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How Much Does a Shelby F-150 Super Snake Cost?

How Much Does a Shelby F-150 Super Snake Cost?

Many people like the Shelby F-150 Super Snake used model because it has limited production. However, I prefer its new models, which have performance warranties.

How Much Does a Shelby F-150 Super Snake Cost? A Shelby F-150 Super Snake costs around $108200 for 450 hp models and $116000 for 770 hp variants. Its 2017 model costs $110000, the 2018 variant is $110700, the 2019 model is $116700, the 2020 model is $89000, the 2021 model is $118700, the 2022 variant is $117550, and the 2023 model costs $137600.

You can select the old and new models with V8 engines. I have its 2021 model, which comprises a renowned frame and distinct platform. 

What is the cost of a Shelby F-150 Super Snake?

The Ford launched the first Shelby F-150 in 2017. It is a high-performance truck with 2-door and 4-door characteristics. 

It is a street-compatible truck with a specific platform. The manufacturing company changed the platform in 2021. 

All variants are highly versatile and perform at an efficient level. Furthermore, they facilitate high-speed ranges on various roads.

The new models come with a V8 high-performance engine. It generates a high horsepower of about 755 hp. 

Its variants have lowered suspension with 22 inches tires. Tires have a specific wheel well with fender flares which protect from road dust. 

The front side of the frame comprises a bumper with vents. The rear bumper protects from backside crashes. 

It has a specific paint coating, and the doors have handles. The windows comprise high-quality glass, and the models come with different warranties. 

Ford introduced the Shelby F-150 Lariat 4×4 with 450 hp at starting cost of $108200. The variants with 770 hp cost have starting prices of $116000. 

The starting cost of the 2017 model is about $98000. It has a highly efficient engine to generate a high horsepower of 750 hp and provides high speed. 

Its maximum cost can reach $110000. However, the Shelby Super Snake has Lariat 4×4 trim which has a V8 engine and produces around 775 hp. 

Its starting cost reaches $119030. You can select its 2018 variant at the starting cost of about $82000. The maximum price can reach $110700. 

It has a 5.0 liter V8 engine which can produce a torque of nearly 400 feet-pounds and horsepower of 775 hp. 

Its 2019 truck variant has several amenities inside the cabin. The wheels are durable, and the truck comprises street driving capabilities. 

It has a Coyote V8 engine which produces 775 hp. However, its prices are about $116700. You can select the 2020 model with a high-performance motor. 

Its engine can produce nearly 770 hp. It is one of the fastest variants, which goes from zero to 60 mph within 3.5 seconds. 

The engine produces high torque for better acceleration and momentum. Its average price is about $89000.

The modified, upgraded, and remodeled 2021 Shelby F-150 Super Snake has different trims according to the platform type, cab styles, and engines with 770 hp.

A few trims of 2021 models comprise a cost of about $93000. The maximum price can reach $118700. 

The starting prices of these trims are nearly $107000. Furthermore, you can select the 2022 model for about $117550. 

It has a V8 engine and provides higher acceleration on regular streets and roads. Its 2023 model comprises a 5.0-liter Coyote motor. 

However, it is a V8 that produces 775 hp. Moreover, it comprises four-wheel drive and an appealing frame. 

You can select it in a price range of about $128000 to $137600.

Shelby F-150 Super Snake models Cost Engine type Horsepower
2017 Shelby F-150 Super Snake $110000 V8 750 hp
2018 Shelby F-150 Super Snake $110700 V8 775 hp
2019 Shelby F-150 Super Snake $116700 V8 775 hp
2020 Shelby F-150 Super Snake $89000 V8 770 hp
2021 Shelby F-150 Super Snake $118700 V8 770 hp
2022 Shelby F-150 Super Snake $117550 V8 775 hp
2023 Shelby F-150 Super Snake $137600 V8 775 hp

Factors that affect the cost of a Shelby F-150 Super Snake

It is a cost-effective street truck for many people. However, the following factors affect its price. 

High-performance brakes

It comprises high-performance brakes according to manufacturing standards. These efficient brakes can handle exceptional engine power. 

They can produce more pressure to stop the truck at high speeds. Also, they have a versatile design with 6-pistons. 

They facilitate the highest braking pressure. This incomparable pressure stops the truck at different accelerations without vibrational effects. 

They have higher starting costs due to these efficient brakes. However, they are durable and last for several years. 

Also, they withstand strain and resist cracks.

Durable engines

The high-performance V8 Coyote engines are available in Shelby F-150 Super Snake trucks. However, these are one of the most efficient motors with their rotations per minute. 

They facilitate high horsepower, which boosts the speed levels of the truck. As a result, the V8 comprises unparalleled power production for the highest accelerations. 

They have 5.0L capacities and offer appealing gas mileage. The truck provides exceptional performance and durability because the V8 continuously produces and stabilizes horsepower and torque.

You can find this V8 Coyote inside the hood compartment of the truck. Furthermore, they can produce a torque of around 650 lb-feet. 

They come with supercharger properties and produce up to 770 to 775 hp. The specific intake system monitors and regulates the emission of gases. 

The filter increases the file flow and improves combustion. The throttle size is larger than the standard design. 

It improves throttle response which boosts speed. Fuel flow is higher in the fuel injection system, which increases stroke and combustion. 

Customized wheels and cabin

The models come with aluminum custom tires with dimensions of 22 inches. 

The company adds custom and unique embroidery-based seat covers inside the truck. Chrome tires are an appealing feature that affects their cost. 

You can find customized shocks on the four tires of the truck. It comprises all-wheel drive properties and provides higher stability with these custom tires.

Furthermore, the cabin includes leather seats with covers. The headrests have logs of Shelby, and the floor comprises mats. 

Lowered truck suspension

It has a sport super snake model with lowered suspension. It decreases the center of gravity and provides a sportier look. 

The lowering of the built-in suspension provides better control over horsepower. This sports variant can handle 775 hp. 

The supercharger can produce 325 hp, which adds to the standard power limit of 450 hp. In such circumstances, the V8 provides 775 hp through the 5.0-liter engine. 

The lowering of its suspension improves its speed. The springs withstand more brake pressure, and you can stop them quickly. 

It increases the aerodynamic properties of the truck, and tires get more traction.

How many Shelby F-150 Super Snake are made per year?

The maximum production rate of the Shelby F-150 super snake is 500 to 600 models a year. It started in 2017 when 150 of these trucks were made by the company.

The variants divide equally into two-door and four-door models. They have reduced demand which affects their production. 

They are new variants with advanced specifications. The company produced 500 units in 2018. 

However, their numbers reduced to 250 variants in 2019 and 2020. Their number increased to 600 in 2021, and the company continued this number. 

The manufacturing number is 600 a year according to the company agenda. The company does not increase the number of units per year to stabilize the standard production rate. 

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