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How Much Does a Mack Granite Truck Cost?

How Much Does a Mack Granite Truck Cost?

If you planning to buy a used or new Mack Granite, you should know its cost, weight, size, and features.

How Much Does a Mack Granite Truck Cost? The Mack Granite truck costs between $178000 to $230000, with an estimated weight of 34000 pounds to 36000 pounds. On average, Mack Granite costs around $235000 with a size of 118×100.5 x152 inches.

The availability of multiple designs at inappropriate rates makes these trucks demanding. As a result, the manufacturers launched the first design of Mack Granite in 2001, and it is producing various models to date.

How Much Does a Mack Granite Truck Cost?

These are expensive structures with advantageous features. It requires professional driving and other expertise. They have costly repairing costs, and hence maintenance is essential.

It is one of the costly forms of trucks. You can get a Granite truck for $175000 and a few of the ranges up to $235000.

The gap between rates is due to the addition of excessive features. In addition, the weight of the truck also enhances due to additional equipment.

22 Examples of Mack Granite Truck with cost, weight, size and horsepower

  • 2001 Mack Granite – $140000 – 34,000 pounds – 118 x 101 x 152 inches – 375hp
  • 2002 Mack Granite – $132000 – 40,000 pounds – 118 x 99 x 151 inches – 380hp
  • 2003 Mack Granite 104FR – $135000 – 40,000 pounds – 120 x 98 x 150 inches – 420hp
  • 2004 Mack Granite 64BT – $179000 – 40,000 pounds – 120 x 101 x 151 inches – 470hp
  • 2005 Mack Granite – $184000 – 40,000 pounds – 118 x 99 x 149 inches – 430hp
  • 2006 Mack Granite – $169000 – 34,000 pounds – 119 x 102 x 153 inches – 425hp
  • 2007 Mack Granite 64BT – $178000 – 36,000 pounds – 120 x 102 x 151 inches – 440hp
  • 2008 Mack Granite – $190000 – 37,000 pounds – 118.5 x 98.2 x 152 inches – 475hp
  • 2009 Mack Granite 64BT – $182000 – 35,000 pounds – 119 x 99.9 x 152.5 inches – 326hp
  • 2010 Mack Granite 104FR – $168000 – 36,000 pounds – 118.4 x 98.4 x 152 inches – 450hp
  • 2011 Mack Granite 64BR – $180000 – 35,000 pounds – 117 x 99 x 152 inches – 346hp
  • 2012 Mack Granite 64FR – $185000 – 39,000 pounds – 119 x 101 x 150 inches – 478hp
  • 2013 Mack Granite 64BR – $190000 – 40,000 pounds – 118.2 x 97.9 x 149 inches – 460hp
  • 2014 Mack Granite 64FR – $170000 – 38,000 pounds – 119.1 x 101.2 x 153 inches – 325hp
  • 2015 Mack Granite 104FR – $160000 – 39,000 pounds – 120 x 102 x 152 inches – 346hp
  • 2016 Mack Granite 64FR – $174,200 – 40,000 pounds – 119 x 101 x 148.9 inches – 470hp
  • 2017 Mack Granite 104FR – $182,000 – 40,000 pounds – 118 x 101.4 x 152 inches – 440hp
  • 2018 Mack Granite 64FR – $194,400  38,000 pounds – 119.5 x 98 x 151 inches – 424hp
  • 2019 Mack Granite 104FR – $230000 – 39,000 pounds – 118.4 x 99.5 x 152.2 inches – 435hp
  • 2020 Mack Granite 64FR – $250000 – 40,000 pounds – 121 x 99 x 152 inches – 345hp
  • 2021 Mack Granite 64BR – $259000 – 40,000 pounds – 119 x 100.6 x 152 inches – 341hp
  • 2022 Mack Granite 64BR – $260000 – 35,000 pounds – 120 x 102 x 154 inches – 330hp

Why is it essential to know the cost of Mack Granite?

The manufacturing companies offer various models with multiple specifications. Few people sell their old Mack trucks at lower rates than the standard prices. It is beneficial for a user because he can maintain the budget.

The unawareness about the original price of the truck, a person can lose money. The check and observation of the cost list according to models give a clear picture.

The catalogs of the companies also offer price lists. You can compare these rates with various options.

The selection and purchasing process becomes convenient due to these documents. The consultation with the seller also allows you to buy the accurate model of granite truck at moderate prices.

The availability of accurate information about the cost reduces money loss. However, the investment remains worthy in terms of all the internal specifications of the truck.

The Average cost

The average cost is around $199000. You can purchase a low price truck according to personal requirements. The old models are less costly, but they deprive a lot of features.

The essential requirements of a person determine the model and price of the structure. The prices of those vehicles are high that comprise multiple facilities. 

High-cost vehicles are beneficial for all environmental conditions. They can tolerate the accidental conditions effectively than any other vehicle.

It comprises various features and advanced technologies. Therefore, you can utilize all of its qualities with minimum issues.

The only problem is that the prices are high that can stress a buyer. The utility and benefits satisfy the buyer after its use. The costs can enhance up to $200000 to $210000.

These are also available at low prices, and you can select them from the company catalog. The features and quality vary according to rates.

The older models of these structures lack all the advanced technologies. Therefore, it depends on the requirement of a purchasing person.

People like to use these for daily use, and they buy low-rate products due to the high rate of damages. The used products are also available at moderate costs.

Few of its models can range up to $160000 to $162000. 

The average size

These trucks have various designs, and a dimension varies accordingly. For example, its average size ranges from 118 x 100.5 x 152 inches to 119 x 99.9 x 150 inches.

The modifications and advanced features require more space. Its internal size varies according to every year and its models. The selection depends on the layout of the purchasing person.

The difference of the dimensions is not vast in all the models of these structures. However, you cannot assess the significant difference until the cost enhances drastically.

Few models of these structures are up to 120 x 101 x 153 inches. You can select them according to the various parameters.

Of course, the dimensions play a role in the case of adjustment. You have to consider the parking space before buying such a gigantic structure.

If you find it impossible to adjust the selected structure, then consider other equipment. Maintain the criteria of specifications but reduce the parameter of size.

Trucks with dimensions of 117.8 x 99 x 150 inches are smaller. They are suitable for those who require small structures. They are less expensive, and you can get them up to $164000 – $165000.

The average weight

Its average weight ranges up to 34000 to 40000 pounds. The selection depends on the requirements of the customer.

Few buyers like to add heavy loads to their trucks. Instead, they utilize such structures for transportations and other such purposes.

A lot of people have small garages, and they cannot accommodate such a heavy structure.

Their garages are usually on the second floor. Unfortunately, these surfaces have not an excellent capacity to tolerate such weights.

If you want to buy a lightweight truck, then go through the various models. You can access them through the models and structural variations.

The number of specifications and other features decline with low weights. You can alter and customize these according to your needs.

It can reduce the height of the truck, but you can also lose few features. The quality remains stable and high even after such changes.

The lightweight vehicles range between 34000 to 35000 pounds. So you can get them at lower rates and can accommodate them conveniently.

Purchase them with professional consultations. The heavy trucks are expensive due to additional equipment and other qualities.

You can get a used Mack truck from a reseller with the required qualities. They are lightweight structures because the reseller can customize them for you.

The manufacturing companies also offer such customization facilities. First, inform them about your weight requirements in terms of garage tolerance. Then, you can purchase a high-quality but lightweight structure at moderate rates.

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