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GMC Terrain Touch Screen Not Working

GMC Terrain Touch Screen Not Working

The addition of large touch screens in GMC Terrain is the modern and latest technology. It gives a luxurious appearance to your SUV when you use it at night.

GMC Terrain touch screen does not work due to freeze infotainment system, blown-out fuse, lack of power, and electric wiring problems. In addition, the use of non-compatible devices, bad USB ports, damaged radio, and short circuits cause the blinking of its screen and decrease its brightness.

It is also good to reduce the risk of accidents because you can directly attach your mobile phone with it and use the voice command feature. Moreover, it is also beneficial to see the navigation system on this big display.

Freeze infotainment system

You cannot see anything after turning on the screen of the SUV because of the frozen infotainment system. The freezing of the system means you can see everything on the screen but cannot operate it.

It means that the display got stuck at certain points, and you are using different buttons and signals, but it is not showing a different thing.

The infotainment system freezes due to a blown-out fuse. The problem comes when you attach the mobile phones with corrupted files that have a bug in their system.

The amplifier is the sound system that is present in the panel that also gets overheated and causes this issue.

Press and hold the volume knob for 3 to 4 seconds until the screen become off. You can see that light can turn on after some time after completion of the restarting procedure.

Check the fuses of the operating system and replace the blown-out fuses.

Damaged batteries

The control systems need power from the battery for their functioning. Therefore, the lack of power also causes this issue because it is an electronic system that needs power.

The lack of power supply comes due to issues in the batteries. Batteries are the primary source of power supply in automobiles because these provide electricity to all electronic accessories.

The weak or damaged battery cannot supply enough voltage to turn on the infotainment system on the control panel.

You cannot see any feature on the screen when there is no sufficient power supply. You can fix it by checking the voltage from the battery.

Attach the voltmeter with them and read the number on the screen. It is essential to recharge or replace them if the voltmeter shows a reading less than or equivalent to 12V.

Electrical wiring issues

Several wires are present that connect the control screen panel with the system of the vehicles.

The current reaches the unit from these electrical cables. The wires get damaged with time because of poor handling and maintenance issues.

The surge in the power supply is due to faulty circuits and damage to the insulating layer of these cables. Moreover, the electrical issues also come due to the loose connection and poor wiring harnesses.

It is better to fasten the electrical connections for the accurate flow of the current. Replace the damaged wires with new ones so they cannot cause interference in the flow of electricity.

Operating system bug

The bug in the operating system is a common issue that causes a stuck screen in your GMC Terrain.

You cannot use or see any feature on the infotainment system. The bug in the operating system occurs when you install the wrong version and your vehicle is not supporting it.

In addition, many people face frozen displays when they do not update the GPS. Therefore, it is necessary to update the navigation or GPS to fix the problem.

You can also fix it by turning off the ignition switch and then turning it on again. However, it is better to contact the dealerships for the installation of the correct version of the operating system.

Short circuit

The short circuit problems come due to voltage and electric current fluctuations. For example, you can see the screen blinking due to a change in the power supply.

The display turns on and off due to a short circuit problem. Moreover, you can see that brightness suddenly becomes low because of the reduced power supply.

The blown-out fuse because overloaded circuits also increase the risk of short circuits in the system.

The short circuit issue comes when you attach any heavy electrical equipment to your SUV. The loose and bad connections of electric wires also cause this problem.

It is essential to check the circuits and the connections of cables when you face the blinking and dimming of brightness.

Moreover, do not plug in any heavy electrical appliances that drain the power from the battery while using the touch screen of GMC terrain.

Using non-compatible devices 

People often complain that touch screens cannot turn on or show any features when they attach their smartphones.

The display is not showing anything because you connect incompatible devices with them. The operating system is compatible with selective devices and cannot work with others.

Connect the mobile phones that are compatible with them, and a system can detect them easily.

Faulty radio

The problem with working the touch screen comes when you add the corrupted radio file from your mobile phone to the operating system.

Many people face the issue after transferring the radio subscriptions from their apple phones.

The bug is transferred from the phone to the computerized onboard system and stops functioning. You can play the radio but cannot adjust the volume or change the stations.

You can fix it by restarting your SUV, and it can also reset the errors present in the display system. Detach the negative terminal of the battery, wait for a few minutes, and attach it again.

Turn on the display after completing the recalibration procedure to inspect its functioning.

Bad USB port

Many people connect their mobile phones with the touch screens of GMC Terrain. The connection with smartphone become beneficial because you can use their feature on display.

It is also better for safe driving because you do not need to see your phones during driving on the roads.

You can connect them with USB ports using the data cables and Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity.

The USB ports often become bad because of the accumulation of dust particles. As a result, the data cables cannot make the proper connection with these ports and cannot show the feature of the phones on the screen.

It is better to check the functioning of the data cables before connecting your mobile phones because these can also be bad and comes with broken internal wires.

Remove the dust from the USB ports using the cotton buds to adjust correctly.

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