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Starting System Fault on Ford Explorer

Starting System Fault on Ford Explorer

The starting system fault on Ford explorer means you cannot turn on the engine or start your vehicle due to several issues.

Starting system fault in Ford Explorer is due to dead batteries and their loose terminals, blown out fuse, faulty ignition switch, and damaged starter motor. You cannot turn on the starting system when the vehicle is not in a neutral or park position. The clogged fuel filters, temperature changes, broken timing belts, low key fob batteries, and use of unprogrammed keys also cause this issue. 

Check the fuel levels because starting system cannot work when you have low fuel in the tank. You cannot turn on the engine when there is less gasoline in the tank.

Dead battery and loose connections

The battery is the primary electric component of the SUVs that stores the power and supplies it to various accessories.

Starting system fault occurs when these batteries become dead and do not supply the electric power. In addition, it becomes dead when you use heavy electrical accessories with the system.

Moreover, the long-term use of headlights in Ford Explorer and other indicating lights drain power from the batteries and make them dead.

The terminals are attached to the batteries to supply the electric current. The negative and positive terminals do not supply current when they become loose.

The build-up of different chemicals and rust on their sides also makes them faulty. The alternators are also present that charge the battery.

Alternators wear out when you attach a heavy load accessory to the system and overload the circuits.

The failed alternators cannot charge the batteries and make them dead. Fix the issue by cleaning the alternator and removing the dust and corrosion from their surfaces.

Moreover, you can also check the electric current in the battery by attaching the voltmeter. Replace the dead batteries if they show less voltage reading on the voltmeter.

Gears engaged

Sometimes people forget to disengage the gears to start their vehicle and the engine. You need to disengage all the gears for the forward movement of the wheels.

Putting the SUV in neutral or parking gearing is essential to turn on the start system and the engine. The problem with gears’ engagement comes from a faulty transmission system.

The low transmission fluid levels cause them to get stuck, and you cannot change them to adjust the speed.

You should check the transmission components if you cannot change the gears. Moreover, it is better to engage the parking P or neutral N gears to start the engine.

Faulty ignition switch and starter motor

The ignition switch is the electrical component in automobiles that power the electrical components. It supplies the current to the solenoid and engine parts for the ignition of oil.

You cannot start the Ford Explorer engine when ignition switches become bad. Many people complain that engines shut down during driving due to faulty ignition switches.

The temperature changes affect their internal components and make them bad. The poor handling and hard pressing of the button can break their springs.

The starter motor is the small electric device that is present in the vehicles to start the engine. The battery supplies the power to the starter solenoid.

The transfer solenoid supplies that power to the motor, which helps turn the engine. The loose wiring of these devices makes them faulty, and they cannot run the engine.

In addition, the bad starter relay and solenoid cause problems in their functioning.

The careful handling also increases the longevity of their spring, and it can supply the electricity to turn on the start system.

Check the wiring of the starter motors and fasten the loosely attached wires. It is better to avoid the jump start because it can directly affect the functioning of the starter motor and spark plugs.

Key fob battery issues

Ford Explorer contains a keyless entry system so that you can turn on the ignition with remote-like devices.

These remote contains the battery to provide the signals to the computerized system for functioning.

The batteries of key fobs become dead when these are in frequent use. In addition, the issue comes when you do not change their batteries for a longer time.

The key fobs with dead batteries do not provide enough signals to turn on the ignition and engine.

You cannot start the SUVs because of dead key fob batteries. You should change their battery when you feel trouble while using them.

The batteries become weak when you have to press their buttons several times for their function.

Use of unprogrammed key

These vehicles are equipped with an anti-theft system to provide extra safety features. The installation of an anti-theft system protects them from getting stolen.

You cannot power the engine using the wrong key. The programming issues of the keys come when these are covered with corrosion.

The computerized programming system cannot recognize them because of the accumulation of rust. In addition, the programming error occurs when you change the battery of the SUVs.

The use of other devices while using the keyless entry system cause interruption in their signals. The interference comes due to metallic objects in nearby locations.

In addition, it is also necessary to remove dirt, dust, and corrosion from the keys. Do not place metal objects or spare keys near when using the keyless entry system.

Clogged fuel filters

The combustion chamber needs the correct mixture of fuel and air to supply the power to the engine, which is essential for its starting system.

The fuel filters are present there to remove the dust and dirt particles from the fuels because these can decrease the longevity of engines and damage their parts.

The filters become clogged when you use low-quality gasoline. In addition, using less octane fuel also contains more impurities that can damage these filters.

You should change the clogged filters for accurate and sufficient supply to the combustion chamber for ignition purposes.

You can face the stalling issue when enough amount of fuel cannot reach the combustion chamber because of clogged filters.

It is better to use high-octane and high-quality fuels from authorized refilling stations. Clean the gas tanks after some time because it can also add impurities.

Temperature changes

The temperature changes affect the working of the engine and starting system. However, it works at the optimal temperature, and any disturbance from this range is problematic.

You can face ignition issues in winter because you cannot start your SUVs because of cold weather. This is because the cold weather affects the batteries and their chemical reaction.

The chemical reaction and mobility of electrons become slow in the thrilling winters. As a result, the changes in chemical reactions cannot supply enough power for ignition.

The excessive hot weather overheats the engine parts, and it stops functioning. As a result, the engine shuts down when you drive your vehicle on summer days, and there is scorching heat on the roads.

Turning on the ignition a few times before moving outside is better. It can warm up the batteries, and these can supply the power.

Avoid moving forward when you feel a burning smell from the engines during driving.

Broken timing belt

The timing belts are the part of the engine and its starting system that is essential for the movement of the crankshaft and camshaft.

The crankshaft cannot move at the required speed because of broken rubber strips. The starter motor engages and supplies power, but these belts or chains do not work well.

The timing belts become faulty due to leakage of oil. In addition, the excessive load, poor alignment, damaged pulleys, and accumulation of dust or debris in pulleys also makes them bad.

The chains last for a longer time than rubber timing belts. You need to take your Ford Explorer to the mechanic for replacement because the crankshaft cannot move without their presence.

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