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What Does the Inside of a Kia Sorento Look Like?

What Does the Inside of a Kia Sorento Look Like?

The spacious, appealing, and technologically upgraded interior of the Kia Sorento appeals to several SUV drivers.

What Does the Inside of a Kia Sorento Look Like? Inside of a Kia Sorento looks like a decent cabin with headroom of 40.3 inches on 1st row, 39.1 inches on 2nd row, 36.8 inches on 3rd row, and legroom is 41.5 inches on the front seats, 41.7 inches on 2nd seat row and 29.6 inches on 3rd row. It comes with family-friendly 3-row seats for seven individuals, advanced amenities, built-in safety features, and off-road terrain control. It has a cargo space of 12.6 cubic feet behind the 3rd seat row, 45 cubic feet by folding the 3rd row, and 76 cubic feet by folding the 2nd and 3rd seat rows.

Many people select this SUV because its interior looks spacious and attractive with several features. I have a 2022 Kia Sorento with an advanced cabin, a heated steering wheel, a finished design, and a sleek roof. I saw my friend sitting in the spacious cargo of this vehicle by folding the 2nd and 3rd seat rows.

What Does the Inside of a Kia Sorento Look?

The inside of the Kia Sorento comes with the latest features and designs. People like this SUV due to its sleek interior.

Decent and appealing cabin

The 7-seater SUV has a spacious and decent cabin. The specific headroom maintains a gap between the head of the drivers and the roof.

However, the cabin design is stylish and appealing for several SUV drivers and passengers. The passenger cabin has a steering wheel with heating specifications.

The dashboard and steering wheel are usually black. The built-in lights make night driving comfortable. Also, the cabin has stable floors with mats and carpets according to the manufacturing specifications.

The decent layout is comfortable for the drivers and passengers. The windshield is clear, and window glass can move up and down with the regulated buttons.

The middle section has a gear shifter for the transmission control.

Family-friendly seats

You can identify three seat rows in various variants of the Kia Sorento because the manufacturing companies upgraded their layouts to accommodate seven individuals.

The seats have covers of leather and synthetic fabric and have reclining properties. They have power-regulated adjustment properties with advanced ventilation characteristics.

They have headrests, and you can modify their positions for your convenience. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd line seats can fold and make space in the rear cargo.

The 2nd row of these seats has appealing headroom and legroom for the passengers. The front seats have enough headroom to make the drivers and front seat passengers comfortable.

Advanced amenities

The SUV drivers like the upgraded and advanced variants of Kia Sorento because their cabin looks like a hub of amenities. You can identify an advanced stereo system and an upgraded instrument cluster on these SUVs.

They have a touchscreen display with settings and regulation tabs. The inside of these SUVs combines technology and comfort with several features.

The dashboard has a display screen and USB ports. The instrument cluster has compatibility with the Apple CarPlay and Bluetooth features.

The touchscreen has specific dimensions of 10.25 inches, and you can connect the Android phone to the SUV.

It has climate control features and a sunroof inside the passenger compartment. The additional features are WI-FI, radio, charging ports, sound system, and navigation system.

Built-in safety features

Many people select this vehicle because of their advanced interior. These SUVs look like safety compartments from the inside because of the several safety features.

They have a lane recognition feature and rearview camera mounts to improve the driver’s protection. Their cabin has an emergency brake system for maximum protection from crashes.

They have warning systems for lane departure and lane assistance. You can identify cruise control amenities and rear cross-traffic alerts inside them.

They have various alerting and alarm systems to improve the safety of passengers and drivers. The emergency brakes have automatic regulation, and you can use the rear parking camera for safe parking.

Off-road terrain control

The Kia Sorento variants have variable trims with all-wheel drive properties. These 4WD specifications provide off-road compatibility and drive them on bumpy roads.

They have a button for traction regulation and control inside their cabin. They look like traction regulators inside the passenger compartments of these SUVs.

The buttons are on the instrument cluster, and they work with hydraulic fluid and a power-controlled motor.

They can control the 4WD or AWD properties of the SUV by regulating the traction properties. Therefore, you can drive the SUVs on bumpy, uneven surfaces because they have off-road compatibility.

Cargo space

The Kia Sorento variants have rear-mounted cargo with a power-regulated liftgate. The cargo of these SUVs has a space of about 21772.8 cubic inches (12.6 cubic feet).

You can fold the third-row seats and make more space for the luggage. The cargo space increases to 45 cubic feet (77760 cubic inches) while you fold or recline seats.

It is easy to fold the second row of seats on these SUVs, and the cargo provides a space of around 76 cubic feet (131328 cubic inches). The cargo space is appealing to put luggage and other things.

Many people put their luggage and food items in the cargo section of these SUVs because of the sufficient space.

How big is the inside of a Kia Sorento?

The spacious cabins of SUVs appeal to individuals, which improves their sales. The 7-seater Kia Sorento has various variants with spacious cabins.

These passenger compartments are big and appealing, with an accommodation space of 7 people on three rows of seats. However, the headroom of the first row seats is around 40.3 inches (102.36 cm).

However, the second row has a headroom of about 39.1 inches (99.31 cm), and 3rd has the headroom dimensions of around 36.8 inches (93.47 cm) because of their manufacturing limitations.

The legroom is a space for putting the legs inside the SUV cabin without touching the steering wheel or other individuals.

The legroom of the first seat row is around 41.4 inches (105.15 cm) for the comfort of drivers and front seat passengers. However, the legroom is 41.7 inches (105.9 cm) on the second row, and its dimensions are around 29.6 inches (75.18 cm) on the third seating row.

The shoulder room plays a vital row in a seven-seater SUV for the maximum comfort of passengers and drivers.

The shoulder room of the thirst row of seats is 53 inches (134.62 cm), and its dimensions are 58.1 inches (147.5 cm) on the second row. Its first seat row has a shoulder room of about 59.1 inches (150.11 cm). 

What are the interior differences of Kia Sorento according to trims?

Many people identify the standard, based, and advanced trims of Kia Sorento because the manufacturing companies offer these versatile variants. However, the standard trims have fewer cabin upgrades and amenities than the advanced and modified models.

The 2022 model has all eight trims, and the LX has more advanced cabin amenities and design than the L trim. The SX Prestige has more advancement inside the cabin with all-wheel drive properties.

The advanced variants and trims of 2022 models have leather-based comfortable seats. Its several variants are 7-seater with spacious and comfortable cabins.

The LX trims have blind spot regulations features and safety properties. The warning features of the traffic and collision probability are components of the latest models.

The 2021 variants have X-Line X AWD and SX prestige AWD trims. The advanced trims have a third seating row and accommodation space for seven individuals.

What does the steering wheel of a Kia Sorento look like?

You can identify the steering wheel of the Kia Sorento variants in different trims and variants. The steering wheel of these SUVs is round-shaped with a symbol of KIA.

However, it has a leather cover that wraps it from all sides and provides a better grip for the driver’s hands. It has side buttons, and you can control different features through them.

These buttons are specific for the cruise control and driving assistance features. These buttons increase the driver’s grip on the steering wheel and improve the focus on the roads.

However, these steering wheels have a diameter of about 15 inches (38.1 cm). The circumference grip has dimensions of about 4 1/4 inches (10.795 cm).

Furthermore, the steering wheels have heating properties because of the manufacturing limits. They provide heat to the driver’s hands for more focused driving during cold weather.

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