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How to Remove Back Window From Truck?

How to Remove Back Window From Truck?

Many people want to remove the back window of their truck. However, in the absence of a back window, the pickup cannot get enough security and light simultaneously.

How to Remove Back Window From Truck? In general, you can remove the back window from a truck by cutting and removing the window seal and detach the mirror. Next, clean the window surface and add the sealing material. Finally, adjust the new glass in the back window, fix it firmly, and remove the retaining material.

The trucks have windows and doors for various activities. The doors allow the movement of passengers, and the window provides cross ventilation and sunlight.

How to Remove Back Window From Truck?

The truck and its windows are of quality material. It is not comfortable for anyone to break and remove the window glass. The process is convenient only for professional people.

Here are easy steps to remove the back window of your pickup.

Things to consider

It is a costly process to change the back window of the truck. The professional person can charge hundreds of dollars for this process.

You can replace it in your pickup without any professional help if you know the exact size of the back window in the Ford F150. However, the acknowledgment of the process and accurate knowledge is essential to change the window.

In few designs, the back windows also comprise wipers. Therefore, you cannot remove the whole structure without removing this part.

The removal of the wiper requires expertise because there is no need to break it. The exertion of excessive strength can lead to damages.

Unscrew and detach the screws from the wiper. Keep them aside and remove the wiping tool.

Protect it for future use with minimum chances of errors. The easy removal is by lifting the structure upward. It also cleans the window glass manually.

The inner structure of the pickup comprises multiple things. First, you can wrap them for protection purposes.

Hide them with paper or any other piece of cloth. Securing speakers and other such gadgets is essential during such procedures. Use the wrapping tape to hide these materials.

It is a step to protect the inner material in case of glass breakage. The accidental situation can occur due to excessive force. Make a complete plan on paper and then perform all the steps without mistakes.

Cut the rubber sealing of truck back window

The cutting of the rubber seal is essential to remove the back window on Ford F150. But first, check and observe the present conditions of the rubber seal.

In most situations, it breaks due to age or environmental conditions. The removal of such a broken seal is convenient than the fixed material.

Take a sharp cutter and start from the edges. Remove the rubber with the tool and keep cutting the fixed parts, and push it inside.

Repeat the process 2 to 3 times without harming the window glass. Then, you can use this glass in the new procedures.

All of it depends on the present condition and ability of the glass material. The broken structures cannot attach firmly to the replacement procedures. You can also use the removed glass for various other purposes.

Remove glass material

The removal of glass from a back window is a tricky process. The excessive amount of force is not advisable.

It can result in accidental conditions. Always apply an appropriate amount of strength from the inner side of the pickup.

 Ask your friend to hold the window glass from outside. Never smash the glass on your friend, and it can cause various wounds.

Few accidental conditions are severe when the outside people are not aware of the activity. However, if you have decided to waste the previous glass, then use force.

You can use your feet from the internal structure to push the window outside. It can smash the window glass, and you can insert a new layout.

Clean the surface

The broken parts of the window glass can leave multiple pieces in this spot. You can clean them with a cloth and remove all glass pieces.

Use a high-quality cleaning product and damp the fabric in this liquid, and rub the surface.

Clean the frame thoroughly for the accurate adjustment of the new window. Then, repeat the cleaning process until you remove all the unnecessary parts.

You can also clean the window frame after 10 to 20 minutes. Take a pause and allow drying of the liquid cleaner. Dry the window frame with a soft and lint-free piece of fabric.

You can also allow the drying naturally, but it can take time. However, the results are excellent with the manual cleaning and drying.

It allows the attachment of a new glass frame. In addition, the clean and dry surface allows the spreading and fixing of the adhesive material.

In the presence of dust, the method becomes impossible. But, on the other hand, it can reduce a lot of time, and the performer gets stressed.

It can result in the appropriate adjustment of the new glass frame, and the process requires patience and control for the maximum results.

In addition, you can take expert instructions about the cleaning and drying of the empty window frame.

Adjust the sides

Check and adjust the new glass frame in the old window of a pickup. The testing can result in the prevention of multiple errors.

It can protect time consumption and money loss. Adjust it for a while, and then keep the new glass frame in one corner. Take a rope of nylon material and never cut it before adjustment.

Add the adhesive material with the help of a brush. You can wear protective gloves to reduce any harmful skin allergies. Next, add the sealant in the corners and edges and also fix it in the middle compartments.

 Adjust the nylon rope on these edges and corners and never push them, and allow a groovy state of the nylon rope and leave it from the end.

Always leave approximately 2 to 3 inches of the nylon rope before cutting the other end. It is a beneficial activity for the accurate adjustment of the window and the frame.

You can also stick the nylon rope with a removable sticky material. Adjust it thoroughly for the proper fixing of the nylon rope inside the window frame.

The stability of the process enhances due to such additions. The nylon ropes are available online, and you can also buy them from the market.

Allow the drying of the material with the frame, and leave it for few minutes.

In case of such movements, apply more sticky material on the top surface. 

Adjust the new glass on the rope and insert it inwards. Always perform the process from the inside but consider the directions. Prevent future losses due to negligence.

You can also leave it open if you have other plans.

Always keep the movements gentle during this procedure. First, insert the glass inward, and then make sure that the nylon ends are moving freely.

Remove the nylon rope with gentle pulling. You can take the help of a friend to hold the window glass during this procedure. Always keep the movements smooth and never show impatience.

Pull the rope slowly and allow adjustment of rubber on the window frame. Make sure that the rubber is inserting into the back window frame.

Push it slightly from the rubber area and allow complete insertion, and ask the friend to help you to fix the rubber seal.

Push it in the frame with fingers, and then install the new glass accurately.

Removal of retaining materials 

The new sealing and adhesive material can leave few stains, and use a wiping piece of fabric or cleaner to reduce these marks.

Why would you remove the back window of a truck?

People replace the back window of their truck due to damages. The glass of the window breakdown and it work inefficiently.

The seal may break due to environmental hazards, and it results in window replacement. However, the damages and cracks appear none appealing, and the owners prefer to change the whole window.

The frame of the window may crack due to high ranges of temperature, and people change them.

The backside window of a truck bears more pressure than a front window.

It is also a leading cause to replace the old glass and frame with new materials. Few people like to maintain their trucks without any damages.

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