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Where is Starter on Toyota Tacoma?

Where is Starter on Toyota Tacoma?

The starter in Toyota Tacoma is used for ignition. However, to have a detailed analysis, repair, and installation of a new starter in your Toyota Tacoma, you need to know about its location in the engine of your truck.

Where is Starter on Toyota Tacoma? The starter on Toyota Tacoma is present right beneath the driver side along the engine bay in the steering column. After jacking up the truck, dismantle the mud flaps and wheel from the driver’s side to gain access without removing parts from the engine. You can locate it by uncovering the hood. Locate the battery’s positive terminal and cable connections that connect to or pass through the various components. You can see a two-cylinder in which one is the starter connected with the bolts.

For Toyota Tacoma, it is located right beneath the driver’s side with the engine bay in the steering column. For this, you need to remove first the driver seat then the shell covering the engine bay. 

The reason behind the underlying fact is frequent wear and tear of starter due to continuous use of your truck and its irregular or no maintenance at all. 

Failure of the device is usually recognized by no sound when you try to ignite the engine of your truck. 

Location of Starter in the Toyota Tacoma models

The starter in Toyota Tacoma is present behind the steering column. It is purpose build position for this device due to its vital role in providing much-needed ignition to the engine inside your vehicle.

You turn the key to start the truck’s engine through the starter, click or cracking sound produce, due to friction, which causes the ignition to heat up and start the engine. 

You can get access toward it by removal of the rubber splash guard on the engine rear side. In this way, remove the wheel on the driver’s side to get easy access. 

After removing its components, you can see the starter behind the steering column and exhaust manifold.

Locate the Starter of Toyota Tacoma Without Removing any Component

In this process, you can access this part without removing any engine part under the hood.

Jack up the Toyota Tacoma Truck

To reach toward the starter, you have to jack up your truck first. Then, check the manual and follow the instructions because perfect alignment is required to avoid any problems.

Place it under the truck on the driver’s side. Elevate the support until both properly fit in their place.

Remove the Wheel of the Toyota Tacoma Truck

The truck comes up with various sizes, cab style configuration, trim level, bed sizes, and more varieties. 

This truck has user-friendly technology, has more power strength, reliability, and a lavish exterior. 

Tire or wheel removal is a simple procedure that you can perform yourself.

 If you are hesitant to do this, then perform it by a professional technician. 

You use the tool, loosen all of the lug nuts on the driver’s side of the wheel, making sure that they are all loose.

After that, lift the wheel off the ground and remove the loosened lug nut. Finally, take the wheel from the driver’s side after all the lugs removal.

Dismantle the Rubber Splash Guard

A rubber splash guard or mud splash is best to protect your vehicle paint from debris chipped by stuff and other material damage the body. On the front side, the wheel has three bolts with 10mm that fit it.

Its removal is easy and needs a socket around 10mm and a wrench. Unscrew all these bolts and remove the mud flaps from the front side of the wheel that is present behind it. 

You can view the starter and gain access after you dismantle the front side wheel and rubber mud flap.

Significance of Locating Starter Inside the Engine of your Toyota Tacoma

The starter is essential in getting your vehicle on the road. Therefore, you need to keep it well maintained for your Toyota Tacoma. 

 You can see how it operates inside the engine when it activates, its components, and their integration to get it functional inside it by locating the device.

It is necessary maintenance either by yourself if you are well aware of it or by some trained mechanic. 

How to Trace the Starter in Toyota Tacoma at the Stated Location Inside the Engine?

To trace the starter inside the engine bay, you need to remove the driver seat. When you remove this, you’ll see engine casing; within the engine bay, you’ll see a locator in your vehicle’s steering column.

From here, you can fix it, remove or place it with greater ease if you know how to fix, dismantle or replace it. 

Uncover the Hood

You have to uncover the hood of your truck and turn the ignition key ON. Find the cylinder part that fits near the Tacoma engine to check the click sound. 

Find the Positive Terminal of the Battery

The next step is to find the positive terminal of the battery. The heavy red wire connects with it. Next, find its other connecting part that fits the starter, which also has a proper wiring connection. 

This wire can pass through various other parts like air intake fluid. 

Find the Starter

You can see the two cylindrical-shaped components that make a starter. These two have different sizes in which one is the starter, and another is the solenoid.

Problems Associated with a Bad Starter

There are various problems associated with the damaged starter and you should fix it in your Toyota Tacoma. 

Damaged Starter Motor

When you turn the ignition key ON, and nothing happens, show that problem appears in the starter of your truck. It can produce high clanking or no sound that occurs due to a damaged motor. 

It can burn out and damage its harness, so you have to call the service center and hire a professional high skilled mechanic to observe and resolve this issue. 

Sometimes the issue you find is the mechanical failure in which the starter activates when starting the engine. In this case, a problem occurs in the flywheel and gear connection. 

Wiring Issue

Loose or corroded wiring hard to repair and handle can lead to difficulty in starting the Tacoma truck. In addition, electrical components can damage or fail, affecting its performance. Inspections should perform to avoid future problems.

A short circuit in this motor can result in a dim dashboard light. As a result, it can receive more current from the other items of the truck. 

You should remove the wires and clean the corrosion between its end and over it. Next, wipe the Starter Yoke Assembly and its armature assembly joining points. After cleaning, dry these to remove moisture. 

Damaged Starter Solenoid

Clicking sound produce or vehicle cannot start if starter solenoid damage. 

When the engine starts, the solenoid should turn off, which can cause the clutch of its motor to retract.

 In this way, a defect in the wiring harness or internal connection of it can also cause a problem. 

 If you turn the ignition key ON but no sound comes out, it might be due to a dead starter solenoid or a lack of battery voltage.

If a large quantity of current runs through it for an extended time when the engine switch is in the ON position, it can damage. In addition, moisture in it causes corrosion in its wiring system that reduces the power. 

Bad Engine Switch

Engine switch is the essential component that runs the truck. In case of its damage can cause malfunctioning of it to cut off the power supply and fuel pump. 

Although the starter produces a sound, a broken engine switch cut off the power and fuel supply, allowing the engine to spin over. All these consequences can cause battery drainage. 

What is a Starter, and How Does it Work?

If you want to replace or buy the Toyota Tacoma starter, make sure it comes from well-trusted brands. 

Reliability is a big concern when you purchase with complete confidence. Many well-reputed websites and auto-parts from which you get the right product make sure that the vehicle can run for a long time. 

The starter starts things rolling when you turn the key ON or push the start button of Tacoma. Its functioning depends on the crankshaft rotation in which the starter motor spins it that starts the truck engine and works efficiently. 

When turning on the ignition or switch button, a small starter gear activates or engages the flywheel to transfer power for the engine’s performance. It starts the combustion process by extracting the fuel and air from the cylinders. Pinion gear attaches with the rod that pushes and contacts the inside body magnetically. 

Most of the connected elements must operate at the exact time for the truck’s engine to function better. This system with the crankshaft rotation also run the spark plug ignition system and power the fuel pump. 

With the spinning of the crankshaft flywheel also rotate that fit with the crankshaft back. In this way, the ring gear is also has a vital role power the engine. Its solenoid creates a connection that allows the battery to send power to its motor. 

Bendix gear is responsible for the crankshaft spinning that plays a significant role in the starter drive mechanism in which teeth of the ring gear meshes with the pinion gear. 

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