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How To Tow a Semi Truck?

How To Tow a Semi Truck?

It is not an easy job to tow the semi-trucks because they are extremely massive and heavy in weight.

The towing process involves putting or loading your semi-truck on another vehicle used for taking it to the mechanic for repair.

How To Tow a Semi Truck? You can tow a semi truck by using equipment like a winch, safety chains, straps, wheel chocks, and the tow truck. Keep your truck in front of the tow vehicle, use the winch, and attach it to both vehicles with the help of hooks. Next, you have to place the wheel chocks near the wheels, providing an easy drag against the sliding surface. In addition, attach the chain and straps to secure your semi-truck.

Specific types of equipment are efficient for this purpose, and a person should pay extra attention because it is a matter of safety.

You can perform this task yourself, but certain companies offer you better and safest options to deal with this difficulty.

Why would you tow the semi-truck?

The truck on the wheels is more prone to general wear and tear, but sometimes you feel helpless.

It can break down during a long journey like others, and you have to take it to the mechanic urgently.

Sudden stops during the long journey can block the highway because the truck is huge and serves as an obstacle in the passage.

Towing is time-consuming because it takes time to call for a loading device and keep it up with the loader.

What tools do you need to tow the semi-truck?

It is not as simple to tow this as like other vehicles because of more size and weight associated with its massiveness.

A specific type of material and equipment is needed to perform this task efficiently because it is concerned with your safety.

Integrated tow trucks

Casually used trucks are not suitable to load your semi truck, and you have to call for a specific loading machine.

Mostly it is not a quick approach as you are away from your place and you cannot always take it with you as it costs much.

The heavy-duty vehicle known as integrated towing machines is better for this task as these are helpful in their working.

These are more durable with sufficient strength to carry the heavyweight, and sometimes the cargo is also there within the trailer.

A hooked, flatbed and chained devices do not work well as they are beneficial to have lightweight with a minimum of cargo.

These integrated machines have particular tools like wheel lifts and booms which are helpful for their efficient working.

These components give it durable nature, capable of carrying the cargo-contained vehicle that can make you uncomfortable otherwise.

It is convenient to operate it from the inside, making it efficient and furious in its working.


It is a powerful device used to hold heavy-duty objects like semi trucks, but it should have long-lasting nature with high tensile strength.

It contains a rotating drum having a winding chain or a rope that operates under the control of a motor or a crank.

The drum or spool should consist of fabricated steel with a suitable strength helpful to pick up the heavy weighted load.

An electric winch helps pul and lift the troublesome truck, and you have to attach it to the front side or bumper of the vehicle.

It works for accurate positioning, and it is perfect, especially in muddy areas where wheels are difficult to move.

Safety chains

The safety chains are essential to lifting the semi-truck, but it offers secure dragging along with the loader.

It creates a link between the semi-truck and the integrated towing vehicle, and most of the time, you have to use two chains.

They are present with chain retainers, but improper rigging can disturb your work, and sudden falls are common.

Cross the chain with the coupler and hitch, permitting to hold up with the tongue, but proper fastening is compulsory.

You have to check it frequently, but you cannot keep up the chain unless there are no hooks in the hitch for this purpose.

Wheel chock

It is a wedge-shaped structure used to keep in front of the wheels of a vehicle, and usually, it is made up of wood but sometimes metal.

The wheel chocks are the devices used to prevent undesired movement like rolling and overturning during towing.

The wheel chock is an impedance providing support by using friction to work against the siding.

Some people used to place the bricks as it proves easy and cheap to have them because you are away from your city.


The straps help pick up the defective semi-truck during a long journey and on highways.

Sometimes it is also helpful to bind the stuck-in vehicle behind the other towing vehicle.

The excessive pressure can break this safety strap, and you have to choose a suitable strap that can carry the desired load.

The ratchet straps are perfect in this case because it gives minimum stretch confirming better and firm support to the stuck-in object.

Some people use simple ropes to carry it, but these seldom secure their position as a suitable option.

The hooks are helpful to attach the strap with the object, but there should be no corrosion all around them.

How do you tow a semi-truck?

Firstly you have to call for all the equipment and material needed for the successful towing of your semi truck.

You have to make sure that the loading equipment is safe to use, and it should have the capacity to carry heavy-duty engines.

Now place the wheel chocks consisting of wood or metal, but it is better to use metallic structures due to the massiveness of the object.

Now attaching the winch with the truck helps lift the defective vehicle that is difficult to run by itself.

Attach the safety chains and straps, and in this regard, retainer hooks perform well but make sure that there is no rust.

You have to disconnect the transmission, axle, and driveshaft to load it on the towing truck which used to take your vehicle to the workshop.

It should have the capacity to carry this huge-sized truck because all of the devices are not perfect in this case.

It is not sufficient to have the vehicle in a neutral position, but it works as a prerequisite as it is the safest option to deal.

Sometimes you have to remove the driveshaft or axle to disconnect the transmission, and it works well.

The need is to drive carefully and keep the speed to a minimum range as the object is heavy, causing damage.

It should not be in gear because gears do not permit free movement during dragging, and the vehicle will move according to the gear.

When a truck is in first gear, it cannot go faster than the gear’s speed.

On reaching the workshop, you have to place the wheel chocks again in front of the wheels, and it helps its safe dragging against the slope.

Carefully disengage the chains, straps, safety hooks, and electric winch by commanding the motor to work effectively.

Is it easy to tow a semi-truck?

It is difficult to tow a semi-truck, and many people feel trouble in this task because it is challenging to have all the desired material at every place.

Therefore, these are massive in their dimensions and size and are not suitable to load by the standard towing devices.

It is also problematic to drag these heavy-duty engines as it demands more labor and heavy-duty tools.

You have to contact a mechanic on-site for damage repair then take it to the mechanic’s workshop.

It needs the supervision of a professional because certain specifications are required to remove the risk of damage.

Can you tow a semi-truck on another semi-truck?

Some people wonder if it can be a better option to use a similar type of vehicle for loading, but there are some requirements to make it possible.

You have to use a wrecker unit for the fourth wheel, and it is functional for converting the present equipment into the required one, and now it is ready to load everything you want.

The hook on the wrecker unit is responsible, and you have to follow the recommended instructions.

Can you tow the semi truck by yourself?

You can do this task by yourself, but you have to be skillful with sufficient know-how about the mechanics.

It is better to call for an expert to town your semi truck and assistance permitting the risk-free delivery system.

It requires more money to hire a professional, but it increases the life expectancy of the object.

What to look for a professional company helping in towing?

The company should be an expert in this regard, and it should have all the required equipment and tools. You should also ask them about the cost of towing your truck.

Experience is a prerequisite in selecting a suitable company because it is a matter of security that can increase the life span.

Its authenticity depends on the customer service and does not go for the company that does not respond well.

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