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How Do You Reset The Liftgate on a Kia Sorento?

How Do You Reset The Liftgate on a Kia Sorento?

Kia Sorento owners adjust the opening height and speed of the liftgate through the display settings.

How Do You Reset The Liftgate on a Kia Sorento? You can reset the liftgate on a Kia Sorento by shifting the gears on the park position through the lever, pushing the latch switch and closing button for 2 to 3 seconds, hearing the beep or sound, and closing the cargo liftgate manually.

Many people open the liftgates manually, but I use the automatic release settings to open and close it.

What is a Power liftgate on a Kia Sorento?

Many people open and close the liftgate of their Kia Sorento, which is a cargo door. The door closes and protects the cargo and stored luggage from thieves and other individuals.

However, the liftgates of these SUVs have electrically controlled monitoring and regulations. It connects with the power circuit with the electrical wires and fuses.

It has a specific switch that connects to the power circuit and protects it from electrical surges. You can automatically lift the gate cargo compartment by the Key in the ignition system.

Its system recognizes a Key fob in the nearest area, and you can open it by pushing one button. You should stand on the rear side of this SUV and use the Key fob to open and close the cargo door automatically.

Adjusting the setting through the display menu is essential to regulate its height and opening speed. You should change it according to your height, and speed adjustment relies on the preferences of drivers.

What is the method to reset the liftgate on a Kia Sorento?

The liftgate of a Kia Sorento has automatic operation because of the standard efficiency and connection with the electric circuit.

It prevents the drivers from opening and closing the cargo door manually.

In such circumstances, its automatic control is better, and you can open it within a few seconds with the push button or the Key fob. Opening the door of the SUV cargo is less challenging with the push button inside the cabin of this SUV.

You should open it through the Key Fob while standing outside the SUV. It is a convenient feature for the automatic cargo door opening and closing.

Its automatic regulation is beneficial for individuals who use the cargo frequently. However, its system has electrical regulation and connects with a power circuit.

The electrically operating circuit has wires, fuses, and switches. Excessive usage, power surges, and broken wires can damage the circuit.

The powertrain control module of the Kia Sorento does not respond to the signals. Furthermore, the sensors of PCM do not deliver the information to the automatically working liftgate.

In such circumstances, it does not work, and you cannot open it through the key fob or specific ignition key because of the interrupted signals.

The resetting takes around 3 to 5 minutes, and time varies according to your expertise and knowledge about button regulation.

You should park the SUV on stable ground and hold the gear shifter. Shifting the gear to the Park position is better through the built-in lever.

In such circumstances, you should identify its switch and latch. Finding its button is necessary to close the tailgate when you open it through the key fob and enter the SUV cabin.

You should hold and press its button and latch switch simultaneously for 2 to 3 seconds. As a result, a beep appears, and you can hear it without interruption.

You can hear the beep or chime after pushing the button and switch for around three seconds. Then, you should go behind the SUV and close it with your hands by holding the handle mounted on its outer side.

What are the reasons to reset the liftgate on a Kia Sorento?

Many people adjust the liftgates of their old and new Kia Sorento because excessive use and power loss reduce their efficiency.

Malfunctioning internal switch

Its different variants have a specific cargo area on the rear side of the frame. Furthermore, the cargo has enough space to store the luggage and other things of the drivers and passengers of the SUV.

The manufacturing companies of these SUVs install a liftgate with power regulation on the cargo for maximum protection. You can hold its handle, pull it upward or down for opening and closing according to your requirements, and reset it.

The latch has a specific switch that releases it from the locked position and brings it to the locking spot. It helps to reset the door of cargo on these SUVs. The switch has a power flow and works on electric signals.

Excessive use, power surges, and external heat can damage the switch and require a reset. In such circumstances, it does not respond to the signals and loses efficiency.

Therefore, it does not open through the right Key or the Key fob of the SUV. You should reset the switch settings for its connection to the power circuit.

Replacing this switch is a challenging procedure, and you should ask for the help of a trained mechanic to reset the settings.

The damaged solenoid in the motor

The regulation of the liftgate on a Kia Sorento depends on an electrically working motor. The motor has a solenoid that controls the hydraulic fluid, its flow, and regulation within the system.

You can push the button on the key fob to open it. It activates the motor-based solenoid to push the hydraulic fluid into the relevant chamber, and the tailgate opens automatically because of the settings.

It can turn on the toggle switch of the system when you pull it upwards. The activation of the motor and solenoid depends on fluid stability.

The fluid flow decreases when it contaminates, which reduces the efficiency of motor-based solenoids. The solenoid malfunctions, and you cannot automatically open the cargo door on your SUV through the power regulation system.

It requires a reset for the standard efficiency without interruption. Resetting the liftgate is better to improve the power flow and fluid movement in the solenoid for the optimized efficiency of the motor.

Broken wires

All of its models have specific upgrades and a powertrain control module with various sensors. These sensors have signal-based regulation because the manufacturing companies determine their efficiency and limitations.

Sometimes, the wires of the liftgate electrical circuit break or become loose because of the heat and more usage.

In such circumstances, the PCM cannot respond to the mixed signals and does not deliver signals to the liftgate for its automatic opening.

Replacement of the wires and fuses is necessary, and you should reset the setting of the liftgate to stabilize the power flow in them.

In such circumstances, the signals move to the liftgate of this SUV when you open it through a Key fob, standard Key fob, or push button inside the cabin.

Wrong use of the button

The liftgate of Kia Sorento does not work when people do not use their regulation buttons properly. The individuals press the button with high force and stick in the lower position.

You should check the button and its position to reset the power flow and signal delivery.

Then, you can close and open it from the rear side or inside the cabin compartment.

This problem appears due to the negligence of drivers who do not regulate the Key Fob push button according to the standard procedures.

You should reset the liftgate settings by pushing this button and switch mounted for the handle for around two to three seconds.

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