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How Much Does a Hyundai Venue Weigh?

How Much Does a Hyundai Venue Weigh?

Hyundai venue is an emerging SUV, and it is popular due to its size, price range, beautiful interior, and variety of colors. The latest models of Hyundai Venue come up with better payload capacity; you can tow slightly larger vehicles with them. 

How Much Does a Hyundai Venue Weigh? Hyundai Venue weighs between 2530 pounds to 2640 pounds with an engine power of 127-hp. It is the best family SUV with an average dimension of 155×65×65 inches and cargo space of about 15 to 20 cubic feet. On average, the weight of Hyundai venue is 1.3 tons with 4-wheel drive torque distribution. 

When you determine the curb weight of the vehicle you want to purchase, you should also check its payload capacity. 

Examples of Hyundai Venue with their Weight in pounds, kilograms, and tons

Hyundai Venue Models Weight in pounds Weight in kg Weight in tons Size Engine power
2019 Hyundai venue 2605 pounds 1181 kg 1.3025 tons 155 × 65 × 64 inches 125 hp
2020 Hyundai venue 2618 pounds 1187 kg 1.309 tons 156 × 66 × 63 inches 127 hp
2021 Hyundai venue 2620 pounds 1188 kg 1.31 tons 154 × 65 × 65 inches 126 hp
2022 Hyundai venue 2622 pounds 1189 kg 1.311 tons 157 × 66 × 64 inches 124 hp

In what year did Hyundai Venue have maximum weight?

When a company is designing any vehicle, it will keep in mind the demands of customers. The demands of consumers are changing after every passing day due to modernism and technology.

Suppose your vehicle is not according to their desire, the economy of the manufacturing company will decline. For example, the Hyundai Venue has almost the same weight in all years, ranging from 2600 pounds to 2650 pounds.

This SUV has a good quality of tires that you can use in all seasons. It seems that the temperature fluctuation cannot cause any damage to them. The manufacturing industry is using alloys like Aluminum, magnesium, and other metals to make these tires.

These also have a 4 wheel drive for the front sides to distribute the torque on tires and increasing their stability.

The presence of highly equipped systems increases the load of this vehicle. However, these are comfortable ones due to their highly soft and cozy front headrests and rear headrests.

To prevent accidents and the safety of drivers, these contain dual airbags on the front and rear side of the seat so they can cover the person completely during the application of pressure brakes.

The highly organized parts of suspension systems make them a little heavier, but they contribute to smooth drive on the highway.

These also have power-adjustable seats, ventilated front disc, and anchors on children’s seats for their safety.

The other things contributing to increasing their load are electrical power steering, leather steering wheel, and telescopic steering wheel.

The presence of a panoramic roof for the roofing system’s safety also increases the load of the Hyundai venue. Moreover, it contains an engine with 130-hp power capacity with 1.8 liters fuel capacity and four cylinders.

Its infotainment system features a big screen, USB ports, Android-Auto, Apple CarPlay, and other stereo systems with god base quality.

The chassis structure contains tensile strength steel to make them resistant to bending, slightly increasing their mass.

It provides a highly equipped transmission system to provide the engine power towards the driver shaft.

These SUVs are heavier due to security systems like rearview cameras, temperature monitoring, and auto tire-pressure monitoring systems.

The exterior body is mainly made of 50% to 60% of tensile strength steel, ultimately making them heavier.

These SUV models have windshield wipers on the back and the front side of the glass window, which slightly increases their mass.

Is Hyundai Venue lighter than other SUVs?

On average, the weight range of Hyundai Venue is around 2600 pounds to 2650 pounds. 

These are lighter than other SUVs due to the demand of customers and their perception. The lighter ones are better because they take less engine power to start up. In addition, it will increase the longevity of the engine and the spark plugs.

These are lighter than other SUVs because their body contains aluminum, magnesium and other metal alloys which makes them lighter,

It also contains carbon fiber which can also protect against crashes and accidents. The benefits of using these lighter materials are that they will also absorb energy during collisions and prevent excessive dents from surfaces.

The lighter ones are also easy to drive due to their better speed and increased resistance of tires on the road.

The benefits of these lighter Hyundai venues are that they have a better brakes system and decrease the brake distance.

The heavier ones are difficult to control during the sudden application of brakes. However, these are lighter than other SUVs because the consumers are demanding them.

Consumers are demanding lighter ones nowadays due to their better fuel efficiency. These will saves your fuel economy and make them affordable.

These are less costly than the other ones due to low-weight materials in their manufacturing.

