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What is Jeep Grand Cherokee Ground Wire Location?

What is Jeep Grand Cherokee Ground Wire Location?

Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-size SUV available in 5 generations from 1993-onwards in the US market. Many owners complain about the numerous electrical issues and random functioning of electrical systems or vehicle instrumentation. The most common reason for all the problems is a faulty ground wire. Therefore, knowing their locations is imperative for troubleshooting electrical faults.

What is Jeep Grand Cherokee Ground Wire Location? 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee models have main ground wires from the negative terminal of its battery to the left side inner fender. There are also multiple points on the engine block. Furthermore, 2005-2010 variants have a wire from the engine block to the firewall. 1993-2004 models have their location near the front passenger and driver seats for numerous electrical components.

Each wire has its specific size according to its location and the current rating of its connected systems. For example, 1999-2004 variants have 4-6 gauge wire from the battery negative terminal to the right side of the engine block, acting as one of the main grounds.

Usually, it is 10 gauge for locations other than the main points. Different types of wires include insulated solid wires, flat ground straps, and braided wires connected through 8-14mm nuts, rings, and studs to hold them.

According to the service manual of Jeep Grand Cherokee of various years, about 10-15 ground locations serve as reference points for different electrical systems in their vicinity. You will find them all in a table listed as G, followed by a 3-digit number.

Engine ground wires

On the 2011 model, there is a ground near the alternator side of the engine whose other end has a push connector for connection with a stud nearby alternator. One of them is on the engine block from the firewall on the 1993-1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ variants.

PCM ground connects with the passenger side of the engine block. For the 1999-2004 WJ models, there are 2 reference points on the right side of the 4.7-liter V8 engine block on the rear of the starter motor for PCM, transmission fluid pressure, TCM to speed sensor, BCM, TCM, and data link connectors.

Moreover, the left rear of its block also has ground for oxygen sensors and an AC compressor switch.  

Fuel Pump

1993-1998 ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee models have a ground point on the floor pan hump in front of the driver seat that goes directly to the fuel pump.

The 2005 model also has the same location for the fuel pump reference point. Some variants also have a point on the fuel tank or fuel lines inside it. The 1994 model oil pressure-sending unit has it connected to the engine block.

Chassis and Body points

1993-1998 ZJ variants have a major ground on the left fender side of the SUV frame under the hood, and it acts as a common point for multiple other systems as it directly comes from the battery’s negative terminal.

Ground points for O2 sensors, TCM, PCM, and TC switch are at the coil mount bracket. There is a frame location on the left kick panel to the instrument panel.

For 1999-2004 WJ models, one place is on the right side fender under the hood, having 2 eyelets for the body control module (BCM), transmission control relays in TCM and power distribution box, speed control servo motor, coolant level sensor, radiator fan, and horn relays in the power distribution box.

A point on the inner side of the left fender also connects with various lighting components on that side, such as an anti-lock brake controller, a multifunction switch on the steering column, a wiper motor, and both front and rear washer pumps.

There is also a large strap from the alternator to the chassis in 2005-2010 WK models. The 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a flat wire from the chassis to a stud on the motor mount.


Most of the fasteners or screws holding the metallic parts of the dashboard act as ground points for various electrical and electronic systems in the vicinity, as the dashboard has a plastic body not suitable for the ground. This can also cause loose connections in these wires.

You will find one location on the lower metallic part of the dashboard on the left side of the steering assembly.

For 1993-1998 variants, the instrument panel has a wiring harness with ground wire connected to a point on the floor at the rear of the seat. It provides the requirements for all gauges in the instrument cluster.


The 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee has a wire connected to the firewall near PCM. Its other end connects with the engine block. For 2005-2010 WK variants, you will also find it between the engine and firewall.

The 1997 variant with a 4.0-liter V8 engine has a flat ground strap from the engine block to the firewall. Primarily, it provides a return path for the spark plugs, and its malfunction can result in the engine stalling or misfiring.

The braided wire on the passenger’s side of the firewall of the 2004 SUV model is for radio-noise suppression and connects with the valve cover gasket to complete the path. 

Inside the cabin

The 1994-1998 ZJ and 1999-2004 WJ models have 2 body grounds underneath the floor carpet, one on the left of the driver seat and the other on the right of the front passenger seat for the fuel pump, power-adjustable seat module and other functions like power windows, sunroof switch, rear window defroster, and brake lamp switch.

There are 2 points inside the cabin console on the left of the shifter assembly for the airbag module and various other functions like the instrument cluster, immobilizer module, temperature control, autozone control, cigar lighter, park lamp, and trailer tow relay for 1999-2004 models. 


For the 1993-1998 variants, the ground for the left side headlight and fog lamp relay is on the left inner side under the hood, common with multiple other lighting and electrical components.

1999-2004 WJ models have wires on the inner side of the right fender near the power distribution center for right-side headlights and fog lamps. The location for the left-side lighting is the inner side of the left fender.   

Exhaust system

For 1999-2004 WJ variants, an exhaust ground is connected with the exhaust pipe at Y point on the right side of the Jeep Grand Cherokee under its body on the rear end.

It has an eyelet with 2 flat ground straps connected with the exhaust clamp and exhaust hanger bolt on the back side of the transmission. Some models also have a wire from the exhaust and SUV frame through the transmission mounting bracket.

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