

The MSD ignition box fails and affects the performance of the key. It does not rotate in the ignition hole, and the system malfunctions. 

The key cannot send input signals to the vehicle engine. It engages the lock, and you cannot rotate the key. 

Also, it can lock the steering wheel, which shows the defects in the ignition box. The malfunctioning key cannot start the engine. 

In such circumstances, you cannot start the automobile. 

How to troubleshoot and fix a bad MSD ignition box?

Loss of spark, challenging ignition, and malfunctioning engine indicate the bad MSD ignition box. 

You can troubleshoot the battery, engine, and electrical components with a multimeter. Also, you can use an OBD II (onboard diagnostic system) scanner to check the codes and faults.

You can visually check all the components. However, you can turn off the vehicle power and examine the wires.

You can pull off the wires and terminals. Then, you can stabilize the terminal above the ground connections.

You can remove this wire and turn on the power flow of the ignition switch. 

You can check the spark of this wire by tapping it. The absence of a spark shows its failure, and you can replace it with a compatible white cord. 

You can examine all the connected cords and rest the ignition coil. You can change this coil and stabilize the power flow. 

It improves the efficiency of the system for stabilized voltage flow. You can check the connected cords and inspect their voltage flow. 

Voltage lower than 12V indicates defects of the cords. However, you can replace them with new wires.

You can troubleshoot the magnetic trigger. You can turn off the vehicle power by turning off the battery. 

Then, you can pull the ignition coil and its wire out of the system. You can modify the position of the terminal, hold the magnetic connector, and rotate the switch towards the on position. You can connect another wire and combine the internal cords. 

You can remove the jumper cords after completing the procedure. You can change the cords and connectors and stabilize their efficiency. 

Also, you can replace it on your vehicle when it malfunctions. However, you can get professional help for this swap because it is a complicated and expensive procedure.

What are the causes of a bad MSD ignition box?

The multiple spark discharge ignition box is an electrical system with different electrically working cords and connecting points. 

The high internal temperature can damage it. It cannot withstand heat and high electrical loads. 

Its temperature increases, which leads to variable timing for ignition. Moreover, malfunctioning electrical wires can damage it. 

They can lose insulation with time and lose their performance. In addition, water droplets and moisture can affect its internal parts. 

It causes short circuits and different failures. Moreover, its power flow varies due to voltage surges. 

The irregular power flow can cause potential failures. It loses its capability to perform at the standard threshold. 

A few people install it without experience and expertise. Then, it undergoes various short circuits. 

Its wiring breaks and connectors fail. In addition, its internal temperature increases when the current pressure enhances. 

In such circumstances, it cannot perform and affects other vehicle components. As a result, the engine malfunctions and loses its internal horsepower. 

Its stalls and vibrations can damage the built-in components of the vehicle motor. Short circuits and the absence of a spark affect the vehicle starting conditions. 

You cannot turn on the engine of the vehicle when it fails. 

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