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Where Does Carvana Get Their Cars?

Where Does Carvana Get Their Cars?

Carvana provides you with multiple car options that are displayed on their online platform. 

They source their vehicles from well-known dealerships that provide good quality products at an affordable cost.

Where Does Carvana Get Their Cars? Carvana gets its cars from different sources, including private customers who want to sell their used cars. Moreover, they get access to auctions to search for the vehicles in good condition to add them to their inventory. In addition, they get involved in partnerships with dealers or get off-rental or off-lease cars. Some customers want to replace their vehicles through Carvana trade-in, so it provides new automobiles and adds the old ones to their stock. 

It offers many benefits to automobile users searching for reliable and good-quality used cars, but they offer high prices compared to other private dealers.

Moreover, they do not offer test drive opportunity and a close view of the features until it gets delivered to your doorstep.

What does Carvana deal with? 

It is an online retailer specializing in used cars and primarily works in Arizona. This company was founded in 2012 with an aim to bring changes to the process of getting a car.

This online platform provides thousands of options to get their favorite automobile.

It offered the easiest way to get vehicles based on your convenience and replaced the traditional structure of dealerships.

You can look for different models and colors of automobiles through this car hub. It works through vending machines to take the items to other states.

Furthermore, you can not only buy but also allow the customers to sell their used automobiles at the best prices. They can pick up the vehicle from your doorstep through their vending machines.

Where does Carvana get its cars?

Carvana sources inventory items from different auctions, dealerships, and old customers who want to trade-in or sell their used cars.

Off rental or off-lease 

It accepts automobiles that are off rental or off lease means that some other business company leases them.

They collaborate with companies offering off-rental and off-lease vehicles like Enterprise and Hertz.

Enterprise is a rental agency in America that provides automobiles for rent and works in combination with this company.

 Moreover, Hertz is another rental company working in America and has franchises internationally and nationally.

Customer trade-in

Some of their customers demand new vehicles, but they want to get a replacement for their old ones from this leading online brand.

Accordingly, it accepts old and used automobiles and adds them to its inventory. Moreover, they offer new rides of their choice from their inventory.

They can quickly assess your old car’s condition and provide you with a payment or a new ride.

You can visit their local markets or use an online platform to swap your old items with new ones in only 15 to 20 minutes of the procedure.


It gets vehicles from auctions and bids on high-quality vehicles to add them to its inventory. Then, they offer a high amount for the respective products if they consider them worthy.

It helps fill up the inventory with new and trendy cars that are in user demand.

Commonly, they purchase vehicles from three auctions, including, SmartAuctions, Adesa, and Manheim.

SmartAuctions provides a reliable and secure way of bidding on automobiles. You can not only look at the features but bid on them to get the best possible rate.

In addition, Manheim is a renowned auction company that provides automobiles and operates multiple auctions on different continents.

Moreover, Adesa provides reliable second-hand automobiles, but they add them to their stock after many quality tests and inspections.

So, it adds vehicles from the Manheim, Adesa, and SmartAuctions to its inventory.

Partnered dealerships

This company invited some of the franchise companies that are dealing in cars to join their marketplace.

It provides not only Carvana-certified automobiles, but a marketplace category on their website shows their partnership with some dealerships.

Moreover, they try to persuade dealerships from the marketplace to get involved in their business.

As a result, some of them signed an agreement with this company and provided them with items for selling purposes.

Direct purchase from private customers

Many customers get bored of their vehicles and want to get new automobiles that are equipped with advanced features and give better speed.

People can get rid of their old vehicles by selling them or adding them to trade-in.

In addition, they provide suitable price options to those customers that help meet their budget requirements.

It never rejects a used vehicle once they get satisfied with its condition and performance. Instead, it asks for a test drive before confirming a purchase.

They get direct customers who provide them with all the necessary details and pick up the items after proper satisfaction.

Does Carvana inspect cars before adding to inventory?

Their inspection criteria is strict enough as they screen an automobile in terms of quality and assess its performance.

It looks for the mileage and the record of accidents in the past. Moreover, they take notice of the year in which the vehicle is manufactured and the number of miles that are covered.

After passing the quality test, data is applied to get detailed information through multiple web services like Carfax and Experian.

They add information about the comprehensive history, including its belongingness to the business or individuals.

Moreover, it quickly looks over other platforms like Autotrader and Kelley blue book.

Then, they optimize the respective vehicles and confirm their pricing and reckon.

Accordingly, it will be added to their inventory and become visible on their site.

How do you get a car from Carvana?

You can get a car from Carvana by going to their official website. However, you must register to the platform to make any purchase.

After that, search for the vehicles and look for their specific models, types, and features by adding detailed information in the search bar.

You can find more than 15000 options in their inventory, providing multiple options to get your desired automobile.

Tap on your favorite vehicle, look at the pictures for detailed information and click on the option of getting a car.

Provide information about the shipping address and choose a payment option.

After that, they will ask you about the delivery method that best suits you.

Upload your driver’s license and picture to confirm an order which is a security step to know that you are an authorized driver.

Confirm your purchase after adding all the related data and wait for them to deliver the vehicle through vending machines.

Are Carvana cars good quality?

It has a strict testing mechanism and does not add any random car to its website.

Therefore, you do not have to be conscious of the quality of their automobiles even if they are used.

Moreover, you can also return the cars within 6 to 7 days of purchase if you do not think they are matched with your choice.

Furthermore, they can quickly refund the payment you have paid at the time of purchasing.

Moreover, they offer a better replacement for the returned product when you want to get it replaced with another automobile.

They are not compromising on the quality and do not offer cheap rates accordingly.

They provide vehicles with good quality material and better performance that can run swiftly for many years.

Are there any requirements by Carvana while selling a car?

They have a few requirements that need to be fulfilled when you want to sell cars to them. First, your vehicle has to be newer, and it should be older than 1992.

In addition, the odometer has to be in good condition as out-of-order odometers can make your cars not suitable for inventory.

They have to pass a test drive by their agents, who check the overall performance and capacity of the engine to accelerate quickly.

There is no restriction on registration as they can accept automobiles with expired registration.

So, you have to consider a few things like the manufacturing year and the performance.

Does Carvana have a physical location?

Carvana has a physical location like every dealer who provides vehicles to their customers.

However, these stores are not like the common ones, including car vending machines.

There are almost 30 to 33 Carvana vending towers in different states of America, and it plans to introduce more vending towers in the near future.

The customers can get their automobiles through these vending towers in the auto markets.

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