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How Much Does a Mazda CX-30 Weigh?

How Much Does a Mazda CX-30 Weigh?

If you are planning to buy a new Mazda CX-30, you should know its weight and dimensions.

Mazda CX 30 is a reliable subcompact SUV, and it is popular due to its modern and luxurious exterior.

It is lightweight with a decent interior structure with excellent leather stitching, and the seats are comfortable.

How Much Does a Mazda CX-30 Weigh? Mazda CX-30 weighs about 3100 to 3500 pounds with 177×64×56 inches in size. The engine power of this SUV is 195-hp with a turbocharged engine of 2.5 liters of fuel capacity. Its weight is increasing in latest and new trims due to latest technologies and features. On average, Mazda CX 30 weight is around 1.7 tons.

People love to buy this SUV due to its towing capacity and cargo space. It is also affordable and comes under the price range of $20,240 to $24,150. 

4 Examples of Mazda CX-30 with its weight in Pounds, Kilograms, and Tons

I have added the weight of different Mazda CX-30 along with their dimensions and engine power.

The vehicle’s weight is critical before purchasing because some people want heavier SUVs and lighter ones. To purchase their desirable weight vehicle, they first check the load.

Models Weight in pounds Weight in kg Weight in tons Dimensions Engine power
2019 Mazda CX-30 3150 pounds 1428 kg 1.575 tons 169 × 65 × 55 inches 130 hp
2020 Mazda CX-30 3420 pounds 1551 kg 1.71 tons 169 × 64 × 54 inches 190 hp
2021 Mazda CX-30 3425 pounds 1553 kg 1.7125 tons 176 × 64 × 56 inches 192 hp
2022 Mazda CX-30 3435 pounds 1558 kg 1.7175 tons 177 × 64 × 56 inches 191 hp

Maximum weight of Mazda CX-30

The average weight of this SUV is about 3400 pounds to 3500 pounds in the latest generations. It was launched in 2019 with less load, but now its weight is increasing day by day.

The increase in mass is due to the demands of customers and their perception, which urge the manufacturing company to produce heavier vehicles.

The company always produce its product according to market demands to increase their production at the industrial level.

The load is increasing in new models due to different parts and specifications. As a result, the company uses high-quality materials in the manufacturing of other components.

They are equipped with heavy tires with four-wheel drive and standard front-wheel drive to produce equal torque and increase stability.

The heavier ones give luxurious status to people. The steel rims of good quality increase the load, but it also looks attractive and cool.

The use of the Latest techniques like Bluetooth, navigation, and infotainment systems also pose more load to the vehicle.

The benefit of heavier SUVs is that they reduce crashes during an accidental collision with road hurdles and rocks.

When the chances of crashes reduce during a collision, it can also lessen the repairing cost ultimately.

This luxury brand has the latest feature: its swing has a rotary control system instead of a touch screen display.

The use of a turbocharged engine with a 2.5-liter fuel capacity and about 200 hp increases the mass of SUVs.

The seats have automatic power-adjustable and leather upholstery with two LATCH connectors at the rear seats of the second row. It also has tether belts for the safety of children along with LATCH connectors.

They have the following features which ultimately pose more load on Mazda CX 30 and make them heavier:

  • Traffic jam warning assistant
  • Rearview camera
  • Adaptive cursive control system
  • Head up display
  • Adaptive headlights
  • Traffic sign recognition system
  • Roof rails are designed explicitly to contours the fluid
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Panoramic sun-protective roof

The manufacturing material also makes the SUVs heavy, such as high tensile strength steel underneath seats, exterior, and chassis structure.

The driving of heavier ones is also fun for many people. So the interior of CX30 has covered with genuine synthetic leather on seats, interior structure, steering wheel, and shift knobs which makes them heavier.

The latest models are safest and heavier due to safety and convenience features, including anti-lock brakes, stability control, and pressure control monitoring systems in tires.

Due to their more, they don’t produce uneven shaking and bouncing at high speed due to more grip of tires on the road’s surface.

These SUVs also have a good quality shock absorber to increase the efficiency of the brake system. In addition, the bigger and heavier vehicles are safe due to longer hoods and larger crush zones that prevent their front bumper during crashes.

One of the more benefits of heavier ones is that they are less vulnerable to damage, reducing the risk of danger in these SUVs.

Due to more load, they have a tight grip on the road, which reduces the chances of slipperiness during rainy seasons.

During crash tests by the national highway, they found that massive vehicles are also safe for the driver due to more wiggle room space.

Why the weight of the Mazda CX-30 is less than other SUVs?

The launching year of Mazda CX 30 has a minimum weight of about 3100 pounds to 3200 pounds. However, the manufacturer produces lighter vehicles due to the demands of people.

