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How Long Do Rental Car Companies Keep Their Cars?

How Long Do Rental Car Companies Keep Their Cars?

Many people prefer to rent a car from a rental car company for a short time. They prefer the new and updated versions of vehicles because they do not keep them for a long time.

How Long Do Rental Car Companies Keep Their Cars? The rental companies keep their cars for almost 2 months to 24 months, with an average time of 12 months. They buy the vehicles from the manufacturer directly because they offer discounts on purchasing multiple cars. The company sells the old models to the customers or returns them to the manufacturer to modify them. If the company keeps the same version for a long time, its value decreases in the market.

Many people prefer to rent a car; however, some do not like to hire for a short time. You can go for the trip on your favorite vehicle through a rental company if you do not own it at that time.

How long do rental companies use their cars?

The rental car companies keep their cars with them for a maximum of 24 months. They mostly keep them according to the upcoming models and versions.

If you want to keep your vehicle in this company, you can deal with them with an average time of about 12 months.

It is better for them to change the old automobiles with the new ones to meet the demands of their regular customers.

Where do rental companies buy their cars?

It purchases the cars from the manufacturer directly in bulk to fulfill the need of the people. Then, they modify it according to the need and demands of the customers.

In addition, they buy them from the fleet division in large quantities for one year. Many companies sell them after one year as used automobiles and change them with the newest models yearly.

Some go to the franchise and dealership to deal with the cars, but sometimes they do not offer discounts. The dealer will go to the enterprise and manufacturer as it is affordable for both parties.

What happens if a rental company keeps a car for too long?

The top companies maintain their inventory and change the models of their vehicles on time. The maximum duration of keeping them is about 24 months.

This time is also according to the manufacturer because it takes a year to launch the new models. Taking the old vehicle for a long time in your rental company decreases its demand and price.

The older models lack new technology and attractive features that lower their demand. Customers prefer to hire the latest models for a short time when they cannot afford to buy them.

It is better to resell them after the minimum time because, after a long duration, their price will go down in the market.

What do rental car companies do with their old cars?

You can resale the old cars to the manufacturer when you want to change its fleet with new models. Furthermore, you can give them at a wholesale auction but at a low price.

Sometimes you buy its large quantities from the manufacturer as a program car. It is the vehicle that you can return to the enterprise or franchise after the completion of the contract duration.

Both parties decide the price and duration at the time of the deal to avoid any inconvenience. Moreover, its price also depends on the mileage and condition of its components.

They prefer to sell it if their regular customers demand them to purchase it by offering a handsome amount. This way, it can maintain its inventory by replacing the old with the new.

It is the way to attract customers to your company by showing them the newest and updated versions of the vehicles. In addition, many tourists prefer to hire cars suitable for off-roading because they go to the mountains and rocky areas.

If they find it according to the off-roading features and do not face any difficulty, they will also prefer their friends to hire the vehicle from the same company.

Things to consider while buying a car from a rental company

You can buy a car from the rental company if you do not have enough budget to buy the same model from the franchise and dealership. However, it is better to consider the following things when buying an old variant.

Check Mileage

Many people check the car’s mileage at the time of purchase. You can buy the old model from the rental company at an average mileage of about 24000 to 38000 miles.

It can damage the tires and other parts, such as the vehicle’s suspension, if it has covered more mileage.

Therefore, it is better to check the vehicle’s exact mileage while buying from the rental company through the odometer.

Furthermore, it shows the real values, and you can judge its conditions. Sometimes the vehicles look new and attractive, but they have some rough and old parts. For example, its tires become rough when you drive it on rocky and uneven surfaces.

It also decreases its traction on roads, and you will face difficulty while applying brakes during driving.

You can insist the dealer lower its price if you see any fault in the vehicle. It is better to switch to another option if available.


The rental companies keep their vehicles in good condition to maintain their name and become more popular in their area.

They have a service station nearby or in the same place to clean the vehicles. Then, the workers take them for carwash through the ramp and leave them for an automatic wash for a specific time.

Every vehicle does not bear the automatic carwash because of the harsh brushes and high pressure of water. In addition, some cars have new and sensitive parts on the outer side of their body that cannot withstand the harshness of the brushes.

The scratches are visible that you can see clearly, but the dealer applies the paint to hide them. In this way, they can earn a profit by hiding their fault.

It is better to ask about the carwash at the time of purchase. It will help you identify the marks and damage on its surface.

It is the duty of the company to carwash after returning from the customer after a rental period. The dust and greasy material in the air stick to the car, especially on the windshield.

The stickiness decreases the clear vision and makes the appearance of glass blurry. You can depict its condition by its carwash method.

Check its Price

These companies hire the cars for a short time and change all the models with the new and demanding ones for upgradation.

The price of the old car should be less than the brand new model available in the market. The companies sometimes point the vehicles for sale after completing the 30000 mileage.

The average discount on the price of a good condition and average mileage covered by the car is about 10% less than the market rate.

Sometimes you do not have your vehicle but hire the same model from the company where you are comfortable.

In the same way, one of my friends decides to purchase the exact vehicle he often hires for short trips and tours.

He went to the market to know its running rate and then to the rental company. He was confident of its condition because he was a regular customer of the same vehicle and purchased it.

Inspection of car components

You can inspect the vehicles’ components with help from a professional. However, it is better to take your friend who has better information about automobiles.

Many people prefer to buy running cars from rental companies for a short period. You can prefer them, but you should inspect their parts before dealing.

It is better to get its knowledge from the authentic to deal with the company. You can see the visible parts such as seats, steering, wheels, and doors.

You should check for faulty and worn-out components. If you see any scratch on its hood, you can ask the company to lower its price.

Moreover, you should check the dents and damages on the vehicle’s body. The AC and other technology features should be in good condition.

Age of automobile

Most rental companies keep the cars for almost a few months, sell them to the customers, and return them to the manufacturer.

The age of the automobile matters when you buy it from a rental car company. Sometimes the dealer maintains the old model and sells it to the customers for profit.

It is better to take the mechanic and some professional to take with you who can inspect the age of the engine. This is because the performance of the vehicle depends on the engine.

Many retailers demand extra charges and money as a punishment if you have an accident with their vehicle. Its engine can get damaged during this accident, and the company replaced the engine.

You cannot understand its conditions, so it is better to call your mechanic fiend. He will give you an idea about its age and price.

Resale value

Some people want to buy a car to invest their money to earn a profit. However, if you have a considerable amount, you can invest in a rental car company.

If you are their regular customer, you can buy a good-condition vehicle. 

You can resale it after a few months if you want to purchase the new model. However, sometimes you will face loss if you prefer the low-resale value vehicle in an emergency.

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