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How Do I Know What Kind of Kia Sorento I Have?

How Do I Know What Kind of Kia Sorento I Have?

Many people find it challenging to know the model and year of their Kia Sorento. All vehicles have a specific VIN (Vehicle identification number), and their owners, mechanics, manufacturers, dealerships, and buyers use them.

How Do I Know What Kind of Kia Sorento I Have? You can know the kind of Kia Sorento you have through the VIN decoding method, which is a 17-digit alphanumeric code; the first three alphabets show the manufacturers name, the other six digits indicate the model type, and the last eight digits show the production year of this SUV.

The Vehicle identification number can have variable locations because the manufacturing companies punch them near the driver-side door, closer to the driver’s window, and on the engine firewall.

What is the VIN Decoder method to know what kind of Kia Sorento you have?

Many people lose the manuals of their Kia Sorento and cannot find the model of their SUV. In such circumstances, you can ask about its model and trim level to an expert.

Also, utilizing the VIN decoder or decoding method is one of the best techniques to find its model. You can decode the Vehicle identification number of your variant and find the year and model of your SUV.

Decoding the vehicle identification number requires proper knowledge and information about the VIN of these SUVs. These have several variants with specific vehicle identification numbers.

However, you can identify the VIN for the license number and legal situations. You can find it on the front side wall of the built-in engine.

The manufacturing companies punch the vehicle identification number for its permanent position. In addition, finding it is less challenging on the registration plate on the upper side of the dashboard.

For example, you can identify its VIN on a 2017 variant in different positions according to the trim level. Identification is less challenging according to the specifications of the manufacturing companies.

You can identify it on the window of the driver’s side inside the cabin, and VIN is near the door of the driving individual’s side. You can find it in the trunk compartment, and its identification is less challenging on the firewall.

The vehicle identification number is a specific code for the Kia Sorento and its variants. Furthermore, it shows the manufacturing companies and years of the models because the manufacturing companies provide these codes.

The VIN has 17 digits, and the code has alphanumeric properties. In such circumstances, the code has alphabets and numbers that indicate various properties of its variants.

The vehicle identification number provides specific data about the manufacturing year and model of the Kia Sorento. Furthermore, the 17-digit code includes the engine type, country information, and making year.

Also, the code of manufacturers and features are included in the 17-digit code. You can decode the VIN and find the information about it and its models.

You can track and identify the history of your SUV through the VIN. It is an essential code for manufacturing companies, dealerships, safety authorities, and owners of Kia Sorento.

It provides a history of the SUV variants because of the standard information. Also, you can find the VIN on the stock manual or the registration documents of your SUV.

VIN decoder is a specific tool or a complex system for decoding the 17-digit Vehicle identification number. You can divide the code into these digits and alphabets according to the decoding method.

The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd VIN alphabets show the manufacturing company name. While 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th digits indicate the type of model.

These five digits indicate the Sorento-based specifications of these SUVs. Moreover, the last eight numbers show information on your particular model and include the year of production and type of variants.

The vehicle identification numbers start with three alphabets KNA and show the manufacturing company’s KIA and its production specificity for these SUVs.

The owners of these SUVs can use the alphanumeric 17-digit code and use the decoding procedure to find the model or trim level of their vehicle.

What are the different models of the Kia Sorento?

Kia Sorento has various high-performance and appealing variants from 2002 to 2023. The manufacturing companies make them in different trims because of their versatile properties and variable cabin specifications.

However, you can identify eight different trims of this SUV because the manufacturing companies make them in unique layouts. The trims of this SUV are X-Line EX with all-wheel drive properties.

Moreover, they are S, LX, and SX because the manufacturing companies manufacture them with variable specifications. Their trims are X-Line SX Prestige, SX Prestige with AWD, and X-Line S with all-wheel drive.

Also, they have non-identical properties and variable costs according to the built-in specifications and layouts. The LX and L trims of these SUVs are different, and you can identify them through their manual, VINs, and internal specifications.

Moreover, they have a few similarities, and the LX trim has advancement, with several additional features like a windshield with noise reduction properties, rails on the built-in roof, and extra USB inlet ports.

The X-Line EX with all-wheel drive is more advanced than the X-Line S because of the several amenities. Also, this trim has large-sized 20-inch wheels with alloy properties.

They have an all-wheel drive with a stylish cabin and finishing roof. The trim level SX prestige is technologically modified and upgraded to the standard trim.

It has maximum comfort with heated seats, and front-mounted seats have a cooling mechanism. In addition, the steering wheels have heating properties that improve driving comfort in winter.

It has high-quality speakers and an advanced sound mechanism inside the cabin, and the memory seats indicate its advancement.

The manufacturers launched SX prestige trim in 2022 models of these SUVs. You can identify EX trim in 2023 variants.

Also, the X-Line S AWD launched in 2023 advanced variants of these SUVs. You should identify the upgraded features of these SUVs and find their models.

What information does the VIN code system provide about Kia Sorento?

You can decode the 17-digit based alphanumeric code of the Kia Sorento models to find their types and manufacturing years. Several people use this method when they lose the registration documents of these SUVs.

In such circumstances, you can find the location of the Vehicle identification number on your SUV engine firewall, near the door of the driver’s side, or closer to the window on the diving individual seat.

These are permanent codes because the manufacturers punch them on the frame of these SUVs at different spots.

In such circumstances, the vehicle identification number (VIN) facilitates variable information about the SUV, its manufacturing year, and its type. Also, you should use the decoding method and learn to decode the 17 digits and the alphabet.

The VIN shows the manufacturing year of the SUV. Also, it indicates the engine category of its models and shows the wheel drive properties.

It provides information about the making and specific model of the SUV within a few seconds when you have the expertise to decode it. The VIN shows the manufacturing year and production country while you use the VIN decoder.

Furthermore, it shows the transmission category of these SUVs, and you can identify the model. In such circumstances, breaking the code into different parts indicates various properties of the Kia Sorento variants.

Also, you can identify the model type by decoding the alphanumeric code. It provides information about the wheel drive, which makes trims identification less challenging for the owners of these SUVs.

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