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How Far Can a Ford F150 Go On Empty?

How Far Can a Ford F150 Go On Empty?

It is common that you are driving a Ford F150, and suddenly you notice the empty fuel sign. There is no need to panic; here are the proven techniques to manage and drive your Ford truck when the fuel tank is empty.

How Far Can a Ford F150 Go On Empty? In general, a Ford F150 can go on empty for up to 33 to 85 miles. It can travel these miles when the fuel indicator shows zero miles. The fuel light turns on when it decreases from the standard limit. 

People avoid the empty indications of the truck, and it occurs due to human negligence, and it can be dangerous for the safety.

How Far Can a Ford F150 Go On Empty?

You can drive Ford F150 even when the tank says it’s empty; different Ford models have different fuel tank capacities and different reserve fuel capacities.

You can reach a fuel station after the emptying of a fuel tank. It is an advanced feature, and you can take benefit from harmful situations. 

47 Examples of Ford F150 with fuel tank size and miles it can go on empty

Models of Ford F150 Tank Size Miles it can go on an empty tank
1975 Ford F150 30 to 39 gallons 57 miles
1976 Ford F150 19 to 21 gallons 68 miles
1977 Ford F150 15 to 20 gallons 55 miles
1978 Ford F150 37 to 39 gallons 71 miles
1979 Ford F150 21 to 23 gallons 78 miles
1980 Ford F150 18 to 21 gallons 46 miles
1981 Ford F150 14 to 20 gallons 49 miles
1982 Ford F150 14 to 17 gallons 48 miles
1983 Ford F150 24 to 37 gallons 56 miles
1984 Ford F150 35 to 39 gallons 49 miles
1985 Ford F150 18 to 20 gallons 74 miles
1986 Ford F150 19 to 22 gallons 78 miles
1987 Ford F150 19 to 23 gallons 59 miles
1988 Ford F150 17 to 18 gallons 62 miles
1989 Ford F150 17 to 19 gallons 78 miles
1990 Ford F150 17 to 19 gallons 77 miles
1991 Ford F150 36 to 38 gallons 69 miles
1992 Ford F150 18 to 20 gallons 70 miles
1993 Ford F150 18 to 19 gallons 78 miles
1994 Ford F150 17 to 20 gallons 68 miles
1995 Ford F150 35 to 38 gallons 77 miles
1996 Ford F150 30 to 35 gallons 49 miles
1997 Ford F150 29 to 31 gallons 47 miles
1998 Ford F150 28 to 31 gallons 55 miles
1999 Ford F150 22 to 24 gallons 64 miles
2000 Ford F150 23 to 25 gallons 74 miles
2001 Ford F150 23 to 26 gallons 76 miles
2002 Ford F150 24 to 26 gallons 57 miles
2003 Ford F150 23 to 25 gallons 48 miles
2004 Ford F150 24 to 26 gallons 56 miles
2005 Ford F150 27 to 29 gallons 47 miles
2006 Ford F150 25 to 27 gallons 74 miles
2007 Ford F150 28 to 31 gallons 76 miles
2008 Ford F150 26 to 28 gallons 65 miles
2009 Ford F150 25 to 28 gallons 60 miles
2010 Ford F150 35 to 37 gallons 76 miles
2011 Ford F150 24 to 27 gallons 48 miles
2012 Ford F150 32 to 37 gallons 54 miles
2013 Ford F150 30 to 37 gallons 58 miles
2014 Ford F150 24 to 27 gallons 65 miles
2015 Ford F150 25 to 27 gallons 68 miles
2016 Ford F150 22 to 24 gallons 59 miles
2017 Ford F150 22 to 24 gallons 66 miles
2018 Ford F150 24 to 27 gallons 78 miles
2019 Ford F150 24 to 25 gallons 57 miles
2020 Ford F150 22 to 37 gallons 48 miles
2021 Ford F150 23 to 25 gallons 59 miles
2022 Ford F150 22 to 25 gallons 79 miles

How to know when Ford F150 fuel is about to end?

The fuel or gas capacity of the engine belongs to a light indicator. It shows the low levels of the material and is a clear sign to fill it again.

The fuel light never turns on the initial emptying stage of the fuel tank. Instead, it takes time and gets down to the 1/15 to 1/16 level of the inner material.

Finally, the light turns on and shows the signs that you cannot drive too far distance anymore.

The dragging of the vehicle after such symptoms can lead to engine damages. The damages are costly to repair than the standard price of fuel or gas.

Is it bad for Ford F150 to drive after its fuel tank is empty?

Here are the main disadvantages of driving a truck with an empty tank.

Trapping in inappropriate locations

A person can trap in a wild location without any contact service. In case of no closer fuel or gas station, the situation can get worse.

It is one of the drawbacks to driving a truck after empty conditions. You can stick somewhere in the middle of wild places. 

Ford converter issues

The engine can run few miles after the empty tank, but it is not suitable for the converter. Few damages can occur in this structure, and repairing is expensive. 

The converter becomes inefficient to exhaust the toxic gases. It emits harmful substances in the environment, and you can also observe fumes. 

Safety issues

It can stop anywhere on the road due to less fuel.

The unknown places at any hour of the day are not safe. The robbers can attack the stuck person, and it is a drawback of such conditions. 


It is convenient to drive the Ford after the tank is empty. It can move smoothly to few miles after these situations.

However, in some circumstances, Ford can lose control of various operating tools. It results in the uncontrollable movement of the Ford, and an accident occurs. 

Effects on engine

The driving of the truck after the empty tank has the worst effects on the engine. It can lose efficiency to work accurately. Smoke and fire are prominent issues in these circumstances. 

What to do when Ford F150 has an empty fuel tank?

Follow these guidelines when fuel ends in your truck:

Close the truck 

Take preventive measures when you drive a vehicle with no fuel. Close all the windows and doors of these structures.

It is beneficial to prevent wind resistance. The driving becomes smooth after such measures.

Roll the window glass upwards and do not allow any air inside. Then, move the structure as many miles as you can to reach any fuel/gas station. 

Shut off the electric gadgets

Multiple electronic gadgets can consume tank energy. Therefore, turn them off during the empty tank driving conditions.

It can prolong the miles, and the drive remains uninterrupted. Remove all the external electricity-sucking devices like chargers and mobile phones. 

Speed moderation

Always keep the speed between 30 to 39 mph, and it is suitable in empty tank conditions. So the driving remains smooth on the highways or other excellent roads.

Adjust the speed according to prevent various issues. 

Prevent all types of accidental conditions and reach the fuel stations. Take the help of a friend to access the nearest spot.

Fill the tank to preserve future errors. Never leave the truck with extra miles.

Few of the Fords stop working suddenly even when the miles left. So it can trap you in an uninviting situation, and the losses are irreversible. 

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