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How Do You Stretch a Semi Truck Frame?

How Do You Stretch a Semi Truck Frame?

Many people stretch the frame of their semi-trucks for different purposes. You can increase its length by adding more metal parts to make them elongated to transport various materials.

How Do You Stretch a Semi Truck Frame? You can stretch a semi truck frame by removing all the pre-existing things on them, including wires and axles. Make its surface smooth and remove paint using grinders and measure its length. Mark the point of the chassis where you want to cut them. Cut the marked end by using a grinder or torch heat. Add the extended part, hold it firmly, and secure it using nuts, screws, and welding procedures.

You cannot do this process at your home without any experience. Moreover, it will also make your truck capable of transporting heavy loads by providing a longer wheelbase.

What is stretching a semi-truck frame mean?

The semi-trucks have the frame, also known as the body of the vehicles, for the placement of different structures.

These frames carry the whole weight of the vehicles, and tires, axles, and steering wheels are also attached to them.

The size and length of the chassis structure vary in different models according to the manufacturing company and type of vehicle.

When the length is not desirable according to your requirement, you can elongate it from the different service centers or call a mechanic at home.

The stretching of these semi-truck chassis means that you are increasing its length by using specified techniques for different purposes.

How to stretch a semi truck frame?

When stretching the frame of the semi-trucks, you have to remove the pre-existing things from their surface.

Remove the wheels from the chassis structure because the torching can affect them due to heat.

You also have to separate all the attached wires for safety purposes and disconnect them from their main connection or main power supply.

In addition, you also have to remove the axle joints and other parts, including the torsion bar and shock absorbers.

You can attach all of these parts when you complete the installation process. You should also remove the battery box and driveshaft if they are present in the way of cutting points.

Scratch the surface with a grinder

After removing all the welded things from the semi truck frame, you have to measure where you want to cut the frame.

Take the measuring tape and mark the point using a marker to cut the metal parts.

When you complete marking the cutting point, then turn on the grinder and remove all of the paint and corrosion from its surface.

The chassis structure is painted to prevent moisture. It is also helpful to remove corrosion with the help of a grinder to make the cutting process easy.

Cut the frame

Once you make the surface clear and clean, you have to cut them using standard procedure. You can use a grinder, but it needs special care.

The holding of the grinder is slightly difficult because your hand can also displace from the marked position because of its excessive pressure.

You have to hold them firmly and firmly for proper cutting from the marked position. You can also use a torch to produce heat and cut the parts.

You should start downward and then move in the upward direction. First, cut horizontally and then move vertically, and its size should be the same as its width.

Secure by bolts and welding

After cutting the old one, attach the new semi truck frame with the existing one. You also need the help of other people who can hold both of the parts firmly for their better attachment.

You have to use high-quality nuts and bolts that can last for longer. It is also necessary to secure them tightly to prevent any problems during loading and unloading.

In addition, you can also use welding procedures for their appropriate attachment with the existing ones. First, you should weld both parts and add screws and bolts for better results.

Why would you stretch a semi-truck frame?

There are different purposes to increase the length of semi-truck and benefit from them.

You cannot do it at home because it is an easy but technical process that requires an experienced person.

Improve resale value

Many people buy a new truck and then want to sell them after one to two years. Many of my friends are also doing this because of their interest in the latest models.

The extension of the frame will increase the resale value of your truck, and you get to benefit from it. It became cost-effective for you, and you can purchase the better model.

The resale value increases because of the double frame that can satisfy the requirements of people.

Increase weight distribution

The other benefit of stretching the chassis structure is to provide more weight distribution throughout the frame.

Most of the load comes on the front side when these semi-truck frames are small, directly affecting the steering wheel and axle joint.

When you extend them, most of the weight also comes on the rear side of the vehicle, which is beneficial.

Place for a generator

The generator is the necessary component in the semi-trucks while traveling a long distance. They provide the electricity and power supply to turn on the different electrical systems.

You can easily stretch the frame of your truck and then put the generator on the rear side.

You cannot place the generator on the interior side because it can produce heat and make the inner compartment uncomfortable to sit.

In addition, you can also put the toolbox on the extended chassis structure.

Carry heavy loads

Most of the trucks are beneficial for transporting different things in different states and areas.

Some of them do not have a large frame for hauling heavy objects. As a result, people cannot load or unload many things on their vehicles, decreasing their earnings.

They can increase their earnings by extending the length of the chassis structure to haul more things on them.

Moreover, it is also beneficial to transport large tanks and containers in different areas. The heavy hauling on them is also safe because of their good weight distribution.

It cannot affect the control and stability of the vehicle while driving at high speed.

Add sleepers

Some truckers want to add sleepers to take ret and fresh themselves while traveling a long distance.

The addition of these sleepers can require more space, and you cannot adjust them without stretching the length.

You can add more metal frames with the pre-existing ones to add sleepers with the cabs. The addition of these small cabins becomes beneficial for the drivers during stressful duty hours.

They can stay on the road at any time and rest in this small place with many accessories.

Smooth ride

The extension will also provide a smooth ride that is free from bumps. The bumps or vibration will occur when most stress is on the steering wheel and axle joint.

When you increase the length, the axle moves away from its point and reduces the issue of vibration.

It mainly moves the rear side axle away from the point to reduce the vibration on bumpy roads that have uneven surfaces.

It will make the ride smooth and comfortable during long trips. Moreover, the vibration will also divert the driver’s attention and irritates them during driving.

Transport steel beams and poles

Different industries take help from the semi-truckers for transportation of their different materials. They transport various materials from the warehouses to the market.

In addition, the large beams and poles require larger vehicles for transportation. Therefore, these beams have larger lengths, and when you place them on the backside, it can increase the risk of accidents.

The stretching of the length of the frame will make the transportation of these large beams easy. You can deliver them without damage; otherwise, half of their parts remain on the road.

The contact of large poles with the road while driving will also produce a grinding sound, which is uncomfortable.

Is it legal to stretch the frame of semi-trucks?

In stretching the semi-truck frame procedure, you add screws to their structures.

The welding and addition of screws and bolts are completely illegal in the United States.

The federal law stated that you only weld the chassis structure for repairing purposes but before giving recommendations from the manufacturing purpose.

Before welding, whether it is done for repairing or attachment purposes, you have to take a recommendation from the company, and then you can do this procedure.

Is it safe to stretch the chassis structure of semi-trucks?

The stretching of semi-trucks is common because they first purchase cheaper and low-priced products.

After this, they increase its quality and length with the stretching procedure.

However, it is not a safe procedure because the nuts and screws used for their binding become loose when hauling heavy things on them.

Moreover, the wear and tear in these screws also come due to corrosion on the metal parts.

In addition, it is also not safe because welding also becomes bad after some time, mainly due to exposure to moisture.

You have to tighten its nuts and bolts after every 3 to 4 weeks to increase their safety on roads and national highways.

How much does it cost to stretch a semi frame?

The average cost of stretching a semi truck frame is about $2200 to $7000 with labor costs.

It also varies from model to model because of their different features. In some of the latest models, their average price ranges from $2500 to $3500.

Its cost also depends upon the shop or service centers from where you are taking this service. Some workshops will charge more because of their market demand and value.

In addition, it will also depend upon that how much you want to increase the length of the frame. The longer ones will require more metal, ultimately increasing their cost.

You also have to extend the wires and add new ones in this process. The cost of wires depends upon their length, and on average, it ranges from $800 to $1000.

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