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How to Replace Ford F150 License Plate Light?

How to Replace Ford F150 License Plate Light?

The license plate of the Ford F150 is one of the essential parts of the whole truck. It requires recognition even in dark road conditions, and its light provides a clear view of the number plate. 

How to Replace Ford F150 License Plate Light? In general, you can replace the license plate light of the Ford F150 by removing its socket. Remove the old light bulb and add a new bulb, and secure the device with accurate rotations. Next, turn on the headlights and check the working of these license plate bulbs.

In the absence of a number plate light, the system becomes vulnerable. It requires replacement in case of burnout situations. The process of replacement is cost-effective, and it secures various harmful conditions. 

How to Replace Ford F150 License Plate Light?

Here are 9 easy steps to remove and install a new light bulb in your Ford F150 license plate. This is a very easy process and you can do this at your home.

Access the plate light

The license light is usually behind the number plate. It is in the form of a small light-emitting electrode bulb. In few cases, the light may comprise two bulbs simultaneously. 

It is a rare case, and you can find a single bulb in the Ford F150. First, access the light bulb, then go through each part of the bumper compartment in the bottom area. 

Reach the broken light and observe its sides. The light is usually off in the replacement procedures. The light can get extremely dim due to a lack of efficiency. 

The finding process becomes difficult due to such conditions, and you can read the manual of the Ford F150. It provides a clear explanation of the light location. 

Adjust the position of the Ford F150

The movement of the truck is essential in this procedure. You can use the ignition key and turn the steering section. It can turn the wheels in the relevant direction, and this area also moves. 

The change of direction helps to perform the process with minimum errors. You can also change your movement according to the issue.

The assessment of the broken or burnt light is necessary. You cannot lead to the next steps without adjusting to the position. 

In this way, the hands can reach the broken device without any disturbance.

The avoidance of such instructions can cause wounds and other such conditions. Therefore, always follow the necessary guidelines or take expert help during such procedures. 

Approach the inner socket

The license light of the ford f150 is usually present inside a socket. The socket approach is necessary for the removal procedures, and they occur under the bumper area.

It is always the rear compartment of the truck that comprises such structures. In addition, they have a specific grey color in all models of Ford trucks.

The identification and access become convenient due to the color. Observe the sides and corners of the socket.

It has a slightly covering body that can include the light bulb. It is like a protector and linking passage. The electrical connection becomes convenient due to such intermittent devices.

Remove its bracket

The removal of the socket is necessary to detach any electrical connection between the license light and truck.

The detachment proceeds are convenient for any performer. Follow the guidelines of an expert person.

It has an accurate tightening position inside the bumper section. Rotate the socket slowly with your hands. 

It is a manual procedure, and the use of tools can lead to damages. Keep the rotations gentle and anticlockwise.

The opening of the socket becomes smooth due to such movements. So keep it moving until you get the device in your hands. 

Detach it from the attachment point and keep it aside. It is helpful to use the old socket because it remains in an excellent position.

The light burns and damages due to various conditions and requires replacement. You can also utilize a new socket for the accuracy and appeal of the light section.

Detach license plate light bulbs

Pull the light bulb slightly out of the lighthouse; it provides a clear picture of the amount of strength during such procedures.

Rotate the light bulb in a precise direction. Keep the movements anticlockwise, and it makes the removal convenient.

The removal of the bulb in intact conditions is suitable than broken pieces. Few of them can reside inside the bumper.

It makes the installation of new light impossible, and the process reduces a lot of time and energy. It is not beneficial for any person performing such activities. 

Pull the light bulb out once you loosen it completely. Detach it from the socket, and you can discard it. These light bulbs are of no use once they burn out. 

Add new light bulbs

Purchase a new light bulb for the license plate of the Ford F150. You can use high-quality wedge bulbs with maximum light.

But, unfortunately, they have attachment capabilities and arrive with a warranty, and the installation process of these bulbs is smothering. 

Install the new or old socket before putting the light in this section. Push the bulb inside the socket and then rotate it. Keep the rotations gentle and smooth. 

The rotations are clockwise in this step, and they allow comfortable removal. Make sure the socket is stable in the bumper area. There is no involvement of tools in this installation process as well. 

Secure the license plate

Secure the device on the socket compartment with rotation and force. Install license plate bracket to make it stable. Never apply an excessive amount of strength because it can lead to damages.

The appropriate condition of the socket is necessary for the control of light-emitting electrode bulbs.

The electrical connection gets smooth due to the presence of a socket. The firmness of the tool determines the stability of the system.

Turn on the headlights

Turn the headlights on and observe the turn-on light. They are in a direct correlation with each other.

In the presence of error, recheck the inner light and socket. Rotate the bulb for precise results and never apply force on it. 

How much does it cost to replace the license plate light bulbs in Ford F150?

The average cost to replace a license plate light is up to $70 to $130. It includes the price of the light bulb and the new socket.

The average rate of its light bulb is approximately $60 to $100. 

The price varies according to manufacturing companies. The maximum rate of the license plate light’s socket is up to $50 to $70. There is no involvement of any other iron or steel tool in this process.

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