It is also the first model and doesn’t have such features as the latest models have. The manufacturing industry uses lighter materials like magnesium alloys, aluminum alloys, and carbon fiber instead of high-strength steel and iron.

The use of these components increases fuel efficiency because they take less energy to move the vehicle.

The improvement in fuel efficiency also maintains the fuel cost and makes it cost-effective.

The use of carbon fiber also increases the aerodynamic speed and makes them speedier.

 The braking system works more effectively and reduces the braking distance, which prevents sudden crashes and accidents.

Carbon fibers can absorb more energy during crashes, which prevents SUVs from dents and scratches.

The 20% reduction in load increases the 15 to 17% of fuel consumption. Using aluminum, glass fiber, and composites polymer also reduces the load by about 30 to 40%.

The magnesium and carbon fibers help in the reduction of mass by about 40 to 50%.

Lightweight materials in Mazda CX-30 Reduction in mass
Magnesium 40 – 55 %
Titanium 30- 40 %
Aluminum 50- 65 %
High strength steel 10 – 20 %
Aluminum 40- 50 %
Carbon fiber 60 – 80 %

The lighter ones are easy to dive, and their tires will last more due to less friction, and they are also less prone to wear and tear.

The lighter Mazda is also easy to accelerate and produces better acceleration with a good stopping distance. They are also easy to control, and you can move them in any direction on busy roads. The lesser mass also produces better traction at low and high speed and also prevents slippage.

For decreasing the climate risk like urbanization and global warming, the lighter ones are best because they produce less emission of carbon monoxide.

Some companies produce lighter-weight SUVs coating the glass surface; these thinner coatings also reflect heat and reduce the cost of an air conditioner working.

Average Size of Mazda CX-30

Mazda’s average length, width, and height are about 169 × 64 × 54 inches between 2019 and 2020. 

The company entirely redesigned the next generation, with an average size of about 175 × 64 × 56 inches.

It is a 5-seater SUV with two-row seating, which provides enough seating space. The increase in size is due to its interior structure.

Due to its considerable length, it provides extra legroom for heightened people such as athletes.

I am also a good family subcompact SUV due to the comfortable and ample seating area. It also provides two sets of LATCH connectors on the rear seats of the second row. 

On overage 5 to 6 person can sit in them easily and enjoy their trips. When you are planning a tour, it is the best vehicle for your family and friends.

Mazda CX 30 also provides a large cargo area for the placement of luggage. The cargo space is about 25 cubic feet without folding of seats. 

It is enough space for the placement of the entire luggage and trips accessories. You can also place your camping tool in them.

It also provides the space for sleeping one person at night when the surface is not safe and full of bugs. You can make a short camp in these excessive cargo spaces and spend your night there. When you plan fishing on a rainy day, you can easily place your fishing tool and enjoy your journey.

It is also best for pickups, and you can place your children’s bags on the backside to sit on the seats comfortably.

When you want to put excessive luggage, you can fold the rear seats of the second row, and it can provide cargo space for about 40 cubic feet.

Towing Capacity of Mazda CX-30

It is the best towing vehicle, and you can haul up to 1500 pounds to 1850 pounds weight with them. You can’t exceed this load of more than 2000 pounds to increase the longevity of your SUV.

If you are towing more than an average load with them, it can’t damage its part early, and they last for a long time.

The things it can tow

  • Trailer
  • Tread drop campers
  • Boats
  • Full camper 
  • Cargo hitch

If you are exceeding the load of these things, it can damage the structure. Your towing, camper, trailer, and boats must be lowered than 2000 pounds.

Curb weight and gross weight

The average curb weight of Mazda CX 30 is 3100 to 3500 pounds. It provides the extra payload capacity for luggage, and towing is 4100 to 4500 pounds.

When you put more mass than its payload capacity, it can cause many problems and damages. A load of passengers, towing vehicle, and cargo space must be lowered than this range for safety.

What happens when you overload the Mazda CX-30?

The overloading can damage the different structures in different ways

First, the overloading damages the brakes system, so they don’t work efficiently, increasing the risk of accidents.

The rotors and braking pad are also prone to damage and become loose due to more friction. The gear pedal also remains downward due to this and causes difficulty in changing the gears.

Engine system takes more energy and effort to drive them. In addition, it can loosen the motor mounts and timing belts due to overheating, which can cause swaying and continuous vibration in the engine compartment.

It also increases fuel efficiency and produces environmental pollution due to the combustion of Carbon Monoxide.

Excessive load also bends the chassis structure, which decreases the stability. You can’t drive your SUV correctly because it is a support system that can hold the mass.

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