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How Are Cars Shipped Overseas?

How Are Cars Shipped Overseas?

Shipping of cars overseas is increasing due to personal and commercial purposes.

However, the automobile manufacturing companies are expanding their business to multiple countries, so they have to ship vehicles to various countries.

How Are Cars Shipped Overseas? Cars are shipped overseas by various modes of transportation, including road, air, and sea freight. You can choose a plane or a ship sailing through the sea and the Roll-on/Roll-off method to transport your car to the desired country. However, you can also choose closed containers and enclosed trucks when the weather conditions are not suitable to ship the vehicle in an open cargo. Furthermore, you can select a road network and hire professional drivers. 

Many logistic companies are offering services of transporting vehicles to foreign countries by using different methods.

You should decide according to your budget as some require a high cost to deliver the vehicles quickly by ensuring safety.

 Sufficient information about the ins and outs of the logistics companies, their charges, and the time they take to transport the automobiles to the destination can make the process stress-free.

What are the possible ways to ship the car overseas?

Ways to ship an automobile overseas depend on personal choice, total budget, and weather conditions.

Bad weather demands closed containers, but the budget does not allow you to spend money on its container.

Road network 

Many manufacturers prefer the traditional method of shipping the products by road without showing concern for the overall distance.

They load the cars on big trucks and handle them to their professional drivers. Then, they can drive the trucks to different countries, but it takes more time.

Moreover, the total time also relies on the condition of roads, as unpaved roads increase the overall time.

So, they use a road network to deliver the products at a lower cost but for the sake of time.

Closed Containers

Closed containers offer a safe mode of transporting automobiles, covering them adequately to avoid sun and rain damage.

These containers are large boxes that are almost 35 to 40 feet long. They can carry around 25 to 30 tons of weight quickly.

There are many ports worldwide that provide a suitable place for the cargo ships to load the vehicles for transport.

It can cost you more than road transport, but it is a quick and safe way to get your cars moved to any part of the world.

Roll-on Roll-off 

The roll-on roll-off method relates to vehicle transportation through ships where special space is allotted to the specific automobiles.

The loaders drive and park them until they reach a destination. Then, it goes to the customs office directly from the destination port for clearance purposes.

You have to fulfill all the formalities by filling out the forms to get your vehicle.

Enclosed or open trucks

There are two options for transporting automobiles; enclosed or open trucks. The selection of the method depends on your choice and requirement.

Many people prefer to choose enclosed trucks in the winter months to add an extra layer of protection as they have a cover on their loading sections.

It is better to choose the option for expensive automobiles because some damage can result in costly repairing.

However, you can also choose an open truck when you want to get an affordable means of shipping, but it offers lesser protection.

Air freight

It is quick to move vehicles via air, but you have to heavy charges for this mode. However, the planes do not load more than one car simultaneously due to their heavy weight.

The professional loaders pick up the automobile using special machines and load them onto the plane.

Moreover, it can also be driven inside the plane, where cargo space is allotted to a particular vehicle.

Furthermore, it is secured with some straps to keep it in a single position after parking.

How do manufacturers ship cars overseas?

The manufacturers choose a suitable logistic company to transport their vehicles to another location that can be a different country.

After that, they contact the company and make an agreement with them about its cost and time duration.

It is better to get insurance for the vehicle when you assign the transporting task to a company to ensure the car’s safety.

Then, take it to the logistic company site, where they load them into shipping containers.

You can drive it onto the cargo boat or truck or ask professional loaders to use their machines to load the car safely.

They will tell you the expected time so you can reach the destination location to get your automobile.

Moreover, the agents of the manufacturing company get a vehicle from the customs office by providing all the relevant information before getting its possession.

What factors should I consider before shipping a car overseas?

Some factors need your consideration before finalizing a shipping process and the company to move vehicles.

You have to check whether the vehicle suits the recommended emissions limit of the destination country.

Moreover, confirm the total cost before finalizing the process and signing an agreement so that everything becomes clear on the spot.

In addition, choose a suitable method as expensive cars need a safe method like containers.

Furthermore, prepare all the required documents to avoid all the fuss created when you need documents urgently.

You have to provide proof of ownership, photo ID, vehicle’s title, and the safety forms which confirm the safety to be used in the country.

Additionally, you have to submit an EPA and DOT forms as they help at the destination point and ensure safety and emission compliance.

They can also demand a registration document showing the registration number and other related papers.

Why is it difficult to ship cars overseas?

It is not easy to ship cars due to their large size, as bigger structures consume more space.

Moreover, it has a lot of weight, making it challenging to fit it in a lightweight vehicle. In addition, you need heavy cargo to deliver it.

Moreover, you have to pay the high cost for delivery of automobiles as the logistic companies charge based on the weight.

How are cars packed for overseas shipping?

The logistic companies pack the automobiles with great care to avoid damage. They load them on the racks, which can shift them on the cargo.

While some companies load them with the help of rail yards or ramps. Moreover, they add wooden blocks on all sides to reduce unnecessary movement.

In addition, they put straps or belts to hold the cars if they are arranged vertically or in a tilted position.

These security measures ensure the vehicle’s safety and keep it locked in a single position.

How long does it take for a car to ship overseas?

The time to ship the cars depends on factors like distance and car preparation.

It can take almost 40 to 50 days when the distance is not so far.

However, the duration increases to about 3 months when the destination spot is at a reasonable distance.

Moreover, the logistic company needs time to prepare it by removing extra components like tires or cables. Custom modifications also take time and can cause delays.

How much does it cost to ship cars overseas?

Its cost depends on the logistic company that transports vehicles to different destinations.

Some companies offer you low prices but are not quick in the delivery process.

Hiring a broker that provides quick and cost-effective price rates is better.

Moreover, the rates are also dependent on the seasons as they keep fluctuating with market demands.

In addition, the model of the car, manufacturing brand, and distance also determine the overall cost.

Some companies charge an extra amount in the form of fees and taxes.

You have to spend almost $1500 to $4500 to move your vehicle to another country.

It relates only to the basic amount for the accommodation of the automobile on the cargo.

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