Moreover, due to its less mass, its specific parts last for a long time, like chassis structure, tires, and transmission system.

The manufacturing company is making them lighter than other vehicles to reduce their price, which directly increases the affordability of customers and profit of the company.

The Hyundai venue is lighter than other ones because it is more comfortable to drive them. It is best for the young generation due to its price range and weight.

The power steering control of the vehicle is more important, so the company keeps these things in mind and makes them lighter to increase the stability of electric power steering.

The decrease in its mass also occurs because the manufacturers also use plastic material for making their interior and exterior structures.

Its tires and rims are also made of alloy materials like aluminum and magnesium, making them less heavy than other SUVs.

The lighter ones are easy to drive because they need less energy from the engine to accelerate them. These are also beneficial when planning trips with your family and friends on some hilly and mountainy areas due to their less mass.

The safety of the environment is also primarily important because of the survival of living things. The manufacturing industry nowadays keeps this thing in mind and making the vehicles smaller.

 The benefit of smaller ones for the environment is that they will produce less pollution due to decreased carbon monoxide and lead emissions.

The industry is also making them lighter by adding alloy wheels with diamonds on their surface, increasing their friction on-road and making them less slippery during the rainy season.

What is the average size of the Hyundai Venue?

The average size of this small SUV is about 156 × 65 × 64 inches. These are small subcompact SUVs which has smaller dimensions than other large-size SUVs.

These are five seaters with two front and three back seats. These are more comfortable due to the presence of extra space for headrests and legroom. Again, it is better for high school adults who have their licenses; they can drive them easily and comfortably.

It provides excessive space on back seats for young adults to relax their legs during long trips. In addition, the area behind front seats is more so they become more comfortable and accommodating for driver and passenger.

It provides cargo space of about 15 to 20 cubic feet which is less than other larger SUVs. This cargo space is enough for placement of:

  • School bags of your children
  • Groceries after shopping
  • Small suitcases for your small tours
  • Official accessories like your bag and essential files
  • Sportsman can also place their playing accessories and sports kit
  • A musician can put their only small instruments in them

It will provide cargo space of about 30 to 35 cubic feet after folding of rear seats. So when two of your friends plan long trips, they can easily fold the back row seats and place their luggage in them.

It is also easy to adjust your camping tools and accessories in a space with folding seats and without folding rear seats.

I have conducted a survey on the dimensions of Hyundai venue versus other large-sized compact SUVs. The target population was the young high school-going generation of American people. 

The study results showed that most adult populations like these vehicles due to their appropriately small size. It is also the best family subcompact SUV for the accommodation of 4 to 5 family members.

Is Hyundai Venue a good towing vehicle?

The towing capacity depends upon the durability of its parts. For example, it can easily tow up to 1700 pounds to 1800 pounds of weight. 

The hauling capacity most importantly depends upon the engine power. The engine power of these vehicles is about 127 hp, so you can’t tow more than 1800 pounds with them. 

The thing that you can easily hall with them are:

  • Small boats whose weight is less than 1720 pounds
  • Small cargo trolleys whose weight is not more than 1700 pounds
  • Small cycles with mass less than 1800 pounds
  • Small trailers such as teardrop ones with a load less than 1750 pounds
  • Wooden carts for placement of excessive luggage

If you are hauling heavy things with them, it can completely damage its structure and cause wearing in specific parts like brakes, transmission, and suspension systems.

When placing excessive load than their maximum capacity, it can also cause difficulty in releasing trailer hitch due to disturbance of balance it stuck in them.

When you are hauling excessive weight like camper and trailer for your tour, it can destroy the part of the vehicle, causing overheating the engine.

It will also make it challenging to drive due to heavier mass on hilly and beachy areas. In short, it will disturb smooth driving on the road.

What is the Gross weight of the Hyundai venue?

The maximum gross weight of this subcompact SUV is about 3500 pounds to 3750 pounds. It means that its curb weight is about 2600 pounds, and you can put about 900 pounds extra weight on them. 

When you are loading them with a passenger, you should take care of this. You can check their load from weigh stations for the safety and longevity of your vehicle.

If you overload them, the engine will make more effort for acceleration, producing overheating in the engine compartment. This overheating can also loosen or break the different belts and mounts in them, which will produce shaking and vibrating sounds.

Overloading will also disturb the stability of your vehicle, and you can’t properly control the steering wheel due to excessive mass.

 It will also destroy the braking pads when you are applying brakes frequently with heavy loads. It will increase the chances of accidents due to less stability and balancing of the steering wheel.

On national highways, you have to pay heavy-duty tax and fines due to overloading.

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