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How to Update BMW X3 Software?

How to Update BMW X3 Software?

Software is a compulsory component that controls various programs of your BMW X3. Therefore, its update is necessary to keep the functioning up-to-date.

How to Update BMW X3 Software? You can update the software of the BMW X3 by three methods. First, install the upgraded version from the BMW website. Second, you can also use the My BMW App to complete the update. Sometimes, it can automatically upgrade or dealer help to do this activity.

It has a unique specification, feature, and exterior look is distinctive. In addition, new advancement appears in the technology that keeps up-to-date the system software and other.

How to Update BMW X3 Software?

BMW X3 is compatible with other devices like laptops, android and boosts up multimedia performance.

Use the BMW website for downloading software

The latest version of its software is available on its website. If you want to install it because sometimes it needs up-gradation or an old version present or some new modification require.

When you search for the app, it will demand the VIN (vehicle identification number). You need to enter it because it gives the information about the pre-installed version. 

You can find this figure on the dashboard left corner, at the front side of the steering wheel, and the driver side and other options are also available.

If a new version is available, click on the download option with the latest file directly from that website. You have the flash drive and laptop for this purpose. Transfer the download file into the USB.

Place it into its slot of the center console, and it has a variable location that helps install its latest version into the display of BMW X3. Then, on the display menu, scroll down to the last and click on the settings.

When you click on the setting, the new menu bar appears with multiple options like lightning, Doors/key, tailgate, profiles, and update.

When you click on the update option, you’ll see options like new software, restore the previous version, and show the current version on the following screen.

Click on the current version that moves forward with the details like duration around 1 minute, install the software.

So click on the install option and turn the ignition ON and click on OK. During this process, all other systems are unavailable. 

The program will start upgrading, and you must not drive until it is complete.

After you have the latest version, turn OFF the engine when stationary and wait for a while until the controlled display turns OFF.

Update the BMW X3 software by the My BMW App

My BMW App or the BMW Connected Drive App is also a source of software update that helps connect your vehicle with the smartphone android and iPhone.

These use for various purposes like unlock doors, navigation systems, setting the climate control, and downloading it through Wi-Fi. 

This opportunity is also available for your ease, so push the notification that shows on your phone and search for the upgrade menu. 

Go to the menu, click on the upgrade setting option, and select the wi-fi only download. The other is automatic. 

On the screen, the download progress display on this app. Click on this option when downloading complete you need to connect your smartphone to your vehicle by Bluetooth or wi-fi enable to transfer the downloaded upgrade. 

Make sure to check the connection on your mobile device menu. To establish the connection, click on the new device and internet application to show the QR code. 

Scan this by your android or iPhone to receive a WiFi token and manage the connection. 

If the process interrupts, it will automatically resume when the connection between your smartphone and vehicle reestablish, and the vehicle engine is running. 

Once the package uploads, you follow the installation instruction on the central installation display.

Automatically update or by the dealer update software

When you take it for service, dealers also help to install software updates.

After putting VIN, they can figure out which update is available, download it and install it into the vehicle computer. Sometimes without your knowledge, updates are done automatically.

Why would you update the BMW X3 software?

A new vehicle with improved features and specifications improves quality and attracts more customers. . 

Maintain the vehicle up-to-date

Software up-gradation turns it up-to-date and fresh. Functioning of it work properly and these needs regular repairing of damage or problem and code review. 

Like a digital vehicle wash, its update keeps it fresh you can say that it is a form of regular maintenance. 

Sometimes unseen problems appear, and you cannot figure out in this scenario you should perform that activity. With this, you can overcome the problem and upgrade its drivability more. 

Fulfill the regulatory standard and requirement

If you own a vehicle, you know how important it is to keep it in good condition at all times. As a result, many individuals choose and are maintained by mechanics regularly rather than doing it themselves.

For the easy and best driving experience, you must ensure that it can fulfill the required criteria and regulatory standards. 

You can use it to gain access to the advanced features offered by manufacturers and get benefits from it.

Improvement of the durability and functionality

The manufacturer’s primary concern is the durability, functionality, and efficiency, which achieve by it. 

The information on the display appears regarding its update. It can display on the instrument cluster computer screen, tailgate computer, or transmission computer. 

It is cost-free for you that gives an advantage to you. For example, intelligent personal assistant and parking assistant learning of the BMW upgraded and its functioning improves by this. 

Even after manufacturers have finished manufacturing and designing, it is occasionally necessary for the customer to install and add several extra features that accomplish through this procedure.

Improve repair problem

Its system can be categorized into two main components: the infotainment system and the drive control unit. 

The advanced-tech features play an important role in vehicle control. For example, it detects the problem while driving, like airbag deployment, indicates roadside assistance. In this way, a braking system prevents an accident or other damages. 

Malfunctioning of the system decreases its functionality and reliability, so you have to improve the 100% functioning of its system.

You make sure that the updated version can give the best result as new and according to your demand. Many people like the BMW x3 due to its reliability.

How to know if your BMW X3 needs a software update?

A vehicle that comes in the market equipped with small control units and high-quality best performance computers. 

 It includes best features like automatically detecting when your operating system is updated, offering you the option like website, app, and automatically override the system.

 The reason is that this will make your jobs easier and help you to do more comfortable functions.

BMW application on your android or smartphone or the display screen of your BMW X3, notification alert appears on it immediately.

 For example, you can update it by using USB having downloaded software or by the Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection with android and automatically.

If you are unsure whether you have access to an upgrade or not, you can check the operating system’s display menu for more information.

Time required for software update

It depends on various factors but mainly is the vehicle model and its specification. It also depends on the update and latest version you choose.

Downloading relies on the network connection and its speed. Update and complete installation take less time, around 10-15 minutes.

You should extract that version in the vehicle when you complete the downloading, so do it before further process. However, during updating, the functioning of the operating system will stop for a while.

Secure your privacy

It is a top priority to keep your data or privacy safe. This question usually arises due to the connection of your vehicle with the servers during software updates. 

Except for the VIN, which needs vehicle identification, all other information and user data remain safe and secure. 

So, you can say that the BMW server is best to facilitate that activity but suitable to secure your sensitive and personal data.

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