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How Do I Put My Ford F150 in Test Mode?

How Do I Put My Ford F150 in Test Mode?

Test mode in the Ford F150 is the diagnostic mode to check the functioning of the various gauges, sensors, and components when the scanner tool is not available. Test mode uses the odometer or the instrumental cluster screen to show information relevant to your pickup truck. The hidden mode in Ford vehicles works with an electronic control unit to find the trouble code.

How Do I Put My Ford F150 in Test Mode? You can put your Ford F150 in test mode by using the button on the odometer or instrumental cluster screen. Push and hold the button downward and turn the ignition key twice. Keep clicking the odometer button to get information about gauges, bulbs, batteries, and other accessories. For the latest F150 models, insert the key in the ignition and press and hold the OK button for 5 seconds until you see the engineer test mode message on the screen.

People run diagnostic tests for several reasons, but I did this when I purchased the 2018 F150 model from my cousin. I came to know about this hidden feature to check the working efficiency of various systems. I put the truck in the test mode and found no issue in any of the components, and it was all fine.

How do you put the Ford F150 in test mode?

I also checked my F150 truck’s functioning by engaging in the test mode. It is a handy feature, and you do not require any tools or help from the technicians while doing it. This diagnostic mode uses the odometer and instrumental cluster screen to display the relevant information.

Using the button on the instrumental cluster

My friend has an old model Ford F150, and he used the button on the odometer to put his truck in test mode and check the functioning of the components.

He has the 2006 model F150 with a small button on the instrumental screen. He told me he had been facing an issue with the functioning of the gauge for the last two weeks. He performed this procedure to know the trouble codes and resolve the issue according to them.

He inserted the key in the ignition but did not turn it on. You do not have to start the truck to run the self-diagnostic test in your truck.

Turn the key in the ignition to the accessory mode and press the button on the odometer. You can see a pop notification on the bottom right side of the instrumental cluster screen.

It allows the gauges needle to move at their maximum position when you press the button. It sweeps the gauges to reset them and restore their normal functioning.

My friend told me the gauges started functioning correctly after resetting the procedure. However, you can keep clicking the odometer button to check the other components.

Click and hold the button to check bulbs, fuel gauges, fuel tanks, transmission parts and their temperature, coolant temperature, fuel pump, brake, and oil level. You can get the error codes on the display if there is an error in the corresponding part.

You should avoid pressing other buttons in your vehicle after putting it in the test mode because it affects the self-diagnostic functioning.

I recommend inspecting your truck every six months to reduce the major issues and costly repairs that also cost your time and effort. You can use these error codes to know the exact problem so you can fix it quickly and timely.

Using the OK button on the steering wheel

Several buttons are located on the steering wheel to engage the test mode.

Use the steering wheel OK button in Ford F150 models launched from 2016 to 2020 years. Slide the manual key in the ignition switch, not move it to the ON position.

You only have to insert the key without starting your vehicle. You can see the OK button on the left side of the steering wheel. Press and hold the steering wheel OK button for about 4 to 5 seconds until you receive the TEST message on the screen and the gauges sweep to their maximum position.

Moreover, all the indicator lights on the odometer also illuminate simultaneously for a few seconds and then go off. You have to release the OK button after displaying a pop notification on the screen. I also have a 2018 Ford F150 and performed the same procedure to check the efficiency of the used truck.

However, I started the truck during the test mode to check the engine’s speed and rotations per minute. You can use the up and down and left and right buttons to see other options on the screen.

You can explore different options in the menu by going up and down with these buttons. You can see the error code on the instrumental cluster screen if an issue exists in any of the systems.

You can also check coolant and transmission fluid temperature with this self-diagnostic test. You can navigate the menu using the arrow button to access different tests, including engine RMPs, fuel flow, check indicators, LCD, needle sweep, and DTC fault codes.

It is the best self-diagnostic tool for routine vehicle maintenance without spending money on scanner tools and for hiring professionals.

Why would you put the Ford F150 in test mode?

You can put the F150 in test mode for several purposes. It is a quick and reliable procedure to quickly inspect the used vehicle. It is a beneficial hidden feature when purchasing a used vehicle from the market.

In addition, it is also the best method when scanner tools are not available. It gives complete information about the root cause of the problem through error codes.

It displays the error codes on your screen, and you do not have to use the scanner tool to find the trouble code. You can also use the diagnostic mode when you notice faults in any components.

You should run this test when you notice that something is not turning ON and working erratically in your truck. You can also put your truck in diagnostic mode if you feel any noise or smell while driving.

It provides information about the fuel pumps, gauges, transmission parts, engine compartments, braking systems, coolant temperatures, LCDs, headlight bulbs, and check indicators.

My friend told me he uses the test mode when the check engine light comes on his screen to find its root cause instead of inspecting the other components and wasting my time and effort.

This test scans the several components of your truck, including the throttle, oil tank, transmission, and engine, to find their relevant issues and show the trouble code on the display.

Sometimes, you need help from the expert mechanic because you do not have sufficient information about the trouble codes. It is an easy procedure, and diagnostic software or scanners only take a few minutes.

How do you turn off the test mode in the Ford F150?

You also have to turn off the test mode in your truck after completing the inspection. You can turn it OFF by removing the key from the ignition switch.

It is necessary to turn off your truck completely and ensure all systems are OFF. Wait 5 to 6 minutes, then insert the key in the ignition again.

Start your Ford F150 by moving the key in the ignition to the ON position. LCD lights and gauges activate on your instrumental screen.

The simple method of exiting the test mode is to turn OFF the ignition and turn it ON again.